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  • This particular blog aims at providing a detailed look into what is Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, further exploring the career prospects in the specific area.
  • Furthermore, it also gives a detailed comparison of the two Six Sigma training communities, Henry Harvin and Greycampus Six Sigma.
  • It also talks about Six Sigma certification and the course and certification cost.

What is Six Sigma Certification Course?

  • First and foremost, in simple words – Six Sigma is a statistics-based, data-driven approach that provides tools and techniques to organizations to reduce the frequency of occurrence of errors and for the elimination of occurred errors in a product or a service.
  • The typical Six Sigma methodology is known as DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control. The primary motif of the Six Sigma strategy is to offer near-perfect goods and services for business transformation.    

The Six Sigma Certification professionally validates experts and agents who are skilled in singling out errors and defects in business processes and are trained to design solutions for the elimination of such faults.

Three organizations hand out these official certifications, and they are – The International Association for Six Sigma Certification, The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC), and the American Society for Quality (ASQ).                                                              


  • The Six Sigma Certification methodology has a four-tier structure. The strategy is categorized into three levels, or belts (as they are technically known as) – the White, Yellow, Green and Black belt.
  • The White Belt Certification is the entry-level Certification, which offers a basic understanding of the approach; the certification cost is relatively low.
  • The Yellow Belt certification cost ranges from USD 195 to USD 394, depending upon the organization which grants the Certification.
  • The CSSC offers a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification at USD 119; Green Belt Certification (Level II) is also further provided, and the complete process costs USD 300. Lastly, The Black Belt Six Sigma Certification Cost, when done through IASSC, is USD 395.

To answer the question regarding why Six Sigma Certification should be opted for and what are the career prospects in this particular field – With a Green Belt Certification to your name, the posts which you qualify for include: Management analyst, Supply Chain Program Analyst, Data Analyst, Operational Excellence Manager. With a Black Belt Certification, the opportunities include being Operations Manager, Operation Team Leader, Quality Manager.

One of the most significant advantages of being a Certified Six Sigma professional is the salary which one gets. Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification occupants of the highest-paid job positions in the world. To put that into perspective, the average salary for the post is ₹1,020,072 in India. All that you need is project management skills, and that can be quickly learned with Six sigma. 

Growth After Six Sigma Certification

  • The salary for Six sigma certified Quality Manager ranges 540,250 – 1,694,160.
  • The salary for the Six Sigma certified process improvement manager is in the range of 465,398 – 1,634,957.
  • Six sigma certified operations manager – salary range is 528,738 – 1,992,000
  • Six sigma certified quality assurance manager – The salary range is 489,357 – 2,246,889.

 Companies Instigate Six Sigma Certification

  • Several Indian and International companies instigate six sigma principles in its operation.
  • Most of the Indian services of Multinational companies like GE, Motorola, Allied, Conseco, etc. have Six Sigma built into their systems.
  • The most significant program undertaken by an Indian company is by Wipro. 

After Six Sigma Certification

  • On completion of the certification courses, one becomes an expert in managing the manufacturing processes; one will be able to inspect the procedures in detail to achieve a certain level of sustainability.
  • Training in Six Sigma allows one to work on multivariate tools, an understanding of the standard industry practices to maintain remarkable product and service quality. 

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Benefits of Six Sigma Certification

  • A six sigma certification and a lean six sigma certification are beneficial both from the employee and the employer’s point of view.
  • Six Sigma Certification is one such approach that is used and employed by multitudes of companies across India and over the world.
  • Companies like American Express, Boeing, Amazon, and Bank of America have all used Six Sigma to improve processes and business operations.

Levels of Certifications 

  • Depending upon your experience and the level of Six Sigma Certification, which you have to your name (Yellow, Green and Black Belt), you can get top positions in renowned firms for operations, manufacturing, information technology, quality assurance, and more. The pay is also lucrative.

People with Yellow, Green and Six Sigma Black Belt Certification are eligible for the following positions at top companies: Six Sigma consultants, production managers, quality analysts, business analysts, manufacturing engineers, process development engineers, project managers, warehouse operations managers, information technology project managers, data scientists, industrial engineers, process improvement directors, and more.

For obtaining a certification, The Six Sigma Certification Cost is worth it. From an individual perspective, training in six sigma can be extremely crucial in the development of your open, adaptive, and logical thought process. Speaking in technical terms, it helps in precise identification of original causes that lead to focused betterment, thus resulting in improved business processes and performance. 

