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Online SAP ABAP Courses are becoming increasingly valued today. This is because of the increasingly competitive industry with numerous fresh graduates entering the job market every year. It has become imperative that we upskill ourselves to stay relevant and employable. It is hence important to develop our skills further or add new skill sets to our library of existing skills.


Proficiency coding any language, you can enhance your CV. Even if coding is not necessary for your profession, it will make you look impressive to the employer. If you do work in the IT industry, then expertise in multiple coding languages is always to your advantage.

SAP ABAP is one of the least complicated coding languages and most used by business corporations. It is a globally recognized programming language developed by a German company, SAP or Systems Applications and Products. It is an Enterprise Resource Planning Software used in numerous business fields.   

ABAP or Advanced Business Application Programming is a high-level programming language created for building business applications. This simple language was first released in 1992 and its latest version was made available in 2006. It is similar to Java, C, C++ and Python and can be learned easily. Currently, ABAP is the coding language used by large corporations for functions such as customizing their workflow for financial accounting, asset management, material management etc. It has become the language for on-demand and on-premise business applications to develop client servers.  

There are numerous SAP ABAP training online allows a new coder to develop his skills. The pandemic raging around us has forced most education online and an SAP ABAP course can also be found among the numerous websites out there. 

TOP 16 Best SAP ABAP Course Training Online

The wide scope and career opportunities that SAP ABAP provides the career of a programmer is tremendous. I am here to aid you in finding a course that is tailored to you and your budget. Here is a list of top SAP ABAP training online for your consideration. 

1. Kodak Consulting

Kodak Consulting is a Certified Technology Consulting Company with expertise in SAP software solutions & enterprise application services. It operates across geographies, industry verticals, functional domains, and technical landscapes.  

Kodak Consulting has corporate offices in Hyderabad and San Francisco. It specializes in providing enterprise application services focused on-

– SAP Business Suite S/4HANA
– SAP Cloud Platform
– Successfactors
– C/4HANA with Hybris C4C
– BW/4HANA Cloud Analytics
– SAP Multi-Channel Foundation etc

 Kodak Consulting has its presence in SAP S/4HANA Implementations, Support, Conversion & Cloud Based Services.

With “Customer-first approach” Kodak consulting team helps companies buy, build, implement, service, support, and run SAP solutions to fit their unique needs.

The key area of expertise-

Automotive and Auto Components Manufacturing
– Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
– Pharma and Chemical Industries
– Agro Food Products Processing Industries
– Utilities Industry
– Infrastructure and Project-based industries

Check Kodak Consulting Reviews Videos:

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Kodak Consulting Reviews 5:

2 Henry Harvin SAP ABAP Course Online 

henry harvin logoRecognised by the government of India and one of the most popular educational institutes that provide quality courses online and offline, Henry Harvin tops the list. They assign a relationship manager to each student. This relationship manager then becomes their point of contact throughout their time at Henry Harvin.

Any doubt or roadblock the student runs into, they can approach the relationship manager who will solve it for them. 

Their SAP ABAP online course offers an extensive curriculum that is designed in accordance with the industry standards to equip their students for the job. They use live projects as a means of giving their students the full experience of an ongoing project. Their course relies entirely on practical training to benefit the students. The trainers are exceptional in their field, with over 15 years of working experience in the industry. With this practical approach to learning, their students have guaranteed placement. 

The SAP ABAP online course offers complete e-learning access, projects, certification, internship, boot camps, and a one-year membership that allows the student full access to their course content and support. Prospective students can make use of their exclusive e-learning portal LMS to get access to course materials on the go. The full syllabus for the course is available on their website. 

There are no pre-requisites for the SAP ABAP online course, and so anybody who wishes to learn another skill can join the program. Henry Harvin offers two different modes of learning for the same course. One is the self-paced course that allows students to learn at their own pace. Second is the live online class that is monitored by award-winning trainers.

This is the preferred mode because the students get individual attention from the trainers, but even if a class is missed, there are live recordings that can help you through. It also comes with a free 1-year Gold Membership. The fees for both modes vary.

Check Henry Harvin SAP Courses 

SAP FICO Course | SAP MM COURSE SAP HR Course | SAP Hana Course SAP ABAP Course SAP Ariba Training |

Cities in India where Henry Harvin SAP FICO Course is provided:

DelhiHyderabadMumbaiGurgaonPune, IndoreOnlineBangaloreKolkataChennai

3.     GangBoard SAP ABAP Training (GangBoard) 

GangBoard logoGangBoard is a branch of Besant Technologies, a leading Indian IT Company. They are able to equip their students with the latest technological skills as they have a pulse of the industry. As a leading name amongst the IT Training providers in India, GangBoard is known for offering a variety of courses pertaining to the IT industry. Their trainers are certified experts with vast experience and knowledge in the industry. 

