My life had seen a drastic change in a few years. I was doing well in the fashion industry and enjoying life. After a few years, I realized that I was interested in something else. After all, it is not always about money. It is also about passion. I read books; in fact, you can call me a bookworm. I liked the way words and sentences were framed. I wanted to do something like that. It wasn’t as easy as it seemed. As I was changing my profession, I had to do more introspection before I could get where I want to be. I had to start from scratch. I researched and found out about the Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course. Many had written testimonials that were impressive. I thought I should not ignore.

What interested me more about the course?

When I was going through their website, there were many things that caught my attention. Something that compelled me to get admission instantly is the following-

CCWS Certification: This certification is a prestigious one that gives more weight to your resume.

Creativity: I wanted to get into creative writing; therefore instilling creativity was a must. Therefore, this section definitely caught my attention.

South Asia’s Best: It is one of the best of South Asia providing excellent creative writing training.

Moreover, the objectives of the training and how they had been carried out throughout the training are mention-worthy. I got support not just from my trainers but from everyone in Henry Harvin. That’s the kind of bond they build with everyone associated with the institution. You never get left out. 

Being a mix of online and classroom training, things got better with learning. The process becomes easier, in short. I learned from the basics and now I am a creative writer in a firm.

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