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Shaily Tripathy 4.5/5 Henry Harvin Medical Writing Course Reviews

Why I decided to enroll with Henry Harvin at the first place is my testimonial. I would like to tell you about them. There are many reasons. You get job assistance as soon as they feel that you are ready to work independently You can also intern with them and their partners and become better […]

Sandeep Dandekar, 4.8/5 Henry Harvin Medical Writing Course Reviews

I came to Delhi to do my master’s in Science. It has been an overwhelming experience until I realized that the job scene is not that great as it is highly competitive. One has to be the best to fetch a job as per your needs and expectations. After a little research, I got to […]

Shipra Sarkar, 4.6/5 Henry Harvin Medical Writing Course Reviews

Henry Harvin has been the source that showed me the light to a new way of earning. Medical writing is my full time profession with a bit of content writing as my part-time profession now. This wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t taken the course with Henry Harvin. Their course pattern is easy to […]

Tina Anand, 4.9/5 Henry Harvin Medical Writing Course Reviews

Do you want to improve your medical writing skills or do you want to learn it from scratch? If your answer is Yes, Henry Harvin’s Medical writing course is meant for you. I am saying it out of my experience. I had no idea about writing at all. As I wanted to get into this […]

Ranjit Solanki 4.7/5 Henry Harvin Medical Writing Course Reviews

One of the highest paid writing jobs is that of a medical writer. I have been a content writer with a full time job elsewhere. I wanted to do content writing as a full time career but never got an excellent opportunity. The reason may be I was always a freelancer. Medical writing was struck […]