• My Introduction to Digital Content Writing
    • I am Saumya Batra, I was a working professional in MNC for many years when I had to leave it for my family engagements. Between that time I had this keen interest in writing but never took it seriously.
    • My daughter Saumya motivated me to take my writing professionally. While searching as to how to go for it, Henry Harvin Institute came to the rescue. After going through Henry Harvin Reviews, I contacted them and got a prompt response.
    • Ms. Neelam was very cooperative and gave me a call instantly. She patiently answered all my queries regarding the course and curriculum of the Content writing course. She introduced me to the world of Digital Content Writing.


  • Dual Benefit of Henry Harvin Content Writing Course
    • As I was unaware of it and it was a big career change, Ms. Neelam asked me to go through Henry Harvin Education Reviews and Henry Harvin Context Writing Reviews. She explained that it will benefit me and my daughter as well who is a student.
    • The Henry Harvin Education Reviews helped have a better perspective of the Institute and helped to decide us.


  • In no time we enrolled and joined the course:
    • Batch No: 68
    • Batch Type: PP
    • Course: CDCW
    • Batch Month: July
    • Classroom/Online: Classroom
    • City: Delhi
    • Batch Start Date: 2019-07-21
  • My Impression On The First Day;
    • The class was arranged in conference room of a hotel which was clean and safe.
    • All necessary details were taken care of in the conference room for our comfort.
    • I was happy that our trainer was Ms. Tulika Kiran as the Henry Harvin Content Reviews stated her as one of the best trainers
    • The people attending the class varied from students to working professionals which added to great interaction and group discussion.
    • As the class was for a full day we were served refreshments and lunch which were of good quality.
    • The whole curriculum was up to date and had detailed chapters for helping us understand.
    • We had access to previous as well as current video recordings for the parts we required to go through again.
    • We even got hard copies of all the chapters that were being discussed in the class.
    • We were given class as well as home assignments to help us improve.
    • The trainer helped everyone to improve their writing skills as well as learn how to use the skills professionally.


My Batch Image


Recommendation For Professional As Well As For Fresher

  • You would agree that changing a profession in your early 40’s with years of experience is a big step and requires adequate skill sets and support system to do this. 
  • Henry Harvin Institute provided me with the required skill sets and helped me as well as my daughter a great deal.
  •  I am happy that we went through with the Henry Harvin Content Writing Reviews section and took the course. Today I am working as a Freelancer in Digital Content Writer. 



I work as per my comfort and enjoy what I do. And my daughter who is studying further is benefiting from the course as an added skill set for future career options.

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