One of the best-designed course on Henry Harvin. Covers all questions in detail,  educators are very detailed and the subject is of the course is one the nicest I have ever seen. Several pieces of training, quizzes, and the final examination solidify all the theories.  Highly recommended the Henry Harvin Advanced Excel course to everyone.

The class is very nicely assembled covering most of the factors of excels and the best portion is it is very well exemplified. A student can get and pass this class with only a minimum main knowledge of Excel because of the way the lecturers are explaining was a too nice experience.

Every subject is clarified in detail, I believe there was no mistake in the explanation of the final assessment.

very helpful and valuable course and its class is a measure then you can also exercise finding a solution for any deterrent that stands upon you and always memorizing the hierarchy of the functions and accomplishing tough calculations.

Overall, awesome course. I am using excel for the previous couple of years, but could not understand the tools, which I have understood in this course. I am doing the entire profession of Excel Skill and already finalized three out of four. After finalized, all three modules I feel my self that this real specialization is suggested to all who are always working on Excel.

Thank my instructors of Henry Harvin, who have delivered such an amazing lesson, and delivery of contents/ submitting presentation visualization to comprehend the concept with full knowledge.

Hope in the next class i.e. Advance, I learned extra tools to improve my efficiency and productivity.

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