In this era of extreme competition and struggle for a secure and better career, moving in the right direction is extremely important. Choosing the right path for your career can make a lot of difference to define your career and future. The biggest problem of this generation is the presence of a large number of individuals in every field. It is very tough to find a proper job despite your talent and qualifications purely because of the very tough competition.

Online marketing and business are one of the brightest things of the past two decades. And when we talk about the successful business in this generation, it is not easy at all to ignore the importance of internet marketing. Different internet platforms including social media sites and search engines are playing a very critical role in the success of plenty of businesses in today’s world.

Talented and experienced content writers are on huge demand thanks to the role of content writing in the success of a lot of businesses, organizations, companies, and institutes.

There are a plethora of advantages to choosing content writing as a career. And a large number of youngsters are already taking content writing as a career. Doing something is a different thing and doing it in a proper and programmed way is an altogether different thing.

If you want to become a bountiful content writer and are looking to have a good source of income through content writing, doing a content writing course can make a lot of differences. In this column, we are going to have an informative discussion on Content Writing Course in Ahmedabad. We will talk about its importance in this era, how beneficial it can be for you as a content writer, which is the best place to learn content writing, how you can work as a content writer, and much more. Let’s have an in-depth look.

Benefits of Content Writing Course:

If you are looking for a Content Writing Course in Ahmedabad, you must know, what the benefits of the Content Writing Course are. How crucial it can be for you as a content writer. We have highlighted some of the benefits of doing a content writing course.

1. There is no boundary for content writers:

One of the most significant leverages of becoming a content writer is, you are exposed to a worldwide community. Millions of youngsters as well as a lot of old-age people are delighted and satisfied to work as a content writer. You have a lot of chances of dealing and interacting with different types of people from different regions and cultures. More importantly, you don’t need to meet your clients and writers physically! Everything is done and dusted through digital devices!

1. You can learn a lot of new things:

Getting Content Writing Training in Ahmedabad and working as a content writer can get you exposure to an altogether new world of knowledge. By dealing and interacting with different types of people from different parts of the world, you can learn a couple of new things on a daily basis without putting a lot of extra effort.

2. Flexibility:

There are very few or perhaps no career options where you can get so much flexibility. If you have a job as a freelancer, you are your own boss. There is no time restriction; there is nothing like the work target or any pressure of working extra time. It is up to you, when and how much work you want to do, that too, from the comfort of your home! Doing the Content Writing Course in Ahmedabad can give you a very comfortable and flexible career option without any pressure or burden.

3. You can enjoy other things in your life:

If you are in a company where you are asked to work 10 to 12 hours six days a week, it can take a lot of toll on you, both physically and mentally. Content writing is not about spending a lot of time writing. It asks you the quality time. You can earn a decent amount of money by working five to six hours every day. Better time management and writing in a proper manner allow you to enjoy a lot of other things in your life as well.

4. You can use your free time very smartly:

If you don’t want content writing as a full-time career option, you can do it in extra hours of your day. Who doesn’t wants some extra money? If you are a housewife, or a student, or even a retired person, it can become a fantastic part-time home-based job for you. You can surely learn content writing by enrolling in the Content Writing Course in Ahmedabad.

Jobs after Content Writing Course in Ahmedabad:

  • Demand for content writers is increasing day by day. There are some excellent opportunities in the content writing sector. Talented and skilled content writers are earning 50 thousand to 3 lakhs per month with ease. There are enough examples of success through the content writing career.

    As a professional and certified content writer, you can get an important and good earning job after doing Content Writing Training in Ahmedabad.

    5. SEO Writing/ SEO Writer:

      • This is the simplest and most comfortable type of job you can get as a content writer.
    •   The SEO articles are generally based on keywords.
    •   As an SEO writer, you need to prepare quality and 100% plagiarism free articles mainly for different types of businesses.
    •   SEO articles are designed for all the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bingo, including others.

    •   Advantage: If you are a fresher, and looking to build your career in content writing, you can go for SEO writing. It doesn’t only give you an opportunity to earn decent money; it will be a great learning experience for you as well. There is a lot of scope for SEO writers in various sectors.

    •   Salary: It depends on your writing skills and experience. SEO writing jobs are generally for budding writers and can serve to earn of around INR 8,000 to 20,000.

    6. Business Writing:

    •   It is a common and rapidly growing career option.
    •   As a business writer, you need to target an audience that is interested in business and commerce.
    •   It requires a little high level of professionalism and some excellent writing skills.
    •   The writer doesn’t only need to have excellent writing skills; he must have in-depth knowledge of the business world as well.

    •   Advantage: Ahmedabad is one of the most important cities of Gujrat from the business point of view. If you have a better idea about the business world, and you are good in content writing, you can become a professional full-time content writer after completing your Content Writing Course in Ahmedabad. There are plenty of opportunities in business sectors for business writers.

    •  Salary: It requires some high skill as a writer as well as a business expert. So, you can expect a salary range from INR 50,000 to INR 1 Lakh. Again, the salary depends on your skills and experience.

