What is content writing?

Content writing is one of the most promising jobs, if done with complete dedication and faith, there is a good scope of earning well in this job. Good content can yield a good salary as well. If one can write well then definitely they can earn well as well. A Content writer’s salary depends on how well the content is and will differ as per the experience and the content writing they present.

Content as per the dictionary means “ something that is contained”. It is a write-up that provides knowledge, information, and entertainment to the people reading the content.

The content written is followed up by editing and proofreading. After a thorough study of the content written by a content writer, their task is to publish the content digitally. 

This content can include anything from articles, blogs, podcasts, press releases, whitepapers, and much more.

A content writer’s salary in India varies as per the type of content written by them. As the famous saying goes by, 

 “ Content builds relationships.

” Content builds Relationships.Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue” Andrew Davis.

Andrew Davis’s quote on content writing. After all, good relationships yield good content writer salary.

There are several courses held these days by well-known institutes, both online and offline which help one to polish their skills further and learn new skills in the content writing field. By doing courses we can become good at writing which will lead us to become professional content writers. All of this further leads to yield a good content writer salary. 

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Several cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc.conducts online courses for content writing.

Certain skills required to be a content writer are as follows:

1. Adaptability 

It is important to be adaptable to every topic assigned since stagnation hasn’t got any scope for improvement further. A flexible and adaptable tone and style can lead us to constant growth which can yield a handsome content writer’s salary

2. Research

very assignment or topic one writes is different and unique. Since there are varied topics on which one can write, there needs to be a lot of research and browsing required before one begins to write on it. An apt or to the point research can help us to write appropriate content, which can guide the audience in the correct direction helping them in what they look for.

3. Originality

A good content is reliable and original. After thorough research, the job of the content writer to present informative and original content. Here is when a content writer has to strike a balance between being creative, original as well as informative content.

4. Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

As a content creator, it is vital to understand the working process of SEO. This is when we can easily access the content while browsing the internet. That’s how the SEO gets used to the methods, leading to a high ranking in search engines.

Content writing skills to earn a good content writing salary.

5. Time Management

As the saying goes by

“Time and tide wait for none”

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It is very essential to manage time in any sort of work front we are into. One should have the ability to submit any work they commit to. As a content writer, it’s very important to balance researching, writing, and editing, so that it’s quick and easy to manage time and submit the assignments before deadlines.

6. Communication

Communication skills is an apt way to convey the message, in any form, clearly to the audience. Be it an article, a blog, technical writing, and anything else; communication is the key to connecting with the audience. 

7. Editing

Good content depends on a good write-up. A content once written, has to checked and read thoroughly to avoid any grammatical errors, errors in writing skills, repetition of words, unnecessary use of words, or extra and unimportant sentences or words. A written content is followed up with a good edit, thereby improving the quality of the content.

8.A good idea about Social media

Every organisation these days has a well-made and constructed social media account along with their websites too. But social media accounts held by such organisations help us in understanding more about the company. This, in turn, helps in gathering all possible information and content for write-ups. It is essential to be well versed with the organisation’s content on social media


It is essential to have basic technical know-how in the case of content writers like computer knowledge, tools such as working on WordPress, canva, using tools such as SEO, and much more. All of this can help us to improve our work methodologies and enhance our content.

Working on these skills can enhance one’s content writing skills as well as it can be a raise in the content writer’s salary. 

Tips to work on improving writing skills which are as follows:

1. Read read and read

It is very important to develop a reading habit. Reading a few pages of any book, or newspaper, or even if it’s a children’s storybook, reading works wonders. It helps in improving our creative side and helps in the thinking process as well. Reading on regular basis also increases vocabulary skills as well as improves the pace and speed of writing too.

2. Write as soon as you get a thought

Writing down the thoughts can be of great help. Writing on any topic which we have on our mind, thereby improving communication skills and enhance our creativity as well. It guides us by improving our vocabulary also polishing our sentence construction as well. Writing on daily basis enhances the rephrasing of sentences and words.

