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How a product management course in Nigeria can benefit?

Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa with a rapid growth of 6-8% per annum.  According to the World Bank, the political, economic and demographic makes it an emerging market of the continent.

Despite oil being a leading source of government revenues, the Nigerian economy is diversified. Also, the subsequent economic reforms in agriculture, pharmaceutical, fertilisers, cement, plastic, steel, mining and many more sectors have put Nigeria on the global map with the potential to be among the world’s top economies.

Therefore, the role of a product manager in Nigeria will be at boom for strategic thinking and creating one-of-a-kind experiences for its customers. Hence, taking up a certified Product Management course in Nigeria is the first step towards it.

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What is Product Management?

Product Management Areas

Product management plays an important role to ensure that products meet customer expectations. It is a strategic function in every organization to monitor product lifecycle.  It works on the integration of business and technology that focuses on new products and their features. The products developed are market fit to meet customers’ needs and deliver results for the business. Thus, product management has become an in-demand skill and a formal certification can enhance your career growth.

Top 10 Product Management Courses in Nigeria

Quality online product management course is available to study at your own pace for an affordable price.  A high-level overview of project management concepts and practical examples may vary from one course to another.

In addition, the lessons should be engaging and cover everything from product strategy to product design and development. Here is the list of the top 10 Product Management courses in Nigeria that ensure the right skillsets.

1. Henry Harvin’s Certified Product Management Professional Course

Henry Harvin Contact No: +12537858210

Henry Harvin provides the best platform with over 400 upskilling training programs spread over 27 categories. The institute offers a certified Product Management course with a duration of 12 months. This product management course in Nigeria is available online as well as offline for students and working professionals. The institute provides live interactive classes through trainers that have intensive subject matter expertise. Thus, in-depth knowledge from the course along with internship assistance will help secure a job. Moreover, the institute offers a 100% money-back guarantee after the successful completion of the course. Besides this, a few leading publishers and channels have ranked Henry Harvin as No.1 for its quality and unique training programs.


  • Institute trains to grab basic information about the product management process by engaging them in practical activities.
  • Helps understand new and growing technologies to increase sales of products or services for the organisation’s growth.
  • Develop the ability to align the right strategies for effective and quality product development.
  • Learn not only product management technical tact but also dive deeper to build capabilities like problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership, and communication.
  • Prepare the students for their product manager interview to secure a job.


Henry Harvin Students Review

1.Sandipan Maity

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

It was a different experience. Many skills that I was not aware of were taught. I wish the course was a bit longer. It was inspiring.

2. Ashwani Kumar

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Henry Harvin is one of the best platform to do corporate courses. I really liked their way of teaching. And the LMS provided by them helped me a lot in revising my subject.

3. Vijay Kumar

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Henry Harvin Education turn out a very good suggestion from my friend. Best trainer. Really helpful.

2. Times Pro -IIM Kozhikode’s Advanced Product Management Course

Contact no: 1800 120 2020

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode along with Times Pro offers a flexible product management course that is compatible with your hectic life. This is the top product management course in Nigeria provided by a well-reputed educational institute in India. An in-depth program duration of 6 months is helpful for people who want to learn better strategies and practices for product management.

Moreover, the modules of the course help you use popular product management tools, define market opportunities, understand the product positioning, and structure the delivery of products. Thus, this course has an impressive list of learning objectives, covering topics ranging from the product lifecycle to comparing competitors to managing customer interviews to communicating with product stakeholders and much more.


  • The trainers are industry professionals with extensive product management experience.
  • The product management course provides a broad overview of product development, design thinking, product lifecycle, and many more.
  • The course curriculum is designed in such a way that it prepares for the challenges of real-world product management scenarios. Thus, this product management course presents the skill set for becoming a product management expert.

Course Fees and Duration

  • Course Fees: Visit Site
  • Course Duration: Visit Site
  • Address: IIMK Campus P. O, Kozhikode, Kerala, India, PIN – 673 570
  • Website Link:

3. UpGrad’s Post Graduate Certificate in Product Management with Duke Corporate Education

Contact no: 022 6156 2111

This is a 6 months course that teaches you the basic concepts of product management. With the help of this product management course in Nigeria, you will be able to create your project and ace the interviews.

