There is a reason why I am writing this testimonial for Henry Harvin. Well, I owe a lot more than just success to them. My parents wanted me to join Engineering whereas I took up Arts in graduation. I never had an inclination towards Science but due to their constant plead, I did it for two years after my tenth standard. Something that you don’t love can’t be held for long. Exactly that happened to me. I diverted from Science to Arts in my graduation. My parents were annoyed. They didn’t talk to me for a year.

It was a tough time for me. I had to prove my worth. With my graduation, I also took up Henry Harvin’s Creative writing course. It helped me brush up on my writing skills and gain the advanced skills required to be someone successful in the field.

I would toggle between college and my creative writing course. It was a difficult phase. My parents, although started talking to me, didn’t feel I was doing anything worth. It has been two years since my graduation and I am working at a respectful position in a news agency. My parents couldn’t have been happier. They thought Engineering was my career. Now they know, I was meant for something else. Also before I could do a full time job, I had already started with the freelance creative writing work. That’s when my parents had started bestowing their trust on me again.

I couldn’t have been where I am today if I hadn’t trusted Henry Harvin. They are the best in providing creative writing course. You are ready to conquer the world with their training. They hold your hand until you learn how to do it yourself.

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