Writing a story is a huge process. There are two things that are the backbone of the story. One is the plot and the other is the characters. Coming up with strong characters are as important as constructing a plot without loopholes. Character names make an impression as much as their character traits. 

There may be times when naming the characters will take up more time than expected. Finding an appropriate name can also turn out to be difficult. To make it easier for you, we are going to give you 6 creative ways to write the names of your characters.

1. What is your theme?

If you are a big fan of symbolism, then going for a name related to your theme would be a good idea. This will give a deeper meaning to your plot. To generate a name based on your theme, the first thing you need to do is decide what should be the meaning of the name. If you don’t have a particular meaning you prefer but just the theme, that is also fine. Now, just visit a name generator website or baby names website. These websites can be really handy when you want to name your characters. 

This creative way to write name will give your characters an insight. It will also intrigue your readers beyond expectations when its appropriate to your character. J.K. Rowling used this creative way to write names in Harry Potter. 

2. Have you ever thought of combining your street and pet’s name?

This creative way is easy. All you need to do is combine your street and pet’s name. Even if you don’t own a pet, think of your friend’s. Combining two unlike names would provide you with the best name that your mind could come up with. It will sound unique at the same time you don’t have to stare at your ceiling, thinking of a unique name.

Let’s give it a try. There is a dog named Brutus and There is a street called Ritchie. Now, we have a name for our character, that is Brutus Ritch. It is simple and you can try it to come up with creative names for your characters.

3. Combine two personality names to make your character’s name

Think of your favourite authors. Bring together names to make your character’s name. It can also be your favourite personality. Combine the names of the personalities, you are ready with your character name.


Let’s try it once. Do you like the name Dan Sparks? This is an uncomplicated creative way in which you can come up with your character names.

4. Try and use a name translator

Name Translator is a website where you can find names from other languages. The first step would be to already have a name in your mind. It can be your very own name. Type your name on the website and then translate in any language of your choice. If name translators does not work, just go to Google and type “your name” in any language of your choice.

Now, you have a name for your character. It is simple, isn’t it?

5. Do research and bring your creative side out

Think about the setting of your story. Do the research and find out how they name people in that place. Let’s just assume your story is set in an island. Then find out what are the names that people living in islands would keep for their kids. You can dig even deeper, find out the names of people in the island your story is set in. Then use, the combining method and combine two names to come up with the name of your character.

You can apply this to the country your story is set in. If it’s science fiction, find out scientific names. Or if it is your supernatural character, use names from myths and legends. This is the most effective creative way to write names because this method will make it more real. Your readers will easily relate to your characters.

6. Just Borrow

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This is the easiest way. This doesn’t involve any thinking or research or in that case combining. All you have to do is copy known names. Do you think your friend has a unique name? Then just borrow your friend’s name and use it for your character. The name can be of your neighbour, relative or friend just ask them and use it.

When you are not sure how the story is going to evolve, make sure you ask them before using their names. 

Use these six creative ways to write names for your character.  I hope hereafter, you won’t be spending hours of your time thinking of character names. 

Creative Writing Course

If you want, you can take up a creative writing course. These courses will not only give you useful tips like this but also will also increase the efficiency of your writing skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the name generator provide me with good names for the character?

Yes, you can use the name generator to come up with good names for your character. 

2. Is it mandatory to take up a creative writing course?

No, it is not mandatory to take a creative writing course but it will help you in developing your writing skills.

3. Can I learn poetry writing from Henry Harvin’s creative writing course?

Yes, Henry Harvin’s creative writing course includes different types of creative writing and poetry is one of them.

4. Should I name my characters meaningfully to make them iconic?

Iconic characters name will be remembered. Naming them meaningfully me will be cherry on top.

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