The demand for content writer jobs is growing day by day, making it one of the lucrative careers worldwide. As science and technologies are emerging, the ways of sharing our thoughts and information have also broadened. Nowadays, it’s extremely easy to connect with people through several social media websites, apps, or business portals. 

Content writing is the platform through which, we can share messages,  news, or knowledge across the globe. As the internet expands, the need for content writers is only going to be on the rise. They are trained in writing excellent content that delivers high-quality and engaging information to the audience. There are professional writers who specialize in producing relevant written content on websites for online use.

Content writing and editing content can be done for various niches and in a category for digital marketing purposes. The categories include writing blogs posts, video and podcast scripts, articles, sales copy, e-books, podcasts, and text for graphics, social media posts, white papers, press releases, and many more. They work as a freelancer for companies, businesses, bands, and start-ups. It is a very demanding area with high-income and the companies are seeking writers with excellent skill sets. 

Here, the roles and salaries of content writers in 2022 are discussed in detail. 

Content writers roles in 2022:

1. SEO content writer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is optimizing your content in such a way that it ranks higher in search engines like Google. Professional SEO writers focus on incorporating a proper set of keywords or phrases with proper research into their articles or posts. The goal is to arrange their blog post or sites on the first page of google search results. The sites that appear on the first page get more clicks and traffic that eventually increases sales and readers.

SEO content writer salary:

There are many categories in SEO content writers that pay more than typical SEO content writer salaries such as Head of Search Engine Evaluator, SEO Director, and SEO Technical Specialist.

The salaries of SEO content writers depend on their experience level and location. SEO Content writers can get anywhere between ₹10,000 to ₹60,000 per month in India. However, the salary in the United States offered between $30,000 to $60,000 per year.


Job responsibilities

  • Good hold of writing basics 
  • Use keywords and phrases to optimize the article or post
  • Write informative, engaging, grammatically correct, well-organized, and easy-to-understand posts
  • Use different kinds of tones for posts that are necessary to engage the readers
  • A good understanding of search intent such as informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial investigation

2. Blogging:

When the blog started, it was more like personal dairy, similar to writing day-to-day activities. But now it has become an opportunity to share information and communicate with people online. Bloggers can create original content that connects with thousands of people each and every day. A blogger is someone who inspires, educates, motivates, or entertains the target audience. Blogs can be used for personal use, business, or news that includes daily writings, recipes, photos, videos, e-books, or anything that is useful for people.

The main aim of blogging is for business, projects, or anything that can make money. By connecting with relevant audiences it can boost search traffic and quality leads to the website.

Blogger salary:  

A blogger can make anything between $19,500 to $ 80,500 per year in the United States. While in India it can range from ₹ 250,000 per year to ₹ 606,000 per year. The salaries are mainly based on the skills, location, and year of experience. The highest paying blogger category is travel blogger, corporate blogger, fashion blogger, professional, food blogger, and lifestyle blogger.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create sponsored content, products, courses, and ads.
  • Creating, researching, and pitching ideas for posts.
  • Writing, editing, publishing, and advertising content.
  • Increasing site traffic by utilizing Search Engine Optimization keywords.
  • Engaging the target audience

3. Copywriter

A copywriter writes informative and fresh content for advertising, marketing, and businesses purposes. Copywriting is always related to the field of writing persuasive information that encourages people to take action. Hence, making the copy to drive an intended action. The benefit of being a copywriter is that they can be hired by small and big businesses without formal training or education, and they can easily earn six figures.

Copywriter salary:

A copywriter with less than 1-year of experience can earn up to  ₹299,375, while an experienced copywriter with 10-19 years of experience earns up to ₹600,000 in India. However, the salaries in the United States range from $41,541 to $60,258 based on their experience.

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A good copywriter must have excellent writing skills, as well as creativity. Though, skills in advertising and marketing communications are related to high pay than the average.

Job responsibilities:

  • Write copy for different types of media including social, print, video, and online
  • Write original copy, edit, and proofread to ensure high editorial standards are met across all content 
  • Manage brand consistency across all company communications
  • Collaborate with a team, managers, and creative staff from concept improvement to delivery of the final product
  • Promote and implement brand guidelines

4. Technical writers

Technical writer jobs are the highest paying job in the content writing profession. With the increase in technology and electronic industries, technical communication skills are on rise. Technical writers convey complex information in the simplest form to the audience. Companies are hiring many technical writers to create well-organized and valued content for users. They can work in multiple fields like manufacturing, science, engineering, computer science, or medicine. They can write varieties of content like user manuals, guides, journals, white papers, supporting documents, and FAQs.