When selecting an institution from where to obtain Six Sigma training and Certification, one needs to consider one’s decision based on various parameters, some of which include :  

  •  The course content
  • The Institute’s recognition
  • The validity of the Certification
  • Brand name of the Institute
  • Duration of the course
  • Six Sigma Certification Cost

About GreyCampus:

  • GreyCampus Six Sigma is one of the leading learning communities in the field of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Certification. It provides several varied courses with immersive training facilities.
  • On the passing of an examination, the trainees are awarded the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (AISSCE). Having the AISSC credential added to one’s name means that one gains an added preference over one’s peers in any business or workplace area.
  • Various GreyCampus Six Sigma Reviews state that Greycampus Six Sigma has trained almost 150,000 plus students across 50 countries with an extensive forum consisting of more than 500 expert instructors.

About Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin is among the leading career and competency development organizations. Its primary focus lies on value creation, training, assessment centers, skill development, higher education, and content services.
  • Apart from providing training in Lean Six Sigma Certification, its other popular courses include content writing and GST practicing.
  • Henry Harvin Six Sigma methodologies affect different aspects of business, such as enhancement in the quality of goods and services and efficient working of the employees.
  • Investing in Henry Harvin, the Six Sigma Certification Cost is overtly beneficial. Henry Harvin Six Sigma practice enables its participants to become competent.
  • Henry Harvin’s learning solutions are based on Competency Research that is conducted by gathering many inputs and millions of data points from across industries, functions, and domains.
  • It has links with the best in manufacturing to ensure high-quality subject delivery.

The courses offered by both the institutes vest an individual with several efficient abilities. Both Greycampus Six Sigma and Henry Harvin are reputed institutions that provide training programs and are known for their practice of giving the Best Six Sigma Certification. 

Below is a detailed factor-by-factor comparison of the two institutes created by combining various user Greycampus Six Sigma reviews and Henry Harvin reviews, as well as their success, accomplishment, and features.


Henry Harvin

  • The Certification for Green Belt Six Sigma training stands at ₹17,500. The course is for 4-days/32-hours.
  • The Six Sigma Certification Cost for Black Belt training course at Henry Harvin is ₹25,000. The examination fee is included within the course fee.

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  • Greycampus Six Sigma charges around ₹15,000 to ₹18,900 for six sigma green belt certification courses, depending upon the format of training chosen.
  • The cost for six sigma black belt training ranges from ₹12,000 to ₹25,000.
  • Lean six sigma green belt training cost stands at ₹18,900 for online self-learning and ₹10,000 for live online training options; the lectures’ duration is 18 hours.
  • The Green Belt Examination voucher cost is USD 295.


Conclusion: Henry Harvin charges less of a course fee, and the course duration is shorter as well than Greycampus Six Sigma. Unlike Henry Harvin, Greycampus Six sigma charges the examination fee separately. Henry Harvin is a more economical and user-friendly alternative to Greycampus Six Sigma.



Henry Harvin   


  • As per GreyCampus website, the training courses provided by them include Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green, and Black Belt Certification.
  • In addition to that, they also offer training in Lean Six Sigma Green & Black Belt Combo Training courses and Six Sigma Green & Black Belt Combo training courses.

Conclusion: Greycampus Six Sigma undoubtedly has more course options than Henry Harvin does.


Henry Harvin

  • The trainers and coaches are part of the renowned Business and management industries.
  • The coaches are experts in the fields of Lean and Six Sigma. The training methodology also helps the trainees in the practical application of the six sigma tools and strategies in their post-training work area.


The Greycampus Six Sigma learning circuit houses nearly 500 trained experts. As far as GreyCampus go, the instructors are said to be experienced and skilled in practical training rather than theoretical training only. It has a co-operative collection of faculties & crew members.

Conclusion- The training at Henry Harvin is more wholesome, and practical than that at Greycampus six sigma. Such a level of professional coaching enables the trainees to gain valuable experience and demonstrate success. It provides the trainee with the Best Six Sigma Certification. 

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Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma Black Belt Certification course is a 7-days/28-hours Live Virtual Classroom Training Session. Domain experts characterize the course into eight focused modules.
  • The significant aim of the course is to impart knowledge of various techniques and tools in statistical & non-statistical terms to make decisions based on data and facts.
  • The six-sigma black belt training provided at Henry Harvin enables the trainee to have a smooth understanding of the aspects related to defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling the operations by six sigma principles.