With a course duration of 30 hours and 24/7 support for a year, the SAP ABAP online course provided by GangBoard is excellent. This course is targeted for absolute beginners, students who wish to explore different career paths open to them. The course aims to introduce students to the core concepts and principles of ABAP programming and how it functions with SAP applications. Along with a deep knowledge of concepts and principles, the course also offers comprehensive job-oriented training. They offer free trials for prospective students to see if the course matches their expectations.  

GangBoard offers two variations of the SAP ABAP course just like Henry Harvin. First the one-to-one training with a live instructor. And second is Online training in a virtual classroom led by an instructor. Both the courses offer the same flexibility, materials and resources. The difference is that in the one-to-one training, students get complete and focused attention from the instructor. This is convenient and enables the student to work on their respective weak areas. If you have the budget for such training this is certainly beneficial.  

Fees: One-on-One Training Rs.38,000 (with discount) and 

Group Class Rs.25,000 (with discount) 

4.  ACTE SAP ABAP Training Chennai 

ACTE Training Institute logoACTE Training Institute is a Chennai based institution that also provides SAP ABAP course online. They are the authorized partner of many multinationals Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Pearson Vue Exam Centre, PSI Exam Centre, AWS and National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore. 

ACTE Training Institute provides over 40 hours of practical training for the SAP ABAP course. Students will receive lifetime access to the student’s portal, study materials and videos. Their team is available 24/7 to help current and prospective students with any queries or issues they may have. The institute also provides demonstration videos for prospective students to check if the course suits them. 

The classes for the SAP ABAP course are conducted online during weekdays or weekends over a 2-3 month period. The timing is flexible and can be decided on by the students. With certified and experienced trainers to guide the students, the institute guarantees placement for every diligent student.

The students will work on two live projects under the watchful eye of a trainer throughout the course. The institute provides two modes of training for the same course. First is the one-on-one training, with the instructor focused solely on the individual student and second is the group training. The training provided is job oriented, with access to software a server provided at the start of the class. 

Fees: One-on-One Rs.26,000, Group Class Rs.24,000 

5. Kits SAP ABAP Online Training Course (Kits Online Training Institute) 

Kits logoKits Online Training Institute offers an inclusive SAP ABAP course online for absolute beginners just learning to code. The course curriculum is designed by industry professionals to ensure that students gain a solid foundation in the programming language. The certified tutors will share tips and tricks they have gained over the years through experience and knowledge of SAP ABAP.  

Their SAP ABAP online course is flexible and can be planned around your schedule. They provide two months of server access for practice of students. Prospective students can visit their website, and approach them for a demo class to see if the program is suitable. They provide quick and helpful customer service.  

The classes offered are both self-paced as well as live online classes. If you miss a live class, a recording will be available to make up for it. After the completion of every topic, their expert instructor will conduct a live demonstration the students can follow along and clear doubts. The experts will also go through real life project scenarios with the students to give them hands-on experience. The course duration is 40 hours which is completed over 40 days.

            Fees: Rs.20,000   

6. Shape My Skills SAP ABAP Online Course (Shape My Skills) 

Shape My Skills logoThe SAP ABAP online course is offered by Shape my Skills and not meant for absolute beginners. This is an intermediate course that is meant for people with a basic understanding of Java and database technologies such as SQL/PL.  

The SAP ABAP course is a fully hands-on training program that incorporates the theory and concepts into the practical sessions.

Hence the students will gain an excellent understanding of how to solve any obstacles that come their way while coding. The tutors are approachable and friendly enough to clear any doubts the students may have. The tutors are IT Professionals that have the stamp of approval from thousands of students from around India.  If you are in doubt regarding which course is best for you, the counselling experts provided by Shape my Skills will help you choose the perfect course that will help you progress in your chosen career path to your satisfaction. 

The SAP ABAP course is offered by Shape my Skills and is conducted over a 2-month period with 32 hours of training. Students will have to attend live training classes, and there will be assessments and mock tests. 24/7 e-learning and SAP servers will also be accessible to registered students.

Once the course is complete certificates will be issued and assistance in placement will be provided by the institute. They offer relatively affordable fees with options for payment in instalments. So, if you do choose this online educational institute, do inquire about this option. 

Fees: Rs.25,000+ GST 

7.  Debugging SAP ABAP Code for Non-Programmers (Udemy)

The SAP ABAP course Abdul Maulud and Omar Lucero offer on Udemy is perfect for beginners of SAP ABAP. The curriculum is designed for non-programmers to easily learn how to debug SAP ABAP. The instructors will give you key commands, toolsets and other resources that will help a beginner without having to go over the complexities of ABAP code. 

