In today’s world organizations must be able to quickly adapt to unpredictable market conditions and stay ahead of the competition. The value stream mapping minimizes waste time and maximizes profitability by adding values to every decision a team makes.

Value stream mapping is fast becoming one useful technique for visualizing the delivery of products and services in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

A value stream mapping (VSM) is one of the many lean enterprise tools available. It looks at and analyses the various steps within the flow of the given process and it determines how a good or service is transformed into something the customer is willing to pay for.

The value stream mapping is a flow chart method to illustrate, analyse, and improve the steps required to deliver a product or service.

As with other types of flowcharts it uses a system of symbols to depict various work activities and information flows.

From the customer’s standpoint, the items are mapped as adding value or not adding value with the purpose of rooting out items that don’t add value.

It’s important to keep in mind that customers, whether external or internal, care about the value of a product or service to them, not the efforts it took to produce it. Value stream mapping maintains that focus.

A typical process is to draw a current state VSM and model a better way with future state and /or idle state VSM. You can start off sketching by hand and then move to VSM software for better communication, analysis on collaboration.

The Principles of Value Stream Mapping is a diagnostic tool which reveals the symptoms of larger problems in your process and helps to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement. The lean agile development method highlights waste as well as the dependencies on organizational structure and IT systems to ensure investments provide the highest possible returns.

There are many institutions offering value stream mapping courses in India. The 10 best value stream mapping courses in India are listed based on research considering students with not much prior knowledge.

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin is a leading career development organization. Henry Harvin has a rich portfolio of 100 plus courses delivered online and in classrooms globally. Henry Harvin education offers professional certification required by industry.

Henry Harvin is one of the best educational institutes for learning value stream mapping courses in India. The Value Stream Mapping Certification Course is divided into many modules for better understanding.

The Henry Harvin education Value Stream Mapping course contains both theory and practical exercises for deeper understanding of the lean methodology and the way to derive a kaizen improvement plan.

VSM tool that enables an organization to make value for the customer and eliminate waste. The value stream mapping forms a visual design that indicates the unnecessary process (non-value-adding activities or tasks) included within the process flow.


  • Self-paced course 4500
  • Live online class 5000


  • One-year gold membership for eLearning access.
  • Internship opportunities.
  • placement assistance.
  • Doubt session.
  • 24/7 support


  • The LMS content can’t be saved.

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2. Gemba Academy

Gemba Academy is a trusted eLearning company around the world for their lean and six sigma training needs.

The value stream mapping courses available are the best for working employees. This company has been able to get their employees speaking a consistent language of lean and are now working to create a Six Sigma program.

Gemba Academy is mobile friendly user interface and may work with any system, enabling companies to pair. Select the value stream mapping course with lots of projects and an active community which will be more interactive and interesting.

Gemba Academy attends many conferences conducted by industry/ organization throughout the year to update their knowledge all the time. Gemba academy offers a subscription plan, where you can buy a subscription to learn and check out all the courses without any limit on how many courses enrol yourself.

Price: 3 to 4 lakhs in INR


  • Blended learning (classroom and online mode).
  • You will understand the entire production process from end to end.
  • Able to create your own value stream map.
  • 1:1 mentor


  • Course designed for Working professionals
  • Expensive even to working employees.

3. Invensislearning

Invesislearning conducts more than 50plus courses across worldwide with a focus on professional certification training and technology training so that professionals get certified in their respective fields of expertise.

InvensisLearning offers one of the best value stream mapping courses in India. It is an eLearning training company delivering globally recognized certifications across the world such as value stream mapping PMP, PRINCE2, ITIL, COBIT 5, Lean Six Sigma, DevOps, Cloud and more.

The expert trainers have 10 plus years of international training and consulting experience and have earned outstanding feedback worldwide.

 There are many value stream mapping courses in India but Invensislearning value stream mapping course added with the comprehensive knowledge of industry’s best practices that revolve around learner-centricity and offer learning and development initiatives that are in synchronous with organizational purposes.

 The certification programs have global approval and accreditations to provide these courses worldwide. They are an AXELOS Certified Partner and certification courses are accredited by PEOPLECERT and TUV SUD.

Invensislearning has upgraded the skills of thousands of IT and business professionals which has transformed their lives.


  • 1:1 trainer with dedicated trainers.
  • Get trained from highly experienced industry experts.


  • Expensive.
  • No internship/ placement assistance.

4. Advance Innovation Group

Advance Innovation Group is a leading institute for Consulting and professional training programs in India. They are helping large corporate domains like Telecom, Insurance, Manufacturing have been instrumental in our refined Consulting methodologies and training programs.

The trainers are well experienced, and their training is practical based. The Advance Innovation Group offers value stream mapping courses for both students and corporates and provides opportunities to work on live projects.

From Learning we gain knowledge and confidence. Staying in touch with industry legends is a long-lasting relationship that enhances our skills with time. The best part of an advanced innovative group is it offers timings as per students/learners’ needs and conveniences. If you are looking for knowledge plus certification especially those who do not have experience of value stream mapping can join.

