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Tanmay Thakur, 4.7/5 Henry Harvin AI In Marketing Course Review

Offering focused learning to diverse individual and giving emphasis on their skill enhancement, job placement and performance, HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION is a unique institute delivering quality education to the masses with its short duration professional and training courses to regulate the needs of individuals and industries.  After going through their site and reviews, I decided […]

Sivan Roy, 4.8/5 Henry Harvin AI In Marketing Course Review

I was working at my father’s shop when I thought of enrolling myself for a good short term and self-paced AI IN MARKETING COURSE. Then I got introduced to a leading institute engaged in providing professional courses.  The HENRY HARVIN course module exactly dealt with the topics I was interested in. The relationship manager was […]

Sudeep Palkar, 4.6/5 Henry Harvin AI In Marketing Course Review

With the adoption of smart technologies in the marketing sector there is a surge of gain and competition in this sector. And, if you want a breakthrough, then opt for any short term, self-paced AI in marketing course which will add value to your career. Even, I took the help of these advanced courses to […]

Akshit Sharma, 4.6/5 Henry Harvin AI In Marketing Course Review

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE has a great role in marketing as it enables the marketers to reach customers through automated decision making through the use of data collection and analyse the data using different tools and algorithms. Being in the field of AI used in the marketing sector and completing the course of AI IN MARKETING from […]

Subham Triveni, 4.8/5 Henry Harvin AI In Marketing Course Review

 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN the MARKETING sector that uses AI to anticipate and foresee the different methods and tools which can be used to read the consumer behaviour and adaptation of enhanced digitalisation. With the introduction of AI in the marketing sector, customers have a better understanding of the product and marketers have a better understanding […]