Aradhana Rawat


The Best Business Analytics course is currently in high demand. The job of business analyst has been dubbed the “Hottest Profile” for the coming decades by Harvard University. The business analysis profession is data-driven, which explains why this profile is in high demand. In today’s world, it is…

Data Analysis: An Overview Cleaning, converting, and modelling data to identify useful information for business decision-making is defined as data analysis. Data analysis’ goal is to extract usable information from data and make decisions based on that knowledge. A basic example of data analysis is when we make…

Introduction: “Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz” What did you just read, is this some kind of joke? So many thoughts, right? Yes, that is an actual word in German, or it was until 2013. This 63-character term alluded to a “law delegating beef label monitoring” in the German Language. It was abolished by an EU directive.…

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