I have been dreaming of getting a CCWS certification since the day I knew I like creative writing. The reason behind was finding a job that could help me and my family live decently as I am a son of a single mother. I tried joining my uncle’s business after being advised by my relatives. Things didn’t go well because my heart wanted something else. I wanted to be a creative writer and be able to take care of my mother. 

After asking a few of my friends, they told me about Henry Harvin’s CCWS certification course. I was elated to know that there is something that I can do for a reasonable amount and that too in a shorter period. I contacted them and got myself enrolled in no time. 

The first day I joined Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Course and when I see myself today. There is a vast difference. I was a timid boy who had no certainty about career goals but knew that creative writing is the only thing I wanted. Having realized it through one of the esteemed institutions added colors to my life. 

After the completion, I didn’t have to wait long before I could find the best match for a job. I tried and applied in most of the organizations. I chose the one that best suited my needs and aspirations. The path was not easy for sure. If you have the determination to crack something, you can do it with the right help. For me, the right help was Henry Harvin’s fantastic team that showed untiring efforts. My mother is no more sad that she is a single mother but happy for who I am today. 

Henry Harvin helped me in fulfilling my dream. Not to forget the CCWS certificate!

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