Harsha Lavin


  About ACCA Course  ACCA is Associated Chartered Certified Accountants. It was formed in the year 1904. ACCA course in India provide Chartered Certified Course Certificate. It is an accounting qualification which is globally recognised, it administers a formidable base to professionals and students in terms of Accounting,…

What is IoT? IoT, complete form being the Internet of Things, defines the group of physical objects with software, sensors, processing ability and several other technologies.This helps establish a connection and transfer data with other devices over the internet. The scope of learning IoT in 2022 is immense.…

What is Python? Python is a primary programming language. It’s not specific, as in, it’s a language that has got varied uses and programs useful in several different ways, such as Website development, Software development, and Analysis of data, which a few to be named. When we come…

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