I stay in Pune and last year I completed my first year at college. Due to the COVID-19 situation, there was a lot of uncertainty regarding when we would get our results and what would be the future course of action. I wanted to do something worthwhile with my time. My senior guided me to pick an online course that would help me in my future career. We unanimously decided that the Tableau training course from Henry Harvin would be appropriate for the time being.

         I have been passionate about Data Science since my childhood. This course was adding spices to my passion and pushing me to follow my dreams. The live interactive sessions were fun and informative. The instructor taught us all the difficult concepts with patience and ease. I learnt about the latest software and tools and how to implement them in real life projects. The course guides you to reach industry level project challenges and become a professional. In the end, a globally acclaimed certificate will be awarded which is a valuable addition to my resume.

          I would definitely recommend this course to my peers. All my friends were really impressed by my progress. It helped me upgrade my skills and now I feel confident and professional about project management. Also the certificate was an additional perk and a star to my resume. This course was just the correct push to my career and now it will definitely  head in the correct direction. Thanks to Henry Harvin once again for helping me reach this level!

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