Technical writers salary

Technical writer salaries are depended on skill and expertise in relevant fields. As the industry evolves, the in-demand skills sets change accordingly. The salaries also depend on experience, skills, location, and type of employment.

Technical writer salary starts from INR 2.77 lakh per annum to INR 13.8 lakh per annum. However, in the United States, the salary can range between $45 K per year and 102 K per year.

Job Responsibilities

  • Generate high-quality comprehensive documentation that meets organizational standards
  • Communicate with product designers and developers to understand the products and services
  • Translate complex product information into simple, subtle, and engaging content
  • Research and collect feedback from clients, designers, and businesses
  • Evaluate current content and generate innovative approaches for development

5. Email marketing writer

An email marketing specialist creates original and engaging copy used in email marketing campaigns and programs to deliver persuasive messages. Email writer understands marketing concepts and works with teams to develop strategies and tactics that engage potential and current customers. They are professionals in digital marketing that focus on building email lists, creating emails, and managing leads through written communications.

Email marketing writer salary

The related job titles for Email marketing specialists are Email Marketing Manager, Digital Content Writer (Email), or Lead Email Content Marketer.

The salary of an email marketer starts from ₹2,09,905 per year to ₹9,48,032 per year in India. However, salaries in the United States range from $20,500$ to 86,500.

Job responsibilities

  • Create and monitor a variety of email marketing campaigns
  • Promote and share information, news through mail to the people
  • Optimizing the design and layouts of emails making them user and mobile-friendly
  • Analyzing campaign results and following up on emails
  • Securing email databases for future campaigns
  • Creating digital ads

6. Social media content writer

A social media content writer creates content for target consumers on different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter as well as on LinkedIn. Social media is an essential part of promotional activities for a business group. Excellent social media writing skills are required for brand awareness, lead generation, or customer retention.  Many small and medium business companies can get a great return on investment with proper social media writing and planning.

Social media channels are easy and do not require the use of extremely formal language in distributing information. So, the writer can easily take on a conversational tone and communicate clearly with your target audience.

Social media content writer salary

Social media writer based on experience and job location ranges from $12,500 to $89,500 per year in the United States. However, in India, the salary ranges from ₹ 2.2 lakh to ₹ 11.9 lakh per year with an average annual salary of 4.6 lakhs based on experience.

Job responsibility

  • Interaction within social media sites
  • Write great engaging web copy in a real-time context that can stimulate user interaction, discussion, and engagement
  • Innovative content, ideas on social media viral marketing
  • Understand SEO, keyword utilization and phrases, etc
  • Use of tools to manage and monitor social activity and improve the content, communications, etc.

7. Creative writer

Creative writing is a form of writing that includes different genres and styles and it is different than technical writing or academic writing. Creative writing focuses on elements such as character development, story imagination, narrative, and plot. A creative writer uses his/her senses and emotions in order to create a strong visual in the reader’s mind. They can write books, scripts, essays, or any other copy both long and short-form, for a number of different audiences. Creative writing examples include novels, stories, poetry, plays, TV shows scripts, movie scripts, songs, etc.

Creative writers salary

Annual salaries of the creative writers based on skill level, location, and years of experience. The salary starts from $19,500 and ranges up to $91,000 annually across the United States.

The average creative content writer salary in India starts from  ₹ 325,000 per year to ₹ 450,000 per year, while the most experienced writer makes up to ₹ 1,473,000 per year.

Job responsibility

  • Create original content for fiction, nonfiction, short stories, novel, biography, article, descriptive or critical analysis, or essay
  • Critical reading and thinking skills
  • Write books or content for magazines, journals, newsletters, and blogs
  • Produce content for motion pictures or television, radio, based on original ideas or adapted from fictional, historical, or narrative sources
  • Writes entertaining material for performance or publications, like comedy, shows, or scripts

Skills needed to become a good content writer:

Strong content writing skills are necessary to write clear, consistent, and appropriate content that persuades your company’s target audience. With the help of specific skills they can write, edit, and designed quality stories for the promotion of a company’s brand.

The fundamental skills content writers should possess to get a high-paying job are discussed below.

1) Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is a key element in making sure your content appears on the first page and is easy to find. By the use of the right keywords and adapting various techniques a content writer can ensure the article is ranked high in search engines. It is important to create SEO-friendly titles and descriptions to get exposure to your company’s target audience.

2) Adaptability

Content writers must be able to adapt the style and tone that fit each individual assignment. It all depends on the purpose of the content. For example, the purpose of writing is marketing, then content will be different from a scientific research blog. Adaptability helps writers study many styles of writing, which eventually adds value.

3) Research skills

Good research skills are an essential part of content writing. Excellent research skills in writing improve the reliability of the article while adding great value for the reader. The use of right and factual information from various sources can enhance the quality of your content. Additionally, it can provide readers with appropriate and correct content which is the best way to maintain integrity as a writer.