3. Attending a course for Content Writing

Anyone can attend this course, be a graduate or not. A content writer covers several genres to explore and choose from. They write blogs, articles, sales copy, video and podcast scripts, ebooks, white papers, press releases, social media posts, and much more. Since there are lot of options on their plate, it can lead them to be successful content writer with a well-paid content writer salary. There are many roles for a good content writer salary as per the type of content writing one chooses.

Types of content writers and their content writer salary:

1. SEO Content writer

Any content when optimised in a way where it ranks high in search engines is SEO. Anyone capable of doing so is termed an SEO writer. 

A well versed person while using SEO will focus into the inclusion of proper keywords and phrases in their write-ups. An SEO writer aims to arrange the article or blog in such a way, that it appears on the first page of the search results on Google. This is when the site appears on the first page of search results and gets a good amount of audience viewing it.

There are different categories of SEO writers, which are as follows:

  • SEO director
  • Head of Search Engine Evaluator
  • SEO Technical Specialist
Salary of SEO content writer:

An SEO content writer’s salary varies as per their experience and the place of work. It can vary anywhere between 10000 to 60000 INR per month in India.

content writer salary
Content writer salary in india depends on well written SEO content.

 What is expected from the job?

  • Good writing skills.
  • Optimisation with the help of keywords and keyphrases.
  • The posts should be accurate and to point. Avoid any grammatical errors, or spelling mistakes, and also avoid using too much jargon. The post should be easy to understand by anyone who reads it.
  • Good knowledge about the navigational, commercial, informational, and transactional types of search content. 
  • Every post should have a different tone and way of writing. A unique post attracts more readers.

2. Blogger

Blogging can be anything under the sun, starting from a personal blog, travel or food blog, business and projects related blogs, and much more. Blogging is mostly connected to the posts which are more diary-like in terms of writing. It builds a good rapport with the clients. By looking at our blogs, the clients can come across one writing style, and based on that we can get our projects.

There are different types of bloggers which can be like: 

  • Travel blogger
  • Fashion blogger
  • Lifestyle blogger
  • Professional food blogger
  • Corporate blogger
Salary of a Blogger

The pay scale of a blogger can vary anywhere between 2.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum. As usual, the content writer’s salary as a blogger depends on the type of job and the experience one has got in this field.

What is expected from the job? 

  • Upscaling the site traffic by SEO-rich content with required keywords and keyphrases.
  • Creation of posts by pitching in ideas.
  • Undergoing the steps like writing up, editing, publishing, and advertisement of particular content.
  • Creation of content that is sponsored, which can be anything from content for products, courses, ads, travel, lifestyle, and much more. 
  • Targeting towards engaging content write-up to keep the audience glued. 

3. Copywriter

A copywriter creates precise and new content. The creation of clear and concise content for advertisements, websites, and marketing tools for the audience linked to any industry on an online platform are a copywriter’s job.

Copywriters can be hired by both small-scale and large-scale businesses without any prior education. The content writer salary for copywriters is pretty good compared to the other types of content writers.

Salary of a Copywriter

The pay scale of a copywriter ranges from 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum. Again, the salary varies as per the experience. 

Job expectations:

  • Promotion of the brand guidelines along with the implementation.
  • It is important to maintain the consistency of the brand by balancing the communication of the organisation.
  • Writing copy for print, social, video, and online.
  • It is important to write original content followed by apt editing and proofreading,which in turn ensures that the quality of content is well maintained.

4. Social media content writer

A social media content writer works on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more to be mentioned. Social media is a good way to promote businesses online, as well as a convenient way of advertising it as well. Those with good skills in social media can fulfill the job requirements with a lot of ease. With the proper execution of businesses on such platforms, a considerable growth and an increase in clientele and investments can be expected.

Social media platforms don’t need a formal way of communication about the business but the tone should be conversational and easy for the audience to understand. 

Salary of social media content writer

The salaries can vary anywhere between 2.2lakhs to 11 lakhs per annum, largely depending on their skills and experience.