Price: 7999 for 16session.


  • Flexible class timings.
  • Exam and certification.


5. TUV India Training Academy

The TUV India Training Academy offers one of the best value stream mapping courses to those who want success to invest in learning, education and training. The courses use a blend of theory and practical exercise.

The TUV India Training Academy provides the right skills to meet the future challenges. The value stream mapping course training courses suit your needs and advise you with your qualification requirements.

The value stream mapping course offered by TUV training academy simplifies the process and improves performance yielding.  An effective tool of lean system value stream mapping focuses on creating value for customers and eliminating waste. It enables a company to identify and eliminate waste, thereby streamlining work processes, cutting lead times, reducing cost and increasing quality.

During this course delegates will develop an understanding of customer value and key elements and methods of value stream mapping.


  •         Instructor lead 2dys workshop
  •         price varies from 16,000 to 22,500 for different locations.


  •        Trainers are industry experts.
  •          Sector specific online training.


  •         VSM online training has not yet started.
  •       Cost is heavy for a 2 days workshop.
  • LMS content not available.
  • No Internship/ placement assistance.

6. Indian Institute of Training and Development (IITD)

Indian Institute of Training and Development (IITD) is organising a knowledge-based workshop for corporate training and career development. IITD provides a corporate skill set with world class training. The workshop is developed for professionals that suits the needs of the organization.

The professional education training workshop with impact, relevance and values. The value stream mapping workshop objectives are to improve business performance and understand the concept of organisational value and waste.


  • 3000 (approx.) per person for workshop of 6 hours
  • Amount reduces for a group of people.


  • Workshop is available in Hindi/ English.
  • Trainers are industry experts.


  • workshop is useful for working professionals.

7. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is a pioneer in the professional training courses to ensure learning experience delivers maximum benefits to achieve true potential. The value stream mapping courses offered by KA creates the value stream to customers. The Knowledge Academy offers both online training and interaction with a knowledgeable instructor.

Value Stream Mapping is a tool to understand, analyse, and improve a value stream and eliminate waste. The course is probably best suited to IT professionals – however, concepts can be adapted to suit a wide range of projects.


  • 7995 for online self-paced 16hrs
  • 77,095 for online instructor lead.


  • Trainers are industry experts.
  • Doubt sessions to clarify queries.


  • Bit Expensive
  • Preferable for working professionals.

8. Coursera

Coursera is one of the best worldwide online learning platforms to develop our skills and explore our interests. Coursera is tied up with 200 plus leading universities and companies to provide flexible, affordable, job-relevant online learning to individuals and organizations worldwide. Coursera offers online courses and degrees from leading universities and companies.

Coursera works with partners across 140 countries to provide free education to tens and thousands of refugees. The most popular courses On Coursera remain free Which gives access to video lectures, homework exercises and community discussion forums.

The paid courses provide additional quizzes under projects as well as a shareable certificate upon completion. The evolution in Coursera is rigorous and you cannot move to the next session before completing the previous and passing grade is about 70% and missing the deadline means more fees.

Price: 1000 to lakh approx. (varies for only certificate or different course)


  • Applying the financial aids and scholarship the course content can be accessed free.
  • Chat room and discussion forums.
  • Monitor the progress.


  • No coaching.
  • Access to course material till subscription is active.

9. Udemy

Udemy is a leading global platform for Teaching and learning. Udemy is a mobile phone app which gives access to many stock market courses. Udemy provides courses in 65 plus languages on a wide range of topics. Many free value stream mapping courses are available but the best value stream mapping courses are paid one.

Depending on duration and rating of the course, students can filter the course on Udemy. Since Udemy is a global platform one cannot find relevant courses which results in waste of time, effort and money. So, choose the courses on rating, review under cost. The value stream mapping course from scratch for complete beginners is best among other courses. The value stream mapping masterclass: Becoming a VSM specialist is a good one.

Price: 500 to 50000 approx. depends on the instructor who created the course.


  • Price is low and lifetime access to purchase courses.
  • One can access the course anytime, anywhere from an Android app.


  • No coaching.
  • Does not monitor the progress.

10. Spoc learn

Spoc learn stands for a single point of contact for all learning needs. The Spoclearn offers industry-standard certification courses for working professionals to upskill and reskill their knowledge. They are providing fine learning to meet the global demand of training and development space.

Spoc learn has made courses a perfect learning ecosystem that covers both traditional and modern methods of learning. Its mission is to transform human talent by providing the knowledge and skills needed for enterprises. The value stream mapping course has covered everything for both learners and entrepreneurs.

Price: 15000 for Live online virtual class


  • 1-1 training
  • Training with real world experience.


  • LMS access not available.

Bottom line

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The relevance and agility in the delivery of products might speed up time to market, but it can damage the consequence, losing sight of the original value proposition. Accepting the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in the frontline brings value to the team maker’s decision, thus reducing wasted time and adds profitability.

By charting the flow of work in the development/delivery of a product or service through different steps using VSM gives clarity.

