I used to be a content writer for several years. I had a misconception that being a content writer, I could do any type of writing. One of them is joining the team of instructional design. I thought I could master that too without any professional course. I was wrong. My office had asked me to help with instructional designing work. I failed miserably. It was because I was lacking in the expertise of doing the job. I decided to do something that could add more meaning to my job profile. Therefore, I decided to take up a professional course that could help me become an expert. Henry Harvin Instructional Designing Course it was!

Highlights of the Course

CIDS Certificate: I could get the CIDS certificate that tells the world that you are the subject matter expert.

Ranked among the top 3: Out of the three best instructional design courses, Henry Harvin stands in one of them. 

Experience: Having done projects for over 60 colleges and over 150 corporate houses, Henry Harvin is the best choice I made.

Short but Meaningful Course: I had to complete 16 hours of live classroom training, 16 hours of e-learning, and 24 hours of brush up sessions. The course duration was 12 months.

Trainers: The trainers in the institute had more than seven years of rigorous training experience with live projects handled.

When I completed the course in twelve months, luckily I got the project of instructional designing again at my workplace. This time, to everyone’s surprise, I surpassed the expectation. My boss was super happy and has promised that I should get a raise soon. If you also thought that a professional degree in such tasks makes no difference, you should think again. You get an edge in the field when you have a certificate.

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