  • The Black Belt training course at GreyCampus enables individuals to implement, perform, interpret, and put Lean Six Sigma strategies into use in a very proficient manner.
  • The course trains the students by preparing them for the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification examination as well as the Greycampus certification exam.
  • This course’s content is aligned to the universally accepted IASSC Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge for Black Belts.
  • The training route follows the DMAIC methodology and is characterized by case studies and practical examples.
  • The session ends with the individual acquiring the International Association for Six Sigma Certification – Certified Black Belt (IASSC-CBB) qualification.
  • The training encompasses three simulated examinations and takes place over 3-4 days of instructor-led training. Options for both Online self-learning and live online training is available.
  • The skills which individual gains include Lean concepts, and concepts of Design, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control.
  • According to various Greycampus Six Sigma Reviews, the Black belt certification course taught here is sufficiently competent.
  • The course is maily very suitable targeted at people working in the Quality Management domain. Ex- Quality System Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Analysts, Auditors, etc.

Conclusion-  Henry Harvin provides the Best Six Sigma Certification, as far as this particular course is concerned. The Black Belt Certification training at Henry Harvin is better than that offered at Greycampus Six Sigma. The trainees at Henry Harvin gain a basic knowledge of lean enterprise concepts and are also equipped with practical experience with regards to their application.

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  • Prerequisite for enrolling in the lean six sigma Green Belt Certification course includes three years of full-time paid work experience The skills which the trainee gains knowledge in Problem-solving Basic statistics & Six Sigma tools, process mapping and measurement, variance analysis.
  • It is characterized by one/four simulative exams and happens over 2-3 days of instructor-led training.
  • The participant gains 30-day access to an instructor (via email) for doubt clearing and issue resolution.
  • Greycampus Six Sigma Reviews confirm the participant also gets 35 PM PDUs as well as 1-year access to the audio-video lectures, practice questions, simulated tests, and more.

Henry Harvin

  • The Green Belt Six Sigma course offered by Henry Harvin is unique. The Six Sigma Certification Cost stands at ₹17,500. The course is for 4-days/32-hours.
  • The course provides beneficial post-training features: The participant is given 12-months/24-hours Post Certification Project Experience Expert Sessions; the participant can add to his profile and resume a globally recognized hallmark credential of ‘Certified Six Sigma Executive’ (CSSE), which would further help the participant in his/her workplace.
  • The program plans at improving the efficiency of an individual in contributing to organizational success through a correct understanding of issues, and rectification of unwanted elements within a process.
  • Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma Green Belt training is ranked among the top 3 in the world, due to several compelling reasons. Post-training, the participants can engage in free doubt resolving and revision sessions. The course ensures exclusive job support.
  • Classroom certification courses are carried out on Sundays as well as on convenient location and timing.

Conclusion-  The six sigma green belt certification at Henry Harvin is a better option. Not only is the course characterized by better training and post-training facilities, but (as stated earlier) it is also more budget-friendly and compact.

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Henry Henry

  •  It offers both classroom training and online training. The classroom training takes place on Sundays as well, meeting appropriate time and location requirements.
  • The programs aim at improving the competency of an individual in contributing to organizational success through a correct understanding of issues, and rectification of unwanted elements within a process.


  • Greycampus offers two main formats of training – extensive instructor-led classroom training and Online self-learning programs. Provision for Live Online Training is also available.
  • It accounts for Six Sigma Certification Online.

  • Conclusion- As far as training formats go, both the institutions provide equal quality.



Henry Harvin

  • The courses provide beneficial post-training features: The participant is given 12-months/24-hours Post Certification Project Experience Expert Sessions.
  • The participant can add to his profile and resume a globally recognized hallmark credential of ‘Certified Six Sigma Executive’ (CSSE), which would further help the participant in his/her workplace.
  • These after training facilities are available for both the Green and the Blackbelt courses.  Post-training, the participants can engage in free doubt resolving and revision sessions.


  • Nearly 46% of the learners receive funding from their employers to take up the training programs and improve their skills. Greycampus does not provide any post-training faculties as such.

Conclusion- Henry Harvin has the edge over Greycampus Six Sigma as far as Post-Training facilities are concerned. 

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Henry Harvin

  • The trainee gets the advantage of earning experience in 1 full project during classroom training and that of 12 projects over one year.
  • Henry Harvin provides essential access to LMS courseware, data, books, and articles for free. Data analytic tools help the participants to analyze the effects of the projects.
  • The participants learn about the theory of inventive problem-solving insights for accelerated thinking to generate sustainable win-win solutions for the organization.
  • The experience of 12 industry-related projects is an added advantage.


  • Trainees at GreyCampus Six Sigma are entitled to one full year of e-Learning access. In case of any unavoidable glitch, GreyCampus Six Sigma provides a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • As far as lean six sigma green belt and black belt certification is concerned, the trainees get six months’ access to all Live Online training program batches.
  • PDUs are Professional Development Units, necessary for maintaining the Project Management Institute (PMI)-certified credentials.
  • GreyCampus Six Sigma, based on particular courses, offers PMI PDus to its trainees: for instance, the Black Belt course trainee gets 45 PMI Plus, and the green belt certification trainee is provided with 35 PMI PDUs.
  • Several GreyCampus Six Sigma Reviews state that the facilities provided by the Institute to its participants are top-class. The Certification provided is ASQ and IASSC approved. Apart from online training, group training is also available.

