I was doing nothing last fall. Hence I decided to utilize my free time.  I checked online and found the Henry Harvin Learning Center. I remembered that one of my classmates once mentioned them. I checked with him. He really encouraged me. He recommended I should take a course from Henry Harvin Institute. I checked all the courses. There were many good courses. I thought to start with the machine learning course with R. I knew it would help me in the 8th semester of engineering college. I am a computer science student. 

I started out with wonderful training sessions. The trainer provided by the center was well experienced and knowledgeable. I really liked their idea of teaching. My trainer made sure to include fun with all the information and knowledge. I have developed many new skills. I have enough knowledge to apply for my final semester. I have got a good hold on R, and on machine learning as well. I received 50 hours of e-learning access. The program has provided me with insight into customer behavior across different channels through segmentation and accurate lifetime prediction. 

It has helped me to learn actionable better data-driven decisions to increase market share. I even have the knowledge to detect financial spams, make medical predictions, improve precise financial decisions, have accurate sales forecasts, and many more related topics. I really had a bliss taking the program and I have recommended all my friends to take it too. I highly recommend it to all other students out there who need to work on machine learning.