It was always my dream to be a part of the Business Intelligence team at a company. To fulfil my dream I had pursued the commerce stream in my 12th grade and had opted for Business Intelligence as my subject for higher studies. To meet up with the latest industrial developments, I went online and searched for online courses that will guide me. Henry Harvin presented the Tableau Training course which had all the software tools required to succeed.

          The Tableau Training course from Henry Harvin is super relevant with industry ideas. It met all my objectives and had various forms of learning techniques. The tutor was knowledgeable and never hesitated to explain twice. The exposure to real life projects was very beneficial. My data skills have been upgraded by mastering the Tableau Desktop. Every hour taught me new concepts and uplifted my confidence level step by step. The learning process became more interesting with the practical demonstrations and all the assignments that we had to work out ourselves. The instructor was an expert in his field and unveiled various tricks and techniques, which were supposed to help us in the industrial arena. The way the course is designed, processes to be followed to complete the course and everything makes sense. 

            At the end of the course, the candidates are awarded with a certificate. This certificate is globally recognized and helps project managers stand out from the crowd. If I, being such an inexperienced and shaky student, can take the course and excel in it, I am sure anyone can rock this course. Thank you Henry Harvin!

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