The things I know about digital marketing have been taught by the faculty at Henry Harvin. I got a good idea of what digital marketing is and what are the different aspects of it. From search engine optimization to content marketing, from social media to conversation optimization, from digital analytics to email marketing they had it all in their curriculum.

They showed us step-by-step how to use what they were telling us about and it was not just one of those theoretical courses where they give us lectures without knowing that we can get it or not. They follow a structured learning path which is recommended by industry experts. It opens up new career opportunities and teaches the various techniques which are helpful in digital marketing. 

I learned a lot in Digital Marketing Course about Facebook marketing, social media, YouTube marketing, market automation, and email and mobile marketing from this course. They also help us build a strategy to achieve our objectives. The way the program is structured is superb and it added value to my knowledge. This was extremely helpful and helped me gain confidence before the interview for the different jobs I had applied to and believe me or not, I got four out of the five jobs I had applied for.

And how could I not? With the excellent tools they taught me about and the access to their material, I could keep revising and just got better and better. During the training only I had done internships which further added to my knowledge and expertise. The 32 hours were quite helpful and got me seven certificates also, five of which were from Google, one from Henry Harvin.

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