Hello everyone. My name is Daniel Smith and I just started with my job in a private organization a few months back. As a fresher, as everyone has, I also had a sparkling image of my job in my mind but I couldn’t find myself enjoying doing that work.

Eventually, I figured out that my passion was mentoring and teaching rather than entangling with all these codes and software. I made up my mind to do a TEFL Certification Course that is quite helpful if one wants to pursue a career in teaching English. And I did the same at Henry Harvin Institute of training.

Since I was looking for an option for online classes, I figured out that this institute could match my preferences. Though I haven’t heard about it earlier, I just simply got to know through the internet. But now I feel it was a risk worth taking.

As I raised some queries about the course, one of their counselors contacted me via message. Having cleared up all my doubts I got myself enrolled and started with the online learning classes.

This 120 hours course helped me figure out a lot of things. I had a wonderful experience throughout. The best part doing it from my place in my comfort zone. The trainer Mr. Charles is a very kind and humble person to go ahead with.

He is a very experienced mentor and guide. I could have all my issues resolved and also be guided on how to proceed and what to do next. He supported me well for placements and job opportunities.

After completing this course I realized I have multiple options to walk ahead on the path full of my passion and my interest. This is what I was really looking for. With a rating of 4.7/5, I can say this institute will not let you down.

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