The only course where I found that they were interested in my growth and development. It was not like they just had to teach so they just taught and went, no. They made sure I understood they made sure it would help me and if not they made sure that they got to know what could help me. The changes in the field of digital marketing were also explained in detail. My vision was expanded and I got to know what were the other things I could do with my skills.

I learned how to build, optimize and run digital marketing campaigns. I also got seven certificates which are more than what they provide in any of the courses I had seen. That is also one of the perks apart from the range of topics taught in this combined course. Other courses teach it in different parts and so they can’t give multiple certificates by teaching one little aspect in digital marketing. It also includes real-world projects and virtual simulations which help us gain domain experience.

Digital Marketing Course taught me about social media and made me an expert on digital channels. It has transformed me into an industry-ready search engine optimization professional and enhanced my knowledge of the different facets of digital marketing. We got to learn from the industry experts and we also got to be a part of an internship with Henry Harvin or its partner firms. They do have good faculty and to add to that they have a good learning management system and training rooms which are equipped with all the facilities to make the training interesting. It helped me accelerate my career and get a job as a senior manager in one of the top companies.

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