The program design focuses on product launching, developing, marketing, selling and managing the overall product lifecycle across all industries. In addition, the functional strategies optimize the product development process to help assess customer and market risks, which is vital for any product managers and entrepreneurs.

Hence, technical skills and product knowledge help gain deeper learning to apply best practices in the real world. This is also considered to be the perfect product management course for beginners to experienced individuals. It will help to master all the core skills required to become a product manager.


  • Learn the agile and lean management practices with data and analytics-based toolsets.
  • Educates to develop a strong foundation in product thinking.
  •  Help you understand the responsibilities of a product manager to help you land a job. 

Course Duration and Fees

  • Course Fees: Visit site
  • Course Duration: Visit site
  • Address: Upgrade Inc. 275 Battery St. Ste 2300 San Francisco, CA 94111
  • Website Link:

4. Coursera Digital Product Management specialization- University of Virginia

Recently, the product management field has changed dramatically.  Seeing this the University of Virginia developed a 4-week short-term intensive program on Coursera. This is among the well-known product management courses in Nigeria. It covers all fundamentals to understand product management methods to create new product ideas and amplify existing products. This course teaches not only theoretical concepts but also practical applications of it. Thus, ensuring that the newcomers learn product selection, implementation, and development for dealing with various challenges while launching new products. Furthermore, it also teaches brand recognition, idea validation and business model design. Thus, this course is intended for the product manager of the digital era to learn modern approaches to product management.


  • Learn to explore new ideas, analyze growth and design products using qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Teaches you how to utilize the methods to interface effectively with stakeholders and sell ideas to them.
  • Get insights from well-known product managers to know how to put focus on and sustainable program for competitive product management.

Course Duration and Fees

  • Course Fees: Visit Site
  • Course Duration: 5 months
  • Address: 381 E. Evelyn Ave, Mountain View, CA 94041
  • Website Link:


5. Udemy’s Advanced Product Management: Vision, Strategy & Metrics

Contact: [email protected]

Udemy logo

Udemy provides a plethora of courses for beginners to professionals. The course is dedicatedly designed with the help of industry leaders. It comprehensively covers product testing, product mapping, and product market analysis. In addition, you will learn about product pricing, product sales, product growth, and product obsolescence. Therefore, it is considered among the best product management course that helps you learn the skills with real-world examples. This product management course in Nigeria covers everything from fundamentals to principles.


  • Equips you to make more profitable decisions in your product manager role upon completion of this course.
  • Develops skills to effectively communicate with product designers, product developers, product engineers, and all product stakeholders.
  • Learn to differentiate between direct, indirect, and potential competitors to understand the process of customer development.

Course Duration and Fees

  • Course Fees: Rs 3,499
  • Course Duration: 5.5 hours on-demand video
  • Address: 600 Harrison Street 3rd Floor San Francisco, CA 94107 United States
  • Website Link:

 6. LinkedIn Product Management Course

In this online course, you can learn the responsibilities of a product manager. Comprehensive overview of the six stages of the product life cycle, understanding customers’ needs, and developing processes that define superior products are a few skills required to become a successful product manager. Additionally, prepares to work in a team for handling day-to-day responsibilities. Thus, this one of the top product management courses in Nigeria covers creative, business, and technology skills. Also, teaches how to leverage the techniques for effective product development and summarizes all the fundamentals of product management.


  • Empowers you with tactics to become an impactful product manager.
  • Prepares for product management interviews through tests and quizzes.
  • Develops a roadmap for experimenting and managing product development using agile methodologies.
  • If you are tight on budget or schedule, so this product management course comes free of cost.

Course Duration and Fees

  • Course Fees: Rs 1599.99
  • Course Duration: 10h 58m
  • Address: San Francisco
  • Website Link:

7. Intellipaat Advanced Product Management Course in Nigeria

Contact no: 18002168930

 Intellipaat offers an online product management course in Nigeria that helps you master core concepts. This advanced certification course with a duration of six months aims to teach about the product life cycle, strategy and research. Further, imparts knowledge to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for overall product management. Through practical projects, the product management course helps you to become job ready for taking up challenging roles as a product manager. This is among the best product management courses that cover all aspects from product planning to development and finally launching of the product.


  • Uses an interactive approach to learning product management techniques and strategies.
  • Prepares to answer the critical questions asked during product manager interviews.
  • Learn to generate ideas, define, validate and launch a viable product in real-world scenarios. This kind of practical training makes you industry ready.