Conclusion- Even though the facilities provided by both the institutes are very competent, Henry Harvin excels over Greycampus Six Sigma.



Henry Harvin

  • The prerequisite for getting into this course is that one needs to be involved in analyzing and solving quality issues; one should have worked with Six Sigma, Lean project management, or any other quality-related project.
  • The trainees are given a clear understanding of the implementation of the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) methodology; it provides the participant an overview of Six Sigma and organizational objectives.
  • The training programs at Henry Harvin’s makes the participant efficient in project management practices related to the right project selection, resource management, change management, finance management, and many other factors.
  • Moreover, the participant also gains knowledge in the measurement of current performance to rectify issues and help, improve, and implement solutions in problems with industry-level case studies.
  • It vests its participants with new methods and processes conducting business, which enhances the business’ functionality and also reduces the defects from the process.
  • Henry Harvin Six Sigma Certification helps in shaping the ability to solve data-driven problems; it is the contender of Best Six Sigma Certification programs.

This leads to enhancing the performance of the candidate and increasing revenue. The primary motif of the Six Sigma certification training program of Henry Harvin is to provide official validation to the individuals who possess the skills to identify errors or defects in a business process and eliminate them. 


  • Greycampus provides ample opportunities to the trainees. For each of the courses available, it accounts for an additional one-day live exam solving session, where instructors explain simulated full-length  Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certification exams, as a demonstration for the trainees.
  • All the courses are aligned according to the IASSC body of knowledge. Examination for re-certification can also be taken, as per Greycampus Six Sigma Reviews. The unique feature of one-day hands-on instructor-led training is available.
  • This training focuses on the final preparation for the Lean Six Sigma Examinations.
  • The training includes – Solving of a Mock exam, Exam Question analysis, and Doubt clearing. High-quality instructors, simulated exams, structured learning resources, quizzes, mobile apps, mentoring come together to provide dedicated support over a robust platform.
  • Furthermore, the participant gets the benefit of 30-day access to an instructor for doubt solving and access to various live online batches upon live-online registrations.                 

Conclusion- Henry Harvin, as a whole, is vested by far more advanced features than Greycampus Six Sigma is. The training at Henry Harvin enables one to make use of resources beneficially and efficiently. As a result, the operations’ cost, materials, and time of the organization being worked for will be condensed – this makes the organization lay responsibility and trust upon the individual.

The participant becomes proficient in identifying defects and removing them from the process of products to improve the quality of that particular process. 


Henry Harvin

  • It has its centers in the above mentioned similar locations. Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma certification in Bangalore stands among the best training locations in India.


  • It has its units all over the world. In India, the centers are located in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Pune. Apart from the Indian subcontinent, it spreads wide and far over New Zealand, Australia, China, Bahrain, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Kuwait, Malaysia, among others.

Conclusion- Both Greycampus Six Sigma and Henry Harvin have centers all over the country and abroad as well.



Henry Harvin

  • Some of the leading companies which hire from among the Henry Harvin trainees include Airtel, HP, Maruti Suzuki, FedEx, Lufthansa, and Philips among the very best.


  • Cisco, Amazon, UBC, The Warner Cable, among others.

Conclusion- Both the institutes have equally remarkable ties with the best companies.


Henry Harvin certainly is better than Greycampus Six Sigma, which is very evident from the above-detailed comparison. It is the Best Six Sigma Certification provider. The employee who is trained in Henry Harvin Six Sigma practices displays a higher competence and efficiency, reduced overhead, and higher profit in his/her post-training business proceedings. Once the Henry Harvin Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt is obtained, a person is both educated in Henry Harvin Six Sigma methodologies and equipped to become a change agent within their organization. This shall eventually open doors to promotion in an upper organization and, as one might expect, increases the scenarios of obtaining a job with a different employer. Six Sigma professionals stand an excellent chance of rising to senior managerial positions since financial management and risk assessment are excellently developed skills for middle and top-level management, certified. The certifications also help in becoming a specialist in process improvement and will enhance the career’s standard and credibility. While both of the institutes are among the best in the Six Sigma training, Henry Harvin has the edge over Greycampus Six Sigma in terms of experience, faculty, and training facilities. The Certification provided by Henry Harvin, by all means, is the Best Six Sigma Certification. 

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