Although no prior knowledge of SAP ABAP is required, students must know how to use SAP GUI. The course helps students identify and rectify errors they make during the coding process. Program developers who are new to SAP ABAP and SAP users who wish to expand their knowledge will benefit from this course. The focus is on practical steps that should be taken to debug a code rather than theories and intricacies of SAP code logic. Tips and tricks used by veterans to find out the problems in a code, where the variables have to be used, etc. are being shared on this course.  

The curriculum of the course is available on the website for prospective students to get an idea of what will be covered. This SAP ABAP online course provides 5.5 hours of on-demand videos, 10 downloadable resources, and lifetime access to materials through both mobile and TV. Certificate of completion will be provided to students along with 24/7 access anytime, anywhere.

Fees: Rs.7,040

8.   SAP ABAP Training- In Plain English (Udemy) 

SAP ABAP Training- In Plain English logoIf you are an absolute beginner in the field of programming, then this online SAP ABAP course is the course for you. This course does not offer live training, but it lays the foundation for an absolute newbie. This is the course for you to take if you have been scared of coding or programming but still wish to start learning a completely new skill. This course is not for people who have had any basic background or knowledge in programming SAP ABAP.  

This SAP ABAP online course is designed to teach from scratch the ins and outs of ABAP, a high-level programming language of SAP for Business Applications. As the name of the course suggests, the language used in this course is simple and straightforward. People with no background or experience in programming can understand and keep up without any difficulty. It helps a beginner learn the basics to be a technical consultant.  

The only requirement the instructor asks from you is patience and practice. If you attempt this course ready to work hard on your skills, this will be an extremely fruitful course for you. Completing the assigned work on time, clearing any doubts as soon as they arise and reviewing your work will go a long way towards helping you achieve your goal with this course. This course provides 18.5 hours of on-demand videos, 43 downloadable resources that will be accessible for life through mobile and TV, along with the certificate of completion.

Fees: Rs.8,640

9. SAP ABAP Online Certification Training (Multisoft Virtual Academy) 

Multisoft Virtual Academy logo

This SAP ABAP online course is a 30-hour training program led by industry experts that will teach you about ABAP Dictionary Concepts, Module Pools, Dialogue Programs, SAP Scripts, Loops and Branches. The detailed curriculum is available on their website. The registered students get access to practice on the software for 3 months after the course is completed. They also get access to all resources they receive in the duration of the course. The students will also receive support from the team of trainers, advisors, coordinators and IT experts 24/7 in case they face any difficulties. 

This SAP ABAP Course is not for beginners. Rather it is meant for freshers with B.Tech or BCA qualifications, programmers and developers. At the completion of the course, students will receive a certificate from Multisoft.  

Students can opt for either one-on-one training or group training with a certified instructor. The time, date and duration of the sessions are flexible. If the student misses a session, it can be rescheduled to miss the covered topics. The training is both theoretical and hands-on. The students of the course will be equipped with the practical knowledge and skills required for the programming language.

Fees: Rs.22,900

10.  SAP ABAP Training Pune (3RI Technologies) 

3RI Technologies logoThe SAP ABAP online course provided by 3RI Technologies Pune is a 6-week course where you learn by doing 2 real-time projects. The students are provided 24/7 assistance by their friendly and adept staff. A course completion certificate and further assistance with jobs and internship are also being provided by the institute. The trainers are certified SAP professionals who have worked in the field for over 20 years or even continue to work in the industry. They believe in taking a practical approach with all their courses. So, at the end of the course, they provide the students with additional training that helps the students secure jobs in the industry. 

The multiple branches and labs across Pune make it feasible to conduct this SAP ABAP course both online and offline. The institute goes beyond the norm to arrange a placement department that schedules interview calls for candidates from potential employers. 

The fees can be paid through an EMI plan. You must pay the initial 10% upon registration, 70% within the first month of joining and the final instalment in the second month. Make sure to inquire about any ongoing discounts they may be running to save yourself a few bucks. 

Fees: Rs. 27,000

The rising number of ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning Software has created a higher demand for employees that are well trained in SAP ABAP. Having certification in this coding language will only be to your advantage in the coming year. I have said it once, but I have to say it again, when you make the call to your chosen educational institute, inquire about any discounts and other payment options they provide to make it easy on your wallet.

11. Udemy SAP ABAP Programming for Beginners – Online Training (Udemy) 

 Udmey logo

Udemy is a familiar name to everyone who has looked at online educational institutions. This institution offers courses that are budget-friendly and still maintain their quality content. The SAP ABAP course that is offered is beginner-friendly and follows a hands-on approach.  

