Business Intelligence, According to Forrester Research, “ is a set of methodologies and technologies that uses raw data into meaningful information to help in making decisions.” Furthermore, In simple terms, BI can also be called the ability to collect and react according to the information retrieved. So, Business Intelligence can be used by the company to make a wide range of Business Decisions which could be pricing, strategic, goal-oriented or long-term stability. Precisely, Business Intelligence combines data from the market with internal data of the company. Then both these external and Internal data together creates intelligence. Common functions of Business Intelligence technologies are reporting, analytics, data mining, process mining, benchmarking and analytics. So, some technical roles for Business Intelligence developers are

  1. Business Analyst transition for the children
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Data Engineer
  4. Data Scientist
  5. Database administrator


So, if you are looking to join this career bandwagon and ride on the ship of one of the best careers nowadays, we will help you find the best institute to start with.


1.  Henry Harvin

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One can opt for Power BI certification Training course. It is one of the most sought-after business intelligence courses with a special emphasis on practical training and job replacements. You will be able to gain knowledge from Industry trainers with decades of working and training experience. The contender will be able to create powerful storylines and presentations, and with that will have an understanding of Table calculations work. Students will understand advanced mapping techniques and also Data and KPIs.

Benefits of doing it from Henry Harvin.


  • 24 hours live Online training + 50 hours E-learning Assess.


  • Experience live projects during the training period.


  • Included recorded videos, games, projects and case studies.


  • 1 Year Membership of Henry Harvin Analytics Academy.




 2.    Shri Vinay Tech House

One can also learn Power BI training with this Institute. Shri Vinay promises to teach with real-time training solutions. Additionally, they provide case studies to support Power BI. So, here they emphasize how important Power BI is for Data Exploration and Discovery. The institute is of the opinion that Power BI puts the power in your hands to use a variety of data sources to make reports.  Apart from the full-time courses, the Institute also provides quick and weekend-long courses to provide online Power BI training. The Biggest advantage of Microsoft Power BI  is that it equips a person to analyze different Data Sources data at a time. Power BI is a powerful career with a lucrative salary source. 


Shri Vinay Tech House

Mytrivanam, 506/B, Nilgiri Block, Aditya Enclave, Hyderabad.



3. Aim Technologies

The institute claims to be the leading BI institute in Hyderabad which offers guaranteed placement with real-world projects. Here the Institute believes in practical knowledge, which is why they are promising industry-level training with real-time projects. For this purpose, Aim Technologies has collaborated with many other organizations. With an experience of many years in hand, the Institute is run by many experienced and talented professionals. The sole aim of the Institute is to fill the gap between skill demand and the professionals needed. The institute believes that with this approach it has been able to create many comprehensive candidates with the best skill sets. 

 Why you should choose Aim technologies

  1.   Online training – Master all the skills required to ace the industry with our live instructors.
  2.   Practical Based training – learn everything with job-based practical knowledge 
  3.   Flexible timings – we understand the juggling of a full-time job which is why our courses are flexible to the maximum.


50, Kamala Nivas, Sap Street, Gayatri Nagar, Mythrivanam, Ameerpet, Hyderabad 


4. Analytics Benchmark

Evidently, one more institute which is promising the best Power BI training is this one. Running with the motto- Training Is Our Passion, Excellence Is Our Goal.  Founded by a team of experienced IT professionals who believe in quality work and hard work. With this, they are promising the best Software Training with a group of passionate and dedicated trainers. Furthermore, one can choose between a variety of options according to the need. From Classroom Training to Online training to video training. 

  1.   Project Training
  2.   Weekend training 
  3.   Video Training
  4.   Classroom training
  5.   Software training
  6.   Project support services with experienced Real Time experts.



 26, 2nd Floor, SAP Street, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.



5. Josh Innovations 

This is a leading software training institute which caters to software training, project guidance, IT Consulting and Technology workshops. They are giving a 100% job guarantee.

They believe in enriching the knowledge and skill sets of young software engineers by providing value-added training in software development and training. Furthermore, students can choose to study as they want to. There is an option for classroom training as well as Online training.


3rd Floor, Shanthi Nilayam, SAP streets, Gayatri Nagar, Ameerpet, Hyderabad


6. KPH Training Institute

Another Institute promising Power BI training is KPH Training Institute. Riding high on many success stories KPH Training Institute assures sure shot skills and real-time projects to give a clear idea to the contender. With a job guarantee, they are also promising flexible timings for all those already busy with their jobs.

