Are any of you teenagers out there worried about what career you’ll choose? Or are you confused about what you’ll excel at best? Well, worry no more! Summer break is in full swing now, so make the best of your time and attend summer school.

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Summer Schools in India are extremely helpful for those of you who may be looking to learn a new skill. Or even for those of you who want to find your hidden talent.

But why should we attend summer school?

Summer school has many benefits – from making new friends, to spending your time productively, from adventure sports to engaging workshops.

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In short, summer schools are beneficial for everyone. Summer schools can often help you find your calling. In addition, some have special programmes dedicated to guiding students on their career paths.

Here’s a compilation of the top 10 summer schools in India:

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy


If you are looking for getting a sneak peek into the real corporate world and are interested in making the best use of your time by learning some useful skills , then Henry

Harvin’s TEEN Academy is just the right place to be.

Here is what you get

This would act as a bridge between your academic learning and prospective career aspirations. Keeping in view the teenagers’ inclination towards gaming, the subject experts have gamified the curriculum to maximise the learning outcome.

Courses Offered

A. Teen MBA Course

It is one of the hottest summer programs for high school students in 2021. By doing the Teen MBA Course by Henry Harvin course you can get a real insight into the world of technology, team building, leadership and financial planning. This is one course that would help you in developing critical skills required to understand the nuances of any business.

Course structure

Like any MBA, here you get to-

  • Develop basic business skills -CEO
  • Go for your desired specialization. The specializations are CMO ( Marketing), CFO (Finance), CTO( Technology)

Teen MBA Packages-

  • Marketing Specialization(CEO+CMO)
  • Finance Specialization(CEO+CFO)
  • Technology Specialization(CEO+CTO)

Course duration -10 hrs+5 hrs

  • Dual Specialization-CEO+ any two specializations

Course duration-10 hrs+5 hrs+5 hrs

  • All-rounder-CEO+ All 3 specializations

Course duration-10 hrs+5 hrs+5 hrs+5 hrs


Get trained under the mentorship of expert trainers and earn the basic cum specialization certificate which you can flaunt in your Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media platforms.

B. Creative Writing Course

Summer school 2021 would be a good time to let your imagination wander and take you to places you had never been to. Many of you might be great with words and must have tried your hand at writing in school and other platforms. But sometimes you get stuck. How nice it would be for someone to guide you through the world of creative writing, making you aware of the various styles, nuances , tools and techniques. This would not only improve your writing now but also empower you to take up writing as a profession in future.

Henry Harvin’s creative writing course is just the right course for you.

Course Structure

It gives you detailed knowledge about various forms of creative writing like-

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • plays
  • Speeches
  • Memoirs
  • Travelogues
  • Personal essays
  • Scripts

Here is what you get-

  • 24- hours training
  • CCWS Certification
  • Gold Membership for 1 year
  • Monthly brush-up sessions

This course would definitely introduce you to latest tools and techniques and act as a solid foundation for your possible career as a creative writer.

C. Content Writing Course

If you want to develop your capabilities for being a vigorous Content writer, Henry Harvin has proposed the Content Writing Course to Gain all the advanced research skills to write on any topic. Guaranteed internship and certification is provided by Henry Harvin. Why wait? When you have such an amazing opportunity.

D. Medical Writing Course

If you ought to have Certified Medical certification and utilise your Summer, you must certainly go for the Medical Writing Course by Henry Harvin.So as to learn the importance of scientific background along with the steps required to upgrade your writing skills under the specialised industry trainer, you must not miss out this course.

E. Technical Writing Course

If you have a desire to learn all the perks and methodology to become a successful Technical Writer subsequently, the Technical Writing Course by Henry Harvin is something that you should opt for. Just rush to explore your ways to grow your talent.

F. Digital Marketing Course

Dealing with an uninteresting summer? There’s an opportunity knocking at your doorstep, The Digital Marketing Course by Henry Harvin provides the best learning techniques to learn all the marketing tactics to meet business aims. This course is really useful to make your summer fascinating.