Although there are no prerequisites for this course, it still requires the students to have a basic level understanding of programming and SAP. This course is mostly recommended for people who are already familiar with SAP like SAP Functional Consultants, SAP Project Team members, and others who wish to expand their working knowledge of SAP ABAP. However, the curriculum does do a good job at bridging the difference in knowledge relatively well. The complete course curriculum is available on the website. 

The instructor is Peter Moxon, the number one SAP instructor at Udemy. He introduces students to the basic skills needed to operate the language effectively and will help you to create your own ABAP programs. Students will face no difficulty in following the topics discussed. Practical examples and step by step instructions will be given for the students to guide you through the software development. 

The Udemy SAP ABAP online course offers 13 hours of on-demand videos, 4 articles, 38 downloadable resources, lifetime access to these materials and a certificate of completion. All this material is accessible on mobile and TV. As a bonus, the course is currently offered with a high discount. Udemy also has a 30-day money-back policy that allows users to get a full refund if they are not satisfied with the course. This is a huge advantage as students can decide against a course if they find it unsuitable for them.

Fees: Rs. 6,080 (discounted rate is Rs. 455)

12. Pluralsight:


It is an online learning platform that offers the best SAP ABAP online training. The platform provides various courses that are both self-paced and instructor-led. Apart from the courses, this platform also provides hands-on learning, labs, skill assessments, and certificate preparation. The other courses Pluralsight offers include software development, Info & cybersecurity, cloud computing, machine learning, etc.

SAP ABAP Online course:

This SAP ABAP training will help the students to dive deep into the concepts of SAP ABAP. One can also preview this course before buying it. The total duration of the course is 2 hours 57 min and the course is for those who want to learn advanced concepts. 

13. Tutorialspoint:

It is also an online learning platform that will help people who want to learn courses online. Started with a single tutorial in 2002, it teaches many more advanced courses at present with about 400 million readers. It offers an SAP ABAP online course as a part of the program.

About the SAP ABAP Course:

This SAP ABAP training offers basic knowledge to the learners with a total duration of 7.5 hours. The course totally consists of 73 lectures and they are accessible for a lifetime. A certificate of completion will be given after completion of the course. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available if students are not satisfied with the course. 

14. SLA Consultants:

The institute is situated in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida and offers both online and offline training. They offer many courses related to technology and more than 10 courses in SAP itself. The SAP ABAP training is offered at a discount price for now. The main focus of the institute is to provide a job-oriented short-term training program to the students.

SAP ABAP Online course:

This can be considered the best SAP ABAP online training because the course offers industry-acceptable certification. Also, there is a separate placement team that will help the students in placement. The course is based on current industry standards and offers real-time projects and workshops to students.

15. Best Online Career:


This platform offers the best SAP ABAP online training. It is also an online learning platform dedicated to SAP training only. This platform aims to help learners to stand out from the crowd. With a good internet connection and an android or PC, anyone can learn this course. 

SAP ABAP Training:

This SAP ABAP online course takes 5 to 6 weeks to complete with a total duration of 45 hours. Best Online career offers students with real-time projects and the best study material during the training. Till now, more than 2400 students have enrolled. Online corporate training and instructor-led live training are offered here. Interview preparation along with 100% placement assistance is also given.

16. Ecorp Training:

This institute situated in Hyderabad offers the best SAP ABAP online training. The platform offers more than 3000 courses. One can also have a demo session of the course they wish to learn. Ecorp training aims to serve the IT industry by offering IT-related training and courses to students. 24×7 support is available to the students.

SAP ABAP Online course:

The total duration of this course is 35 to 40 hours and offers study materials along with the course. Corporate training is also available. The SAP ABAP training consists of 40% theory classes and 60% hands-on training. Basic knowledge of programming language and basic SQL coding is needed for the course.

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Q.Why should I learn a new programming language?


Ans.Employers today are looking for multi-talented people capable of bringing more than one set of skills to the table. Acquiring a new skill to bring more value to your existing repository of skills, thus makes you more employable. Coding and programming is a skill that is continuing to gain heat, moreover, does not look like it is going to stop anytime soon.

Q.What is the scope of SAP ABAP?

Ans.ABAP effectively runs in more than 1,00,000 SAP systems and has more than 4.5 million registered developers using it. It is becoming an increasingly popular, global higher-level programming language. Hence, employers are more likely to hire you if you have a background knowledge in the software.

Q.Can a fresher get a job after learning SAP ABAP?

Ans.Definitely! In fact, having an additional certificate that proves relevant skill set to an employer gives you an added edge over your competitors.

Q.Why should I choose an online training program?


Ans.With an online training program, you get the added benefits like re-watching the class, since a recording is almost always available. If the recording is not available, you can always request to reschedule the class. Most educational institutes are accommodating of such requests. 


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