It has been almost a year since we students are at home, having no productive work at hand. It was a blessing when my elder brother suggested that I take online courses as part of my extracurricular learning. I was interested in taking a career option related to finance or banking. So I decided to enrol myself in the Financial Statement Analysis course from Henry Harvin. The institute was stated to be ranked in the top and was offering even internships to gather experience.

Our instructor made it a point to make us all feel welcome and created a very amicable environment for us all. The initial few classes were about basic common topics and then we were allotted our specialization tutorials. The resources were helpful and provided a lot of ideas to progress. I could feel myself being accommodated to the intelligence field, which made me confident and ready for further challenges. The 16 hour interactive course was a preparatory program for all participants to get ready for the future challenges. We got to work on cash flow statements, income statements, balance sheets and other financial projects.

           It was an amazing experience to be able to earn under the guidance of experts from around the world. I am looking forward to attending more such online courses from Henry Harvin to make my career prospects stronger. I would like to thank the institute for designing a wonderful course and enlightening young minds. Thank you!