An income tax is a tax imposed on an individual or company that varies with income and profits. Income tax courses are computed as the product of a tax rate times taxable income. Also, Business Analytics courses are the Best Henry Harvin Professional courses

The tax imposed on companies and businesses is corporate tax and is quite high. The tax imposed on individuals is taxed at various rates and depends on various factors. 

Basically, We can Say;

The tax levied on the income of companies and individuals in income tax. It can come from sources like wages, salaries, dividends, royalties, and much more.

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This money we pay as tax is used to pay government officials and used for the welfare of our country.

Income tax has immense benefits. Carefully filling in the income tax can do a lot of benefit to us. But many people are not aware of this.

Don’t Worry!

We are here to rescue you

We present you with the top courses which will strengthen your financial knowledge and make you much more informed.

Below is the list of all those courses.




Post Graduate Program in Accounting and Taxation

Ranked Amongst Top 3 Course | Recognized by Govt of India | ISO 29990:2010 Certified | Award winning Institute | 100% Practical Training

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This Income Tax course is provided by CA Raj K Agarwal. He has qualified CA with AIR 27th rank and AIR 29th rank in CA PE-I. You will learn the basic concepts of the Income Tax Act. 

Tax planning is very vital for individuals and corporates. Proper tax planning can only be carried with adequate knowledge of all the concepts of the Income Tax Act. They would help you understand the applicability of the Act and how it might affect you. BASI

This course on Income Tax provides you with in-depth knowledge of basic concepts like:

The residential status of the assesses determined, different heads of income under the Income-tax Act, clubbing Income and carry forward losses, deductions, and filing returns, the applicability of TDS, etc.


The main features of the course are as follows-

  1. In-depth knowledge of the basic concepts Income-Tax Act 1961.
  2. After completion clarity on the different provisions of the Income Tax Act.
  3. Get updated with the latest updates made in income-tax acts concerning the year 2020-2021.
  4. Extremely helpful in tax planning to salaried individuals, small traders, and heads of various organizations. 

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The course content includes various important topics such as-

  1. Determination of residential status
  2. Exempt income under Income tax act, 1961
  3. Salary calculation and House property
  4. Gains on capital
  5. Gain from your business
  6. Return on income
  7. TDS and TCS
  8. Calculation of total income
  9. Clubbing income and much more.

This course is amazing and can’t be missed at all. The course is quite easy to understand. Beginners, as well as professionals, can take this course to get a clear knowledge about this concept.

The video lectures would make this course very engaging and easy to understand. 


This online course is provided by Tezpur University. We all know no government can run a country without money. One of the major sources of money is taxation.

Taxes are of 2 Types-

  • Direct Tax

  • Indirect Tax. 

Income Tax Act, 1961 is the main source of information in the area of direct taxes in India. This course consists of all the important basics and details you need to know about tax.

This course is inter-disciplinary in nature and anyone who wishes to learn about the Indian income tax system can do this course. After completion, you will learn-

1. An overview of the taxation system of India.

2. Knowledge of estimated income tax.

3. How to do tax planning and tax management

4. Awareness about tax laws

5. Knowing to find income tax returns

6. Tax consultant as an occupation

This course is free of cost and can be done by anyone and everyone. This would take 15 weeks to complete this course. You can do this course according to your own schedule. This course is a must-do and can’t be missed at all. 



Over the course will clear all your basics of foundations of income tax. This course is taught by Kay Stice and Jim Stice.

Although, the course includes 1 live project, 9 quizzes, and a certificate of completion. Most of the people who did this course are place in big companies like IBM, Accenture, Tata consultancy services, Walmart, etc. 

You, Will, learn Skills like Personal Finance and Income Tax.

This course will teach you how to determine the best tax treatments of credit and deductions, exploring the history of certain tax breaks, examining ways to avoid double taxation on corporate income, and much more. 

This course is amazing and should be done by everyone. 


This course is provided by Raja Natrajan who is a charted accountant. This online course is relevant for students pursuing CA/ CMS/ CS/ BCOM and M.COM. 

This course includes 25 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, 1 downloadable resource, Full lifetime access.

