The online classes provided by Henry Harvin were interactive which helped me in a lot of things. First, it helped me to understand all the basic concepts, thanks to the experienced trainers in the field who made the concepts easy to learn. Second, I can ask and get cleared of all of my doubts then and there. Since the classes were interactive, learning the concepts with the other people was a good experience. The training and the projects were really helpful to gain practical experience. 

Through these interactive classes, projects, and training I can focus on the course more practical and it makes the course less boring. The most important highlight of the course is the training by experts who made my learning journey a lot easier and the support they provided throughout the course was muchly appreciable. Along with that, Henry Harvin helped me to learn many concepts and tools which I implemented in the process. 

The LMS provided access to assessments, video lessons, and also soft skill development classes which taught me many valuable things for me apart from medical coding during the course. Also, this course helps the learners to complete the course, master the concepts of medical coding, and learn all the tools and techniques in a very short period of time which is a plus point.

 In short, Henry Harvin offers a lot of flexibility to those who want to learn the medical coding course within a short period of time and at the same time gets a good understanding.

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