  • Flow is considered fine, when work moves steadily and predictably in relation to customer demand and supplier capacity.
  • Flow is considered poor, when work starts and stops erratically and frequently.

The VSM flow chart helps organizations to move from poor to fine condition through improvements in productivity and reduction in waste that leads to value creation for both the supplier, customers.

The core principle of Lean manufacturing is the elimination of waste—any activity that does not add value from the customer’s perspective—making the organization ‘lean’. The VSM provides basic knowledge for identifying unnecessary work mainly:

  • Time.
  • Materials.
  • Processing activities.

The Value stream mapping can be applied in varied industries like product development, service-related industries. Examples are healthcare, insurance, hospitality and logistics etc. VSM study is one of the important in lean Sigma project.

Outlining the value stream maps is a specialist task. The value stream map creation depends on the organisation process. For certain organizations, the basics might be enough. Some organizations require higher levels of knowledge that are needed for more complicated value.

A whiteboard and markers may be enough to organize a decent value stream, at the start. After that, mapping software might be required to manage icons and data. At last for the most complicated, the automated tools that automatically collect will be needed and process data from the equipment being used.

The VSM might not be the best tool for process activities where time, materials, and participants are highly variable. Sometimes you might struggle to map value streams when:

  • The knowledge required for mapping may be insufficient.
  • To collect the related data, we might not have the right configuration of automated systems
  • Maybe company culture has minimum knowledge sharing across functional silos.

So, it can be incredibly difficult to gain the kind of actionable awareness an enterprise requires to make workable improvements.

The value stream mapping can help to achieve significant visibility in product delivery activities, which supports value creation through the identification of improvement opportunities that enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Different things flow through this stream:

  • In manufacturing or distribution, materials flow.
  • Patients flow in health services.
  • Information flow in office areas.
  • Internal customer flows in administration.
  • So, in various system services, information about our product flow.

Value Stream Mapping objectives:

  • To improve efficiency.
  • Satisfy our customer with our service.
  • Performance improvement of the operation.

Team members roles in VSM study project:

  1. Executive sponsor
  2. Process owner
  3. VSM coach (facilitator)
  4. Workshop / office participants

Executive sponsor:

  • Executive sponsor is responsible for ensuring members participation.
  • Ongoing project status is presented by the executive sponsor.
  • He /she takes part in defining the scope, starts the project, active team members off review, audit and follow ups committee.

Process owner:

  • They are responsible for the whole operation flow and they lead the VSM project from beginning to end.
  • take ownership during the VSM event.
  • all meetings, progress and MOMs are maintained by the process owner.
  • ensures action time pre-work is complete for scooping, workshop /office, and reviews.

VSM coach:

  • VSM coach provides coaching to process owners on the team.
  • Gives training to the VSM team and gives coaching to the team.
  • The VSM coach gives training on lean manufacturing to the team.
  • Provide training and lean skills to all participants.

Workshop /office Participants:

  • All workshop /office participants are responsible for the operation steps.
  • The support day VSM project successfully ran.

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Top 20 5S Interview Questions and Answer

1.       What is value stream mapping?

The Value stream mapping is a graphical tool that helps us to see and understand the flow of process and information as a product and service. It’s an important tool that is visualizing the entire operation of manufacturing or service representing both material and information flow.
It is one of the best lean tools to eliminate waste. A value stream usually includes peoples, tools and technologies, physical facilities and communication channels etc. This tool is associated with manufacturing industries in major cases

2.       What is the value?

The Value is a product of service that the customer is buying. It is the capability to provide a product or a service having the highest quality, at an appropriate price and at the right time as defined by the customer.
Customers’ expectation of value may be price, quality, reliable delivery, rapid response to changing needs, etc

3.       What is a value stream?

The wasteful activity from the system must be identified to eliminate it from the system. This happens by checking all small activities from start to end which is necessary to convert all inputs into an output.
The value chain refers to all the activities within an organization. while a value stream focuses on that activity which adds value in our service or in a product.

4.       Who uses VSM?

The manufacturing sectors commenced the concept of VSM to add values to the processes. This concept will be applicable to Product service frameworks such as Logistics, software development, healthcare, Government services.

5.       What is value stream mapping used for?

The value stream mapping used to find out several purposes such as,
·         To find out the relationship between operation steps.
·         we can get information, and we can have an actual illustration of the current process.
·         Identify improvement opportunities.
·         To provide product or service of the highest quality, at an appropriate price, and at the right time as defined by the customer.
·         To Design (concept to a customer).
·         To Build (order to delivery).
·         To Sustain (in use through the life cycle to service).

6.       How to create a value stream map?

The various steps involved in creating the value stream mapping are,
·         It is a team exercise and salt department representatives should participate in this event.
·         This project should be led by the expert and guide other team members for the successful project.
·         The best method of making value stream mapping east by hand using a pencil and A3 drawing sheet.
·         During creating the process map all participants should be involved in this activity is always a better decision.
·         Map the whole operation flow yourself.


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