4) Communication skills

Communication skills help in accurately conveying the message to the target audience. Clearly communicating your idea to readers is necessary for successful marketing strategies. Either you are writing for your client or sales pitch, using the proper communication is imperative.

5) Editing

The first draft never comes out to be perfect. Editing skills are crucial for increasing the value and quality of the content while reducing errors, spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. Editing requires patience and a good eye for detail, sometimes it takes more time to write than editing.

Tips to improve writing skills:

There are many ways to improve writing skills that can create valuable content that sell. While the content writer is most in-demand so for high-paying jobs you should improve your content writing skills Developing the right skills by enrolling in certificate courses and training programs with proper education can enhance your chances of getting a high-paying role

1. Enroll in the content writing training program:

Henry Harvin Education is offering a Certified Digital Content Writing course that ranks amongst the top 5 in 2022 in India. The course focuses on developing all types of writing skills such as Creative writing, Technical writing, Social media writing, SEO writing, Book writing, Copywriting, and medical writing. 

Key benefits of Henry Harvin Content Writing Courses:

  • 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy. The membership includes access to all recorded videos for a lifetime, free Bootcamp sessions for 12 months.
  • Practice various types of writing and gain exposure to professional content writing as per current industry standards
  • Develop advanced research skills to write on any topic. 
  • Build an effective content strategy to reach and engage your target audience
  • Develop fundamental writing skills for international clients
  • Get guaranteed internship and placement assistance with Henry Harvin or partner firms
  • Get projects during the course on learning skills, research writing, technical writing, academic writing, and more
  • Receive a globally recognized CDCW Certification

Duration and fee:

36 hours live online sessions

Rs. 15000/-

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2. With regular writing practice:

Write regularly to develop your content quality and create your own style. Practicing daily can help you to communicate better and recognize areas where you’re efficient as well as areas that need improvement. Learn the different styles of writing in various niches.

3. Reading:

Read any material that increases your communication capabilities. Such as books or articles to get familiarise with various styles of writing. It will help you to learn new vocabulary and the formation of sentences that will eventually enhance your writing skills. 

4. Write on a variety of topics:

If you are familiar with only one style of writing then it might be a drawback for your professional writing career. Try to write on different types of topics that will give you exposure to growing your writing skills. Try taking freelancing writing jobs it will give you vast exposure to diverse writing topics.

More about freelance bloggers:

Blogs have become a mainstream source of information for freelancing. One can develop his/her own blog through which, you know the likes and dislikes of target customers and the audience can interact with you. And obviously, you can earn money through blogging. As blogging is so popular, bloggers earn money more than you think, but it takes a lot of time and quality content. They can make money by creating sponsored content, selling products, selling courses, selling ads on their blog.

In freelancing, how much money can a blog make depends on the traffic you are getting. For a freelance blogger, the revenue depends on the traffic. You can earn money by page views in blogging niches through display and affiliate ads. So if you get 1,000 pageviews a month, you can make between $10-$25 per month and you will get that very easily. However, If you get 100,000 pageviews a month, that will make up to  $1,000 – $25,000 each month.

Thus, it all depends on the time and efforts you put into producing quality content, that will grow your website traffic and the email list.

How much time does it take to become a Freelancer?

Becoming a freelance content writer involves two separate methods. 

The first process is slightly technical, it is regarding setting up a blog. 

The second process is more creative, it is about designing a blog and creating and distributing content.

The time that it takes to become a blogger probably changes from one person to another. The way to a successful blog depends mostly on creativity and motivation, both of which vary immensely from individual to individual.


The demand for content writing jobs is high as all companies are marketing their business on social media platforms. Good content writing skills are essential for acquiring a high-paying job. It is important to produce high-quality content with proper SEO optimization for the marketing of the product. There are many types of content writers in demand in 2022 and get pretty high salaries. To obtain a career as a content writer, it is essential to develop proper skills and the ability to write engaging content that will bring revenue to the company.

Hope this post has given some insights on Content writing job roles and salaries in 2022.

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Q1. What is freelance content writing?

Freelance writing is writing content for clients at your own pace. A freelancer is not employed by a company or organization but works on a self-employed basis, They can work for several different assignments at a time. Freelance writers create books, magazines, novels, articles, website pages, news articles, and posts for social media and reports.

Q2. Why is social media marketing necessary?

Social media marketing is an important part of digital marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media platforms in order to obtain your marketing goals. It is a powerful way for businesses of all areas to reach new audiences and connect with existing customers. This helps marketers be more informed regarding their end audience, interests so that they can build a better marketing strategy to attract such customers.

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