I never thought that a CIDS certificate will get me to a height that I never expected. I have been into the instructional design for some time but there was something that I was missing on. I only knew the basics. To be up there, I needed advanced training and understanding of various tools and techniques used in instructional designing. When I heard from a colleague who had done Henry Harvin’s Instructional Design Course, I decided that I should try this too. The colleague is my senior and doing extremely well since then.

Benefits that I got out of the course

  • I learned not just the basic but learned the technical aspects of instructional design
  • I am a subject matter expert now with the ability to do any kind of instructional design
  • Being CIDS certified, I have earned an accolade that will remain with me forever
  • Once I updated my resume with this course and certificate, I started getting a number of calls for jobs
  • I am more confident than ever
  • Understanding the goals of a subject and combine that with the needs of the participants has become clearer to me
  • Several tools that I gained knowledge about are SurveyMonkey, google forms, Prezi, canva,s and more

My professional growth has expedited the course I opted for with Henry Harvin. I am thankful to the trainers who never gave up when I asked questions that sometimes made sense and sometimes didn’t. Their expertise in the subject helps you get better every day. It is my personal experience that I am sharing. The testimonial you are reading is a heartfelt one. I was only an instructional designer earlier. Now, I am a certified instructional designer. What better way of putting it across!

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