Still not sure what to do this summer season? I have just the right solution for you- a Summer School. So read on fellow Alabamians because I have lots in store for you!

Why choose a summer school in Alabama?

Summer schools are the best way to deal with the boredom and scorching summer heat. It provides an array of opportunities to learn for those who are focused and would want to use their summer time to the fullest. Moreover, summer schools are a way of improving communication and social skills, much needed virtues in today’s world.

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The state of Alabama has some of the finest universities and schools offering enticing and enriching summer programs for high school students.

Mentioned below are the top ranked summer schools to enroll into in Alabama:

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy


With Henry Harvin’s teen MBA and junior MBA programs give yourself the intellectual edge over others!

Henry Harvin education is an organization that lays out summer school programs for students . Teen MBA is an online business program for teenagers where they acquire skills required to be successful entrepreneurs or even teen CEOs.

In addition to learning about how businesses work, students also get to engage and work with reputed personalities of business world. This is an amazing learning opportunity for students willing to build up on skills needed for business management. With courses in writing, project management etc. at minimal fees, enrolling yourself in Teen MBA program is the best way to spend summers!

Let us know about that in detail-

Teen MBA Course

Teen MBA Course assists you to move forward in your life and grab the best opportunities. This course is in the limelight for teenagers especially, those who are interested in business. Henry Harvin guides you in all possible ways to become proficient and get expertise in the basics of business courses. It aims to mold your knowledge and infuse entrepreneurial skills into your mind.

They put in efforts by giving a plethora of benefits to the candidates. Moreover, you can gain valuable experience in business with the trained professionals. You can learn the secrets of business by knowing more about business planning, team management, and time management.

CMO journey can make you compatible with the present scenario by giving tips and tricks of marketing in addition, applying marketing strategies and logic.You can get expertise in Finance after completing the CFO course. You will be able to learn more financial facts and figures and gain valuable insights.

Henry Harvin gives you e-learning that includes recorded content, games, and case studies. It offers an excellent platform to get experiential learning of business concepts. You can look forward to reaching the milestone of your career and become successful. You can learn different business techniques with the instructors of Henry Harvin.

Apart from this Henry Harvin is also providing the following courses which are ideal to pursue during the summer breaks-

Content Writing Course-

Content Writers can create avid readers by their engaging and informative write-up. Content is the cornerstone of marketing. You can develop content for promotional marketing. Henry Harvin aims to infuse writing skills in your mind. The Content writing Course moulds your writing styles from beginners to experts. It guides and makes you aware of how to pen down and make your writing magnificent.

Technical Writing Course- 

Technical Writing is all about drafting technical documents for technical. It is a succinct investigation of logical or designing outcomes. Moreover, it also alludes to communicating complex information in a simple language. The Technical Writing Course from Henry Harvin enables you to get expertise in the technical world. You can get an in-depth understanding of this course with instructors.

Medical Writing Course-

The Medical Writing Course aims to infuse medical terminologies in your mind. Henry Harvin helps you to enhance your understanding of pharmaceutical regulatory as well as medico-writing. It guides you to explore more and give the latest updates on health. Medical Writing Course upgrades your medical writing skills. Industry-experienced instructors will help you to expedite your knowledge in medical writing.

Digital Marketing Course-

A digital marketing platform is the best platform to explore new-age marketing skills in the digital world. This course transforms you into a paradise digital marketer with proficiency in top domains such as search engine optimization, social media, digital analytics, email marketing, etc. Henry Harvin’s Digital Marketing Course can mould your marketing style from naive to expert.

Henry Harvin also provide these Courses

Junior MBA course

Business Accounting and Taxation course

Data Science Course

Business Analyst course

Also Check the Review of Henry Harvin Summer Internship Program

2. Auburn University

One of the finest learning institutions of the state has a lot to offer in the form of summer programs to both middle school as well as high school students.

From summer programs in architecture, aviation and computer science to art, psychology and musical theatrics, there are numerous options to choose from. Virtual programs have also been made available for international students. Get an enriching experience at the Auburn Summer Youth Programs.

3. University of Alabama

This summer school offers countless courses for students of all ages. It provides an intriguing platform to students keen on improving their CV and college applications.

Many of the courses offered by them focus on building skills like leadership, team work, problem solving etc. Various athletic and community service camps have also been set up for all round development.

One of the most intriguing summer course offered is the SITE program (Student Introduction To Engineering). It is an ideal course for inquisitive minds to channel their curiosity into finding solutions to technical problems and learning about their interest in engineering.

4. Samford university

‘Summers are monotonous’ is a notion that a summer school like Samford university is ready to defy! With numerous extracurricular, academic as well as vocational courses it provides a great exposure to students and trains them for life.

Furthermore it preps high school students for college life advocating how to deal with pressure of assignments, focusing on mental health and time management. These are essential for increasing competency among students while taking care of their mental well being.

5. The Altamont School

With a motto of carving young fragile minds into mature adult mind, Altamont summer school has all that can make summers an unforgettable time for students.

Cutting edge institutional framework, highly reputed expertise from various fields and backdrops of life as well as a distance learning program together make this summer school one the best.

6. Huntingdon College

Huntingdon college values the benefits of early exposure to professional world. They, therefore have extremely instructive summer programs for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Huntingdon Leadership Academy is one of the most sought for summer programs in the state which emphasizes on development of one of the most important skill required for any profession – Leadership.

7. Summer Discovery

Summer discovery is an online portal that offers a large number of summer programs and internships to high school students.

With all of us gradually moving into a virtual world, importance and benefits of online learning has taken a center stage. Keeping this view in mind, this online summer school provides several online courses from some of the top universities and organizations in USA. Further, it provides a great opportunity for people to search through online courses and learn from the comforts of their home!

8. Tuskegee University

From residential programs to virtual summer courses, Tuskegee has it all for you! With over 20 programs to choose from every year, this is the ideal place to spend your summers prepping for college.

For students who are interested in advanced sciences, the university offers a STEM education program too where students get to amalgamate their knowledge in a particular field with practical application of that knowledge.

9. University of South Alabama

Summer youth programs at USA are designed to promote community outreach and stimulated learning. Their summer intern programs also include student research in the field of medicine, which could reap benefits to those seeking a masters degree in medical sciences, microbiology, biological sciences or biomedical engineering.

10. The Capitol School

Most private schools in Alabama work towards entailing cream of students under their mentor ship. Likewise, Summer exploration camps at capitol school offer an insight to students about the working of multinationals, industries, media houses and much more!


Summers are definitely a time to sit back, relax and have fun. However, it is also the precious time that high school students have to figure out their interests, choose a career and start prepping for colleges and universities. The summer schools that I have mentioned above offer some of the most exciting and interesting courses that can keep you busy all summer! Do check out another blog of mine regarding what high school students should do in summers!

As we often sing “Sweet home Alabama where the skies are so blue….”, Alabama is one of the most serene and beautiful states of America and learning here can truly be a magical experience for anyone. In the end, I would like to leave you with a thought,

“An investment in knowledge pays the best results.”

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