1.Work from home- The course offers a solution to housewives who want to retain the working sphere to your own house. It helps you to work without compromising your responsibilities and encouraging you to maintain the status quo between work and personal life. This makes the end result to be more efficient and competent. It shows you a new route to channel your energy in such a way that it will be beneficial not only to yourself but also to the society as a whole. 

2.Respect and International Recognition- The housewives are not often recognized and respected for the work done in the real life scenario but in this case, the course helps you to attain recognition throughout the digital media at national as well as international forums. You earn the respect of others for your passion towards your work which you do diligently. This further nourishes you to be a dynamic and progressive writer so as to produce persuasive, customer oriented and refreshing ideas through your words.

3.Independent Income Source- The position of housewives is always considered reliant and dependent on others in the family. But this course provides you the opportunity to break this stereotype. You can be your own boss and be an independent source of income in the household. This course enables you with the necessary skill set at creating, evaluating, reorganizing and repackaging your ideas into words so as to enhance your competency as a content writer and marketer.

4.Freelance Projects- Freelancing is the new trend that has been embraced by the digital market. This employment method helps you earn money from anything, from anywhere and at any time. It provides you the luxury of earning money by working at home or from local coffee shop or while you are on vacation. One of the advantage of freelancing work is that you get a diverse experience of working with a different groups of people across the globe which increases your connections as well as the client base. Not only you gain diverse experience but get to know about a variety of domains and segments.

5.Flexible Timings– Housewives are experts on time management. How much time to engage in job is one of important aspect that you need to consider while organizing your daily schedule. The benefit of working on your own is that it empowers you to work at any time without having any troubles relating to time. The flexible timing helps an ambitious woman not only to be a successful housewife but also a competent content writer and marketer.

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Why Henry Harvin Content Writing Course?

In what way content writing is beneficial for the ladies who want to restart their career?

It encourage them to work as a freelancer without compromising work life balance. it upskills their efficiency and competency. They can work as progressive writers. They can generate an independent source of income for them. They get to work in different groups, thus gets diverse experience.

What are the strategies of content writing?

1- Coordinate your tone according to your target audience.
2- Identify your target readers. You have to write for them.
3- Write quality content , avoid plagiarism.
4- Use effective word, avoid keyword stuffing.
5- Be original , write quality content.

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