Also Check the Review of Henry Harvin Summer Internship Program

2. Amity University Summer School Programme

Amity is one of the most renowned schools in India.

Their summer programme covers a wide range of subjects, from Science (with many more sub-subjects), to Management, and more.

Students from classes X, XI, and XII (including those who have passed out this year) are eligible for the summer school.


Amity University

To read in detail about the courses, visit their website.

3. Summer At Doon School

Summer at Doon School is a leadership programme that helps to build students leadership skills. The course is very versatile, from social service and responsibility to adventure sports and the academic study of leadership.

Students from Grades 9-12 are eligible for the summer school. The course is residential, and is two weeks long.


The Doon School

4. Oxford Courses

Oxford summer school offers a plethora of course for students between the age group of 9-24 years.

Secondly, they cover a number of topics, such as History for 9-12-year-olds, to Business and Entrepreneurship for 16-17-year-olds.

In all, the prestigious school offers over 50 courses for students to learn new skills.


Oxford University

As an added advantage, the school welcomes students from across the globe, and give you an opportunity to make friends and learn about different cultures.

Visit their website for more information.

5. Symbiosis Summer School

The Symbiosis Summer School provides students a wide variety of courses, the most notable amongst them being the Symbiosis Pre University Programme.

Students of Grades X, XI, and XII for guidance on their streams (after XII) are eligible.


One of their previous batches

Students are provided with a college-like experience, career counselling and an intensive workshop, to help the choose a suitable streams.

Apart from the Pre University Course, the school also offers courses on other subjects such as Gaming, Liberal Arts, Architecture and more.

6. Ashoka University

The Young Scholars Programme by the Ashoka University introduces students to Liberal Arts and Science.


Ashoka University

The Young Scholars Programme is for those high school students who may be confused about their field of pursuit later on in life.

Similarly, those who want to learn about Liberal Arts/Science in depth can also apply.

Students from classes X, XI and XII are eligible for summer school in 2021. In addition, those who have graduated from XII this year are also eligible.

7. Young Leaders for Active Citizenship

Young Leaders for Active Citizenship is a programme that aims at increasing the number of younger people who take part in policy-making.

The programmes help students better understand the society they live in. Above all, also teach them how to broaden their perspective and to think critically about politics.

The summer school select students who are critical thinkers.

Subsequently, these students are given an opportunity to resolve long-standing issues such as environment, global health and gender.

8. Young Technology Scholars

The two-week-long Young Technology Scholars summer programme exposes students to real-life problem-solving.

In other words, the course seeks to change the way engineering is taught and applied in India.

Through interactive courses, students will be taught how to use technology to solve difficult problems. Students are taught skills like soldering, coding, 3-D printing and CAD modelling.

9. UWC Mahindra College

The UWC Mahindra College offers students three courses to enrich their cultural knowledge and social awareness.

The first programme offered is the YES (Youth, Environment, Sustainability). The course explores the impact of human activities on the environment and sustainable alternatives.

The second programme is TGIF!(Theater, Gender, Identity, Film) the programme which is a very unique course. It explores our constructs of gender and identity through films and theatre.

Finally, the last programme is the Encounter India programme which is a travel programme and to enable students to become explorers, not just travellers.

During the course, students will attempt to understand India and its complexities through different ( For instance: economic, socio-political) lenses.

10. Jindal Global Summer School

The Jindal Global Summer School (JGSS) offers The Aspire India Scholars Programme, a two-week-long and residential course.

Most importantly, the curriculum of the summer school provides theme-based experiential learning to students of classes IX, X, XI and XII.

There are 8 different courses such as Banking, Liberal Arts, Journalism and more.

Moreover, the course also includes workshops, group discussions, counselling sessions and a variety of cultural activities.


Jindal Global Summer School

In conclusion, summer schools in India are a great opportunity for students to be exposed to other cultures and discover their passion. Spend your summer in a useful yet enjoyable way at a summer school.

Are there any schools you plan to apply to this summer? Comment down below!

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