Course Duration and Fees

  • Course Fees: Rs 8,000/month
  • Course Duration: 6 Months
  • Address: 1219 E. Hillsdale Blvd. Suite 205, Foster City, CA 94404
  • Website Link:

8. Post Graduate Product Management Course in Nigeria- IMCI India

Contact no: 096503 04949

The product management course from the Institute of Marketing Communications India is one of the most immersive and feature-packed programs on this list. It provides a 12 months PG Diploma and 6 months Executive Diploma programme with rigorous case studies. The course aims to build a strong foundation on the subject that equip the students to work in the product domain across industries. Specifically, the emphasis is on product management and innovation. Hence, this course builds the know-how of managing products across the life cycle. IMCI, one of the top product management courses in Nigeria ensures that the program participants get a chance to become a part of the industry and gain hands-on experience.


  • Involves open discussions with the instructors and other students to ensure an interactive educational process.
  • Covers everything from product management basics to product leadership skills.
  • Real experts in product management are the trainers of the course.

Course Duration and Fees

  • Course Fees: Visit Website 
  • Course Duration: Visit Website
  • Address: Satsang Vihar Marg, A-14/B, A Block, near Old JNU Campus, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110067
  • Website Link:

 9. The University of Maryland- Master’s Degree in Product Management on Edx

Edx in collaboration with the University of Maryland offers Masters in product management. This 15 months course is one of the exhaustive product management courses in Nigeria available online. It equips learners to conceive and deliver new products to map out the trajectory of a product’s life cycle. Also, assists in meeting user demands, planning the agile development process, and laying strategies for growth and innovation. This is one of the top product management courses suitable for newcomers and experienced professionals to dive deeper into collecting information about products, plan, and then develop them.


  • Help you upgrade the skills required to step into the product manager role.
  • Learn the popular frameworks with practical implications that make you fit for real-world scenarios. 
  • Whether product designers, product managers or business owners- Anyone can broaden their skills through this course.

Course Duration and Fees

  • Course Fees: Visit Website 
  • Course Duration: Visit Website
  • Address: Harkins Road, Lanham, MD 20709 USA
  • Website Link:

10. Simplilearn SP Jain Global Management Certification in Product Management

Contact no: 1800-212-7688


Simplilearn offers a certified Product Management program in collaboration with the SP Jain School of Global Management. This is the top product management course in Nigeria available online for a duration of 4 months. The exhaustive curriculum covers different concepts like product strategy, product ideation, product lifecycle management, design thinking, and many more. Also, educates you about the latest industry trends and equips you with the necessary skills to meet product manager requirements in many companies. Thus, the program will help understand customer requirements, design better customer experiences and mobilize your organization.


  • Learn brand management skills as part of a broader product management strategy.
  •  A team of subject matter experts delivers the content of this program.
  • Understand different practices of product management across different organizations.
  • Learn to evaluate market data and determine the critical metrics for new product development.

Course Duration and Fees

  • Course Fees: Visit Website 
  • Course Duration: 4 Months
  • Address: Harkins Road, Lanham, MD 20709 USA
  • Website Link:

Factors to consider while choosing the Product Management Course

There are several factors that you should look at before taking any online product management course in Nigeria. So, the following criteria are the culmination of the experience.

1. Duration of Course:

The product management course design should balance hands-on experience with lectures to learn fundamental concepts in a short period. Therefore, the estimated time of each course in terms of length and commitment is one of the decisive factors to consider.

2. Flexible schedule:

The product management course should have a flexible schedule so that the course can be taken at your convenience.  All listed product management courses in Nigeria are available online. You can study at night, weekend or whenever you find the time. Also, all the sessions have recorded sessions in case you still miss them.

3. Certificate of completion:

Some online courses don’t provide any valid certification.  A reputed employer or industry accepts only recognized certificates. Hence, a product management course certification adds value to your resume or LinkedIn profile after the completion of the course.

4. Value for money:

The length and exhaustiveness of the product management course determine the price. Also, job placement assistance, time flexibility and accessibility of e-learning platforms are the factors that decide the cost of a course a learner is ready to pay.

5. Faculty expertise:

The product management courses are designed and delivered by industry experts with years of experience in this field. Hence, this could work as an added advantage to learners if these lessons are delivered by those who designed the course.