What should one expect from the job?

  • An interaction about social media sites is required so that the job assigned is fulfilled.
  • Understanding the usage of SEO, keywords, and key phrases to make any content error free.
  • There must be interaction, discussion, and engagement following a good content write-up.
  • Unique content build up for attracting the audience.
  • Using apt tools to manage and observe social activity for further improvements.

5. Technical Writer

A technical writer is one of the well-paid ones in the content writing job. Its their job to convey technical information to the audience in a simplified manner so that its easily understood.

It’s a technical writer’s job is to convert any information into an easy-to-understand language.

They can work in the fields of manufacturing,engineering,medicine etc. and can write on several topics such as use manuals, FAQs, guides, white papers, journals and more.

Salary of a technical writer

A technical  content writer salary starts from 2.5 lakhs to 14 lakhs per annum as per the expertise level. 

Job expectations

  • Translation of complicated information into simple language so that its easily understood by the audience.
  • Communicating with the product designers in order to gain some knowledge about the product and services.
  • Evaluation of the content to gather unique idea for further enhancement of the content.
  • Generating quality testimonials so as to meet the standards of the company. 

6. Email marketing writer

An email marketing writers job is communication with an organisation by creating the email lists, creating emails, managing leads through e-communication.

The job titles hence are Email Marketing Manager, Digital Content Writer and Lead Email Content Marketer.


The content writer salary varies anywhere between 2 lakhs to 9 lakhs per annum based on the experience one possess.

Job expectations

  • Working on optimisation of email designs , hence making it user friendly. 
  • Addressing vital information through emails to the organisation.
  • Creating email marketing campaigns and analysing it. Following it up further vias emails and securing the email database for future references.

7. Creative writer

It is a completely different style of writing compared to any other form of content writing. Creative writing includes story writing, script writing, drabble, poems, prose, poetry,etc. which can be in a form of book or articles and blogs. This type of writing has got a complete involvement of emotions which leads to visualisation in the mind of the readers. Creative writers have the ability to create an impactful write up hence capturing minds of readers who go through their write-ups. 


A creative content writer salary can vary anywhere between 3 lakhs to 14 lakhs per annum on an average, with the latter one being as per the highest experience level.

Job requirements

  • Creating their own content which has a gripping plot, be it a story or any other form of creative writing.
  • Thinking skills.
  • Reading on daily basis to polish the writing skills and imagination skills in order to write captivating content. 
  • Writing content for magazines, blogs newsletters etc.
  • Writing down content for tv shows, movies, plays etc.
  • Creating storys’ both fiction and nonfiction, novels, biographies, essays and much more.

The above mentioned are few types of jobs which a content writer can do as per their interest and expertise, which can yield a good content writer salary.

A content writer has got a lot of scopes to earn a decent 6 digit salary based on their experience. Moreover, with the increase in the work experience, there are always chance of the salaries to go up on a higher side in the pay scale. One of the easily adaptable type of job in such cases is freelancing, since we aren’t tied up to any firm or organisation and do work at our own pace in many cases. A content writers’ job might be a bit tedious but it is definitely rewarding, which also benefits one to be a good at communication skills and be a confident person overall.


Q.1 How soon can the pay scale increase in the content writing job?

This purely depends on the amount of experience one has got in the particular job type, and also on the way one presents their write ups. 

Q.2 Do they really mean it when they say “ every word counts”?

It’s not the literal meaning, which means every word you write is for selling the content we write. Doesn’t mean people will remember every word you’ve written, but if your content is good it will be valuable as well. In the sense, that people remember what one writes, not word to word maybe, but that means the impact one’s content can leave on the audience.

Q.3 Which one is the better form of content writing?

There is nothing called good, better or best. Content writing depends basically on every individuals preferences and experiences.

Q.4 How does freelance writing works about?

Freelancing is one of the most flexible types of writing one can come across. Unlike other types of writers a freelancer can work across different genres of writing as per the assignments received from the clients.

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