“One benefit of summer was that each day you have more light to read by.”

 What better time can it be  to enjoy in Arkansas other than summer?

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So, summer has arrived and so have our excitement to make the best out of it.

For high school students, applying to summer schools and trying summer programs can be a good idea to boost up college applications.

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What better advantage could you have than spending summer in the very luxurious, tropical rich Arkansas.

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“One benefit of summer was that each day you have more light to read by.”ParagraphMore Styles 

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Why Summer School?

Are you getting bored during the summer? According to my perspective, when we get bored, we should do some creativity to explore more rather than sitting idle. An empty mind can indulge you in useless activities and, you will get distracted. Nowadays, it is the prime concern of the parents for their kids. Now you do not have to worry about your kid’s career. Summer provides you with plenty of time to achieve all the targets you wanted to learn all his while. Opting for summer school is an extra mile that students go to follow their passion or learn that new skill. Summer schools give attention to students need and fulfil their demands of your interests and time. They also determine the experience you might need in the future.

Work on them!

Top 10 Summer Schools in Arkansas for High School Students

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy


Henry Harvin Online Summer School are one of the best online summer programs you can find. These online courses are a rich source for you to gain experiences in very short span of time. They’re highly experienced trainers and composers give you real life experience that will help you grow in the future.

Henry Harvin thinks about your kids utilizing their time during summer.  

Henry Harvin wants to apprise you about the informative courses that we offer during the summertime. Learners can advent their utilitarian times with Henry Harvin. 

Ponder the below subjects and grab the opportunity to enroll and thrive in your career.

  1. Teen MBA Course
  2. Content Writing Course
  3. Technical Writing Course
  4. Digital Marketing Course
  5. Medical Writing Course

Henry Harvin takes you to the world of business. 

A) Teen MBA Course

Teen MBA can help you to know the secrets of business. You can learn the basics of an MBA by enrolling in this course. It is the best course to utilize your summer to make it effective. Teen MBA from Henry Harvin came up with the different MBA packages.

Visualize your career aspirations of becoming a successful CEO that will specialize you to become a business planner.

Secondly, you can focus on the CFO, in which you will understand the secrets of finance and learn to manage it.

Thirdly, you can be the teen CTO who can handle critical technical issues.

Fourthly, you can think of becoming a CMO who acquires knowledge about the market segment. Moreover, you can understand the management of technical issues.

B) Content Writing Course can help you to become a perfect content writer. Come on, move ahead and reach the pinnacle of writing with Henry Harvin. You can explore in writing with us. We provide an internship program and certification for our learners.

C) Technical Writing Course can be informative in understanding technical ideas. Those who are intrigued to accomplish this course can join Henry Harvin. We believe in exposing students to the right direction for their bright future. We assist our learners in technical courses to become confident. 

D) Digital Marketing Course can help students to thrive in the digital world. You can learn all marketing tactics from Henry Harvin and make your future bright. This course will help you to make your summer captivating. Take your steps ahead and reach 

your destiny.

E) Medical writing Course helps you to acquire knowledge in pharmaceutical regulatory and medico-writing. Upgrade your writing skills with Henry Harvin. You can evolve a scientific attitude in your mind after learning medical writing. Medical writing course can upgrade your medical writing segment.

Do not wait for tomorrow to enroll. Come on, hold our hand to expedite your performance in diverse areas. We are here to help you in every aspect.

Also Check the Review of Henry Harvin Summer Internship Program

2. Arkansas Governor’s School:

Arkansas governor school organizes a 4-week residential summer program for gifted students to explore their talents and develop new skills.

This initiative holds utter emphasis on the growth of our special ones and make them competitive in the world around.

This program is provided with any cost to the rising 12th class students in the state of Arkansas. No cost school programs make students have a keen eye in learning new skills and talents.

Fay Jones School's Design Camp Planned for Four Cities Across ...

3. Design Camp:

This is a 5-day school program for young adults to explore the fascinating world of architecture.

Held at the University of Arkansas, this summer program is filled with exciting projects, tours and discussions helping you to learn principles of architecture.  

Architecture in a growing field where new students are enrolling themselves to learn more about architecture and architecture-related topics.

If you hold interest in anything related to buildings around you or architecture of those old monuments that you visit as your school trips, architecture can be just for you.

Arkansas students explore life as a geologist - News

4. Geology camp:

If you are interested in geology related camps, this is exactly what you need.

This is a one-week residential summer program at the University of Arkansas. Students are introduced to geology related topics with the help of Geographic Information System (GIS).

Students from 8th to 12th standard can apply where 250-word statement is needed to register for the same.

Programs - Arkansas Health Careers

5. HEALERS Program:

This summer school purely aims to provide aspiring medical professions with practical experience such as how to administer first aid while exposing students to a variety of medically related fields.

Additionally, students get to have the most invaluable opportunity to gain clinical experience through active volunteering.

This program is open to all high school students entering their junior or senior year. This is also a no-cost program open to all.

Print Studio | art.ucsc.edu | Art Department, UC Santa Cruz

6.Asma Summer Artists Bridge | Art Studio:

In this very artistic summer school program, students can explore all sorts of art like oil painting, observational drawing, abstract design, and more during this program at the Arkansas School for Math, Science, and the Arts!

Essentially, students will gain a more comprehensive overview of art mediums and style—making them more informed and thoughtful artists of the future.

Rising sophomore student are eligible for this summer school program. Again, this is a free program for students.

UA Little Rock hosts summer camps - News

7. National Summer Transportation Institute:

This 2-week residential summer school program held at University of Arkansas. This is an interactive program that gives students the opportunity to explore various transportation fields and careers in sectors such as land, water, air, and safety.

English, science, math, and technology courses provide students with a strong foundation for concepts directly related to projects and labs.

Students currently in 8th-12th grade who are Arkansas residents and have a GPA of minimum 2.5.

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8. High School Research Program:

This 3-week residential program at the University of Arkansas exposes high achieving high schoolers to focused research and proactive mentorship. This is done in order to help them build a foundation for future success in STEM.

Although this research program is rigorous, students also have the opportunity to enjoy the greater Little Rock area in their free time.

With no cost specified, students of 8th– 12th grade can enroll themselves for the same.

College of Engineering Commencement - YouTube

9. Engineering Scholars Program:

Love machines and curious about how they work?

Try engineering school programs this summer!

This summer school program is a 1-week residential program held at the University of Arkansas.

This summer program aims to increase the number of students entering the field if engineering program in Arkansas. This is done by giving the students the experience to explore the world of machines and heir mechanisms.

At the end of this program, the students are also advised to the career options that suits them the best.

Students that are in 8th to 12th standard are eligible to enroll in this program and try new things.

Biomedical Science BSc(Hons) degree course - London undergraduate ...

10. Biomedical Sciences Summer Institute:

This summer school at the Arkansas school for math, science and arts provides the keen students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in molecular biological laboratory technique.

Other than just that, this summer school program also emphasizes on topics like scientific literacy and communication skills.

This a great opportunity for you if you’re interested in science related career fields like medicine, microbiology, forensic science, etc.

At the end of the program, students can apply their gained knowledge of a topic during the project to real like experiments and researches.

This summer school program is eligible for the rising sophomores’ students.


  • In minimum two short paragraphs, explain why you would like to participate in the ASMSA Biomedical Summer Camp? Also, specifically what interests you?
  • In minimum two short paragraphs, tell us which class do you look forward to the most each day? Also mention why are you passionate about this subject?

Anyone student from the 9th-12th standard can enroll in these programs and get certificates and degrees at your own convenience.


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