Hi guys, my name is Isabella Johnson. I am sure you are here looking for feedback on the Henry Harvin TEFL course. Since I always wanted to teach English, I was looking for some options that could help me to make a bright career in this field.

Then I came to know about the TEFL Certification Course that could act like an ace card when I pursue a career in teaching English. So, after going through several options for doing TEFL online, I chose Henry Harvin and decided to start the course.

Though I was a little confused about whether it would be beneficial or not, after completing this course all my fears were wiped away.

The complete course information was given to me by the institute counsellor Lisa. Once I was satisfied with all the details I got started with it. This 120hrs course is broken into different modules and activities which makes learning easier.

Also, the various interactive sessions with different people give a mere new experience of how to deal with students coming from various backgrounds. Since the course curriculum is made so interesting, you cannot find it boring or difficult to get through. 

The entire management and placement team at Henry Harvin is very supportive in all aspects. They provide full assistance for jobs even after the course completion.

I was given complete guidance by my mentor on how to proceed with TEFL as a job option and what are the various new opportunities available in the related field.

At no point in time, I felt that the institute is simply trying to make money by just giving the online classes and it’s done after that. Rather, I found that the institute believes in providing the best placement along with the quality education one could aim for.

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