Why you should consider joining this institute

  •  Expert-led sessions
  • Job guaranteed
  • Get Real – WORK PROJECTS 
  • Designed by an Industry expert
  • Hands-on Assignment 

7.  BESTWAY Technologies 


Claims to be the best Online learning website that can help individuals to learn software, skills and technology to achieve their goals. BESTWAY claims to have the best team for this purpose. They are offering group memberships for businesses or organizations. They claim to be best in providing certification training in Power BI, Cyber security, cloud computing, Project management and Data Science. According to them, they have the best package to teach individuals which is an amalgamation of online classes, Instructor-led live virtual classrooms, project work and 24/7 teaching assistance. 


Why choose Bestway Technologies 

  • It offers E-learning courses that can be started according to your availability and timings. 

  • They are offering numerous cost-effective group memberships for business, school or government organizations.


  • Many courses are available free for a short duration. The contenders can have an idea about the program and pay only if they like it.

8. Sipnatech – IT Training and Consulting 

Sipnatech which is officially a certified partner with IBM and Microsoft is also one of the places where one can be a master of Power BI. According to them, one can truly change with thought leadership, training and tools.

They provide certification in  Data Science, AI, Machine learning, lean Six Sigma etc. Sipnatexh also offers Power BI Certification. 30 hours of training provides exposure to Power BI learning, case studies and experiments. Microsoft BI is a cloud-based Business Intelligence service which combines different sources of Data.

Sipnatech understood the industry requirement and designed courses to make sure that the student has enough exposure. Real case studies and live projects make the whole experience real-time for the students. Not only this but students are also prepared for Interviews with Mock Interview questions and the final project.

The aim is to prepare students for the global challenge by giving them high-quality training.


Why choose Sipnatech?


Flexible timing

Case studies and live projects

9. 360 DigiTMG


This Institute is also providing the option to give Power BI training along with several other courses. Power BI is a vast field and every small detail is being taught to achieve perfection. From changing Data Types to working with dates, and conditional columns.  There are 4 courses you can choose from in BI


  1.   Professional Course in Data Analytics – 4 months
  2.   Certificate in Data Analytics – 3 months
  3.   Data Visualization using Tableau training – 2 months
  4.   Data visualization using Power BI training – 2 months 


Why choose 360DigiTMG


  1.   Customised course
  2.   Pre and post-assessment service
  3.   Complimentary Basic Courses
  4.   On-site or virtual-based sessions
  5.   Case studies

10. Besant Technologies


This institute claims to offer top-quality BI training in Hyderabad. They have covered connectors, Desktop Power BI, Power BI administration dependent on SAAS, and mobile applications of Power BI assessable for various platforms.  The Power BI syllabus by  Besant technologies has in-depth coverage of every small detail one needs to access the tool.  Besant technologies are quite reasonable in terms of fees also as compared to other BI courses.

Why Besant’s technologies for Power BI?

  •     Videos for self-learning
  •     Experienced teachers
  •     Assignments and Project work
  •     Job Assistance and Certification


What is Power BI mainly used for?

It is a Data Visualization and Business Intelligence tool for changing data from various data sources.

What is POWER BI?

It is a Microsoft tool that allows you to create reports and charts. It is used in the workplace and Business Intelligence. Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool that provides access from different sources like financial reports, quotes etc.

Are there good career options after pursuing BI?

Yes, It is one of the best career options at present. After gaining some experience you will be in a position to choose the best profile at the best place for yourself.

Career Advice


  1. jogineder Reply

    I was looking for this Power bi training, and after looking through several blogs, I found your blog about the course in hyderabad. I’m interested in learning more about the course. Please let me know more about the course.

  2. Jeery kaur Reply

    One is expertly guided by Puneet sir during the entire training procedure. Power bi training in Hyderabad may be done well at Henry Harvin. By breaking the concept down, he made it very easy to comprehend.The best part was how much he emphasised connection theory and real-world scenarios. Well Done; Good Luck.

  3. Kamlesh gupta Reply

    I’ve learned that Henry Harvin is the top Power BI institute in Hyderabad and that I am also a Power BI Analyst.They offer high-quality course materials and qualified instructors who can thoroughly explain every topic, much like what is offered in our LMS. They excel in their industry. Additionally, they offer more presentations and videos about the PL-300 exam.

  4. Ruplai Gupta Reply

    I recently finished a power Bi course, and I had a truly wonderful time with Henry Harvin. The tutor was quite helpful in completing the learning process effectively, and the LMS is very user-friendly. Even beyond the course term, there were times when I struggled to understand a certain idea, despite the support team’s efforts to aid me. It is a truly distinguishing feature of an online learning platform. Just the whole procedure was amazing!

  5. Davinder lal Reply

    After researching multiple institutes in Hyderabad, I decided to enroll in Henry Harvin Institute for Power BI training, and it turned out to be the best decision.The trainers are knowledgeable and friendly, and they made the learning experience engaging and informative. The institute also provides placement support, which is a huge plus. I would recommend Henry Harvin Institute as the best institute for Power BI in Hyderabad.

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