    7. Academic Writer:

    •   As an academic writer, you will have to prepare academic assignments on the given topics for students from different fields.
    –    The material provided will be used for boosting education; therefore it requires a high level of skills and experience.
    •   Academic writers also offer their articles for newspapers, magazines, journals, and books used by different institutions.

    •   Advantage: As an academic writer, you can play a very crucial role in boosting and promoting education along with giving yourself a great chance of earning more than enough money. Academic writers are always on demand not only in Ahmedabad but in other parts of India as well.

    •   Salary: It is one of the highest-paid jobs among all the jobs based on content writing. It requires excellent knowledge of different educational fields and of course, the highest writing skills. You can expect something around INR 50,000 to INR 1.5 lakhs.

    8. Blog Writing:

    •   Blog writing is not something new in the digital world.
    •   More than 2 million blogs are written on a daily basis and the number is expected to grow in the future.
    •   As a blog writer, you can write different types of articles on various websites, or you can start your blogging site as well.

    •   Advantage: Blog writing is getting very popular every year, and there are a lot of chances of making a good career in it. As a blog writer, you can write from anywhere according to your comfort.

    •   Salary: Blog writing is not the highest paying job, but it is more than enough to make a great career. Based on your writing skills and experience, you can earn something around INR 20,000 to INR 50,000.

    9. Freelance Writing:

    •   Freelance writers are always in demand in all parts of the world.
    •   As a freelancer, you will have to fulfill your client requirements and submit your articles before a particular deadline.
    •   If you are looking for a part-time job in content writing after doing a Content Writing Course in Ahmedabad, it is the best option for you.

    •   Advantage: The biggest advantage of working as a freelancer is you can work according to your comfort and schedule right from your home.

    •   Salary: Depending on how much time you are giving, and on your writing skills, you can easily earn INR 10,000 to INR 25,000 as a freelancer.

    Henry Harvin Course on Content Writing in Ahmedabad:

    •   Henry Harvin offers 32 hours of Instructor-led Training and Certification creating Competent Writers and Strategist- Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW) Course.

    •  The course focuses on every aspect of content writing. It teaches all the topics related to content writing by including trending practices as well as traditional techniques.

    •   All the lectures and lessons are delivered by experienced Senior Industry professionals having an amazing experience of content writing, different Strategies, Marketing, and unique teaching styles.  They are the reason why Henry Harvin is providing the best Content Writing Training in Ahmedabad and in other Indian cities as well.

    •   LMS is a unique mobile platform developed with the help of content writing experts. The students will be provided with 24×7 access to Henry Harvin’s High tech LMS mobile platform with a lot of study material, and content on content writing, online marketing, and strategy making.

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Various Opportunities to Get Placed:

  1. Symantec Software Solutions

Dhani Tenament, Beside Krishna Bungalow, Isanpur, Ahmedabad- 382443

2. Krish Compusoft Pvt. Ltd.


No. 801, Pelican House, Near Natraj Cinema, Gujrat Chamber, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad- 380001

3. Terram Geosynthetics Pvt. Ltd.

707, 7th Floor, Safal Pegasus, 132 Feet Ring Road, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad- 380015

4. Everest Formulations Ltd.

6, 1st Floor, Valmik Complex, Near Parimal Garden, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad- 380006

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5. Multidots Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

C-202, Ganesh Meridian, Near Sola Over Bridge, S.G. Highway, Sola, Ahmedabad- 380060

These are some leading MNCs in Ahmedabad where you can get opportunities to work as a content writer. However, the list of companies is very long.

Henry Harvin Being a Credible Training Institute for Content Writing in Ahmedabad:

If you are looking for a Content Writing Course in Ahmedabad, Henry Harvin is the best option due to a lot of reasons. It is one of the premier institutes for learning all the aspects of content writing in detail. It doesn’t only provide very informative and unique lectures on content writing from some of the leading content writing experts; it also offers complete assistance through its unique LMS mobile application.

Senior Industry Professionals deliver all the lessons with a complete focus on developing the writing skills of every individual associated with Henry Harvin. Henry Harvin’s biggest motive is to teach how to convert your thoughts into words. How to bring the words in your mind to your PC screen.

Numerous students are getting a lot of benefits by getting Content Writer Training in Ahmedabad thanks to Henry Harvin. They are getting the opportunity to acquire internships from the premier content writing institute, placements in different leading companies by learning the art of professional content writing, skills of marketing and strategy making.

Henry Harvin is preparing a lot of individuals to get full-time/part-time jobs by their writing skills and the training provided by the institute. It is doing an excellent job by creating more opportunities for the writers as well as by giving businesses and companies a unique way to advertise their services and products. In addition to working for different companies and brands, certified writers from Henry Harvin can start their own business by embarking on the journey of their own entrepreneurship.

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Online content writing courses offer a flexible schedule. You are not bound to attend physical class sessions. They are cheaper and cost-effective when compared to traditional classroom settings.

What are the advantages of using Advanced Online Research?

Advanced online research helps in modifying and improving your search, getting the best possible search results using search operators, and Realizing the exact information or data

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Why should I use Google Analytics?

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  Why are editing tools useful in writing?

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