Instructional designing is not easy as it sounds. You may be a great writer and a subject matter expert. Putting everything in place for the interest of the learners is a big task. I tried my level best but not every time was I successful. So, it was time that I took a break and do something fruitful in the field so that I joined a new company with a better designation and salary package. After hearing about Henry Harvin from an old friend, I knew I had to enroll myself in their course. 

Several things that I learned in the duration of twelve months with their gold membership program are curriculum designing skills, development of training materials, being an expert in designing content that was more attractive and logical to understand. The list doesn’t end here, there are more. 

Earlier I had all the ingredients to making a perfect recipe but I didn’t know the art of making one. After my course with Henry Harvin, I am more proficient in utilizing those ingredients in making the best recipe. My modules are now more attractive and appealing to anyone going through it. 

Henry Harvin has helped me in becoming better in my field through their excellent curriculum. The trainers ensured that everything was followed to the T and lessons learned. Not just that, the execution was made easy through their assistance. I would like to recommend this Instructional Design Course to all aspiring instructional designers finding their place in the vast world of education or corporate. 

Additionally, I can’t forget to mention the tools I gained knowledge about. The tools add more value to your instructional designing skills. These tools were only names to me until I came across them practically. I am ever grateful to Henry Harvin.

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