Access on mobile and Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. You just need to know the basics of accounting to complete this course. 

Students who want to learn direct taxation. This course is for students pursuing courses like CA / CMA / CS and graduation like BCom / MCom / BBA, etc. 

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Now, this Course will Take Teach You-

  1.  Basics of Direct Taxation
  2. Scope of Total Income
  3. Incomes that are not part of Total Income
  4.  5 Heads of Income
  5. Incomes included in Assesses Total Income
  6. Aggregation of Income, Set-Off and Carry forward of Losses
  7. Deduction from Total Income`
  8. Sum of total income and tax payable
  9. Basics of advance tax, TDS, Tax collection
  10. Provisions for filing return

This course is very interactive and beneficial for everyone. Interested candidates can enroll in this course and do it at their own pace. 


The course is will help you gain insight into theoretical and practical knowledge about GST and Taxation courses Also, the course is based on the CA intermediate syllabus. 

It’s developed by Raja Natarajan and would help you understand the basics of GST and its practical applicability.

It includes 12 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, 4 downloadable resources, Full lifetime access, Access on mobile and TV, and a Certificate of Completion.

Income tax courses

It can pursue by CA Intermediate Students, CMA Inter Students, CS Executive Students, and Finance / Accounting Managers. 

The Course Will Teach you-

  1. Introduction of GST in India
  2. Direct and indirect taxes
  3. Importance and benefits of GST
  4. Framework of GST
  5. Supply under GST
  6. Exemptions
  7. Charge of GST
  8. Tax invoice
  9. Registration process
  10. Tax payment and much more.

This Course Will Clear all Your Basics of GST and Will Benefit You in the Future. 


This course will tell you how to file your income tax return. The Income Tax Act, 1961 states that in the country, individuals whose total income during the previous year exceeds the maximum amount not chargeable to tax, should file their income tax returns (ITR). 

After completion, you would get to know how to calculate income tax, file returns for any individual, and download the 26AS form online.

This course is for individuals or small businessmen who want to file taxes and Business analyst courses on their own. This will help you calculate income tax payable and adjusting TDS.

This course has helped a lot of individuals and cannot be miss at all. 

So, what are you waiting for?


This course is created by Dr. Sukumar and Dr. M. Kanagarathinam. In this course, you will learn the procedure to compute income from house property. You should have a basic knowledge of tax to complete this course.

This is a short course to learn Tax procedures that will help you calculate House Property Income.

It will explain Municipal Rental Value, Fair Rental Value, Standard Rental Value, Actual Rent Received, Un-Realized Rent, and procedure for Vacancy that will help you take your future decisions wisely. 

Any commerce student or beginner to tax can study this free course and build up their skills. 


This wonderful course is created by A. Sukumar and Dr. M. Kanagarathinam. This course will teach you how to calculate taxable income from capital gain.

You must have basic knowledge of the Indian Tax System. You will learn the following things from this course-

  1. Types of capital assets
  2. Types of capital gain
  3. Tax effect on capital gain
  4. Cost Inflation Index and its impact on the purchase price
  5. Calculation of indexed purchase price and much more

This course will provide you with 34 mins on-demand video, 2 articles, 1 downloadable resource, Full lifetime access, Access on mobile and TV, and a Certificate of Completion. This course is for Commerce Students, business enthusiasts, and one’s interest to learn the Indian Tax System. 


As we all know, these courses can be very beneficial for all the people who want to go in-depth and learn more about this amazing skill.

This course is surely going to help you in the long run and save lots of money. 

So what are you waiting for?

Go and do all of these courses ASAP.


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Q-1. Are all of these Courses Online?

Yes, all of these courses mentioned above are online and can be done by you using your phones, laptops, and tablets.

Q-2. Do we need any Additional Resources for Completing these Courses?

No, you don’t need any resources to complete these courses. Just have a stable internet connection and you are good to go.

Q-3. Do these Courses Really Help us in the Future?

Yes, these courses are really beneficial to strengthen and build your concepts related to tax and GST. You will have a more thorough knowledge related to this and all your concepts would be crystal-clear. 

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