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Neelam, 4.5/5 – Henry Harvin PMP Certification Course Reviews

Having PMP certification on the resume is noteworthy in the corporate thus I decided to gain this certification. I was looking for the best academy which can give me global exposure. Henry Harvin is one such academy that has a strong network of learners and trainers. The academy provides quality education and verified certification. The […]

Nisha, 4.7/5 – Henry Harvin PMP Certification Course Reviews

Project management is a growing industry that requires various skills and talent to stand out and manage everything. PMP certification course from Henry Harvin management academy made me industry ready to handle the projects effectively. I joined this academy because of its renowned status and internationally acclaimed faculty. What I gained through this course are […]

Akanksha Gogoi, 4.5/5 Henry Harvin Instructional Design Course Reviews

Instructional designing is not easy as it sounds. You may be a great writer and a subject matter expert. Putting everything in place for the interest of the learners is a big task. I tried my level best but not every time was I successful. So, it was time that I took a break and […]

Akanksha Singh, 4.9/5 Henry Harvin Instructional Design Course Reviews

I never thought that a CIDS certificate will get me to a height that I never expected. I have been into the instructional design for some time but there was something that I was missing on. I only knew the basics. To be up there, I needed advanced training and understanding of various tools and […]

Sandhya Trivedi, 4.8/5 Henry Harvin Instructional Design Course

I used to be a content writer for several years. I had a misconception that being a content writer, I could do any type of writing. One of them is joining the team of instructional design. I thought I could master that too without any professional course. I was wrong. My office had asked me […]

Trisha Jain 4.7/5 Henry Harvin Advanced Excel Course

A very detailed course covering a broad range of procedures and excel functionality that you will use every day in life. The large range of examples enables you to see day to day examples of how you might relate your bits of knowledge both during the class and after you’ve finalized it. I would gladly […]

Sahil Verma, 4.8/5 Henry Harvin Advanced Excel Course

One of the best-designed course on Henry Harvin. Covers all questions in detail,  educators are very detailed and the subject is of the course is one the nicest I have ever seen. Several pieces of training, quizzes, and the final examination solidify all the theories.  Highly recommended the Henry Harvin Advanced Excel course to everyone. […]

Tammana, 4.7/5 Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Course Reviews

The only course where I found that they were interested in my growth and development. It was not like they just had to teach so they just taught and went, no. They made sure I understood they made sure it would help me and if not they made sure that they got to know what […]

Nisha Tripathi, 4.7/5 Digital Marketing Course Reviews

The things I know about digital marketing have been taught by the faculty at Henry Harvin. I got a good idea of what digital marketing is and what are the different aspects of it. From search engine optimization to content marketing, from social media to conversation optimization, from digital analytics to email marketing they had […]

Anamika Sinha, 4.6/5 Henry Harvin RPA Course Review