Henry Harvin is one of the top centres to learn advanced RPA with the affordable price. I am relating to the classroom notes all the duration when I got stuck in my project. I have practised every problem following the guidelines of the trainer and executing now in my project. Hopefully, it enables my appraisal, thanks to Henry Harvin. I truly appreciate my experience with Henry Harvin Academy. I learned a lot, they provide me with study material, lessons video clips and one mentor is always there to listen to every time of students.

My batch was 15 October 2020 and Henry Harvin is a well-known association so I was a bit nervous about the fulfilment of my RPA course.

What I was peeking for is under one roof. My relationship manager Chandrika understood me very well. Then too I was nervous about my teacher and batch mates?

But on the first day of my class, I was surprised by having a wonderful trainer. till the last day of the class, I didn’t get actually what she is? A teacher, A friend, A batchmate, A consultant and she plays with us very well throughout the class. A good educator knows every youth is special. Firstly she took out our proficiency and then she showed us where we were right and where we were wrong?

I am a vernacular medium learner so I find everyone familiar.

I strongly suggest the RPA course of Henry Harvin Academy to my friends. For their assistance, connection manager, teacher, helpful timings and most honorably value our time. How much they wrap in a month it almost takes a year or more time in the academy to get certified.

Thank You so much for everything you give me during class.

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