6. Exhaustive Curriculum:

The product management course should cover content helpful for both new and seasoned managers. The curriculum should encompass fundamentals of product management for beginners and advanced methodologies for experienced professionals.

7. Internship Option:

The course structure should have an interactive environment for the learners, focusing on real examples and proven templates. Thus, the aim is to strengthen knowledge and prepare product managers for real-world scenarios.

8. Job placement assistance:

A comprehensive look into all the core topics of a product management course help prepares prospective product managers for interview questions in top-tier companies.

Attributes of a Product Manager:

Role of Product Manager

Product management is a highly collaborative role, so attributes that a product manager should possess are the following:

  • Product managers work on existing or design new products to meet customer needs. Therefore, they should have the skills to perform research to improve and add features to products.
  • Creating compelling strategies is important to dominate the market.  Hence, product managers should have the capability to focus on overall product strategies.
  • Product managers should have good communication skills throughout the product lifecycle to align all the stakeholders in the process.
  • Coordination with the relevant teams to execute the plan and effectively manage to make well-informed judgments on product offerings.
  • Product managers should have a deep understanding of product lifestyle in addition to market intelligence, strategy, new product development, and lifecycle management.
  • Developing pricing tools and processes to maximize the profitability of individual products and product lines should be the goal of any product manager. Hence, product managers should have analytical skills and strategic thinking.

Thus, the role of all product managers revolves around a common goal of understanding the product life cycle of any product. So, let us understand this concept which is part of any product management course.

What is a Product Life Cycle?

Product Management life cycle
Product Life cycle

A product begins with an idea generation and is then introduced to consumers in the market. Later, the product is discontinued and taken off the market. As a product manager, you need to be aware of the customer’s needs. Also, make strategic decisions that positively impact customer satisfaction, market share, and profitability. Hence, any project management course in Nigeria introduces this concept to learners as an important part of their curriculum. There are four stages into which a product life cycle is divided:

  1. Introduction: This stage deals with product introduction that involves researching, designing and building the products.
  2. Growth: During the growth phase of the product life cycle, the focus is on rapidly gaining new customers and increasing market share as quickly as possible.
  3. Maturity: When sales begin to slow down, the maturity phase of the product life cycle begins. It is the longest phase for successful products. For this reason, at this stage companies may even try to alter the product to create new iterations.
  4. Decline: The reduction in sales figures marks the start of the decline phase. Therefore, this stage is inevitable for most products in the market. Companies offer multiple products in various stages of the product life cycle to ensure that market share doesn’t decline.


To conclude, undoubtedly product management skills are high in demand in Nigeria.  This field seems to be quite exciting but also very challenging. Product managers need to continuously update their skills with the changing industry’s trends. Therefore, they should be well-equipped with the useful skills and knowledge required to be successful. The product management course in Nigeria will add great value to your acumen. Also, will provide an excellent opportunity to grow as a product manager. So, to help you get started on your journey, we have narrowed down the list from the vast range of options top 10 Product Management courses in Nigeria. Whether you are an experienced product manager, looking for transition or a complete fresher, you will be able to find a course in this list that matches your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What skills are required for the role of a product manager?

Product vision, business competencies, analytical skills, and time management are some of the skills essential for a product manager.

Q2.  What is the scope of the Product Management profile in Nigeria?

The role of a product manager is one of the best-paying jobs. There are different Product Management courses in Nigeria. Henry Harvin’s Product Management course is the most sought resource to bolster your career as it comes with a 100% job guarantee.

Q3. Is free online product management course effective?

The free online product management course may be effective but may not include a certificate important to seeking a job.

Q4. What should be considered while selecting a product management course?

The course structure should include all the core concepts and practical training to be job ready. Thus, any course will be effective only if it is based on experiences based on real-world scenarios.

Q5. Is a product management course required for experienced product managers?

If you are a tenured product manager, you must keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the industry. The on-the-job experience offers just the same, so a product management course will refresh your skillset.

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  3. Product management is a rapidly growing field, and there is growing interest in product management courses in Nigeria. However, it’s worth noting that the quality and availability of such courses can vary widely, so it’s important to do your research and carefully consider your options before enrolling in any program. Articles like this will help us to find the right program. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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