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Content writing is valuable for marketing your business and engaging your audience. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 90% of all B2B content marketers rely on effective content writing to cater to the informational needs of their audience and spreading the company’s marketing message.

Anyone who’s responsible for promoting a business would understand the importance of producing fresh content on a regular basis.

“You should have comprehensive knowledge of B2B products and impressive writing skills to curate well-written web-pages, articles, and all sorts of digital content.” 
– Jeffrey Wisenbaugh, Head of Content, Instagram

If you are looking for a few easy tips to write quality content for your business, this article is just for you. Read on:

1. Identify the purpose.

You should first identify the purpose of creating content. Find out a specific business goal that the content will achieve or the problem it will solve. Now, decide the best format that meets your purpose. Lastly, identify the target audience and how the content will benefit them.

2. Write a catchy headline.

Do you know? The average time spent by visitors on reading website content is fifteen seconds – (source: Digital content analytics company Chartbeat)

You have barely a few seconds to capture your readers’ attention and ensure that they continue reading. To achieve desired results, you should create a headline that spurs interest, sparks an emotion or encourages readers to find out more about your topic.

3. Optimize your content.

Good quality content is always easy for visitors to find and read. You need to find relevant topics and write on each topic keeping in mind the keywords that your visitors are likely to use while searching for a service or product. 

“By creating content focused on a particular idea, you not only ensure that your visitors get the required information but also, boost your search rankings for that keyword.”
Amit Singh, SEO Content Writer.

Make sure your content consists of short sentences, short paragraphs, and bulleted lines. You can optimize your digital content using the latest SEO practices and content strategies.

4. Use Call-to-action.

You should provide a simple call-to-action that explains the purpose of your content and provides readers with a context. The viewers should know what to do next after reading your content.

It can be anything as simple as ‘Visit us on Henry Harvin’ or ‘Find our Online Content Writing Course’ that provokes an immediate response from viewers. A well-placed call-to-action engages viewers with your business and helps to build trust.

5. Give voice to your words. 

There is no dearth of content on the internet but, only some websites manage to attract viewers and turn them into their loyal customers. The key is to interact with your audience in a real, relatable language. Your words should have a voice that the audience can understand.

“Your content is the voice of your business. It should be unique to the image of your company and align with the tone of your audience, product image, and business goals.” 
– Nidhi Mahajan, Business Analyst, Content Management Company.

6. Be creative.

There is no fixed rule to present your content. As a writer, you have the creative liberty to present your thoughts in diverse ways. Use your writing skills to create blogs, DIY articles, infographics, images, debate topics, news articles that are relevant to your business.

7. Edit your content.

“Editing irons out the kinks in your work and improves the quality of the writing by manifolds. Even experienced content creators vouch for editing and proofreading your content before considering the job done!” 
– Pranjal Jain, Content Editor.

Even a brilliant writer can make sloppy mistakes that can damage their credibility. Editing your content will help you to eliminate errors and produce well-structured content. You can either read your article out loud or have someone else examine it and give feedback

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The best way to keep your readers interested is to present your content from fresh, exciting perspectives. Use these easy tips for effective content writing and keep creating quality content!
– Kounal Gupta (CEO, Henry Harvin Education)

How content writing is valuable for business?

B2B content marketers rely on effective content writing to cater to the informational needs of their audience and spreading the company’s marketing message. It helps in providing fresh content regularly.

Tips for effective content writing?

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1. Identify the purpose.
2. Write a catchy headline.
3. Optimize your content.
4. Use Call-to-action.
5. Give a voice to your words.
6. Be creative.
7. Edit your content.

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