Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Agra 2021

Agra city is close to national capital Delhi and is subject to digitalization. In this blog we will discuss top 10 content writing courses in Agra.

Internet has become the prime source for any search around us. You can get any information using search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu etc. This brings emphasis on the authority of content.

But before jumping on the details of various content writing courses, I have a question:

What do you understand by content writing? How to choose a content writing course in Agra?

It is very simple to understand the concept of content writing. Whatever you read or see on the internet, through the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) is content.

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An important point, there must be someone who is creating all this content, which is so handy. Just a click and got all information. As soon as your typing finishes, many web pages with readable content appear on your computers and smartphone screens.

So, with the glimpse, we will move with the discussion of various platforms in a rank-wise position which can make you a Certified Content Writer right where you live i.e Agra.

#1 Henry Harvin Education

I don’t think that Henry Harvin Education needs any introduction in India.

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So, will be starting by explaining the types of content writing courses taught at Henry Harvin Education. These are:

1.Creative writing

2.Academic Writing

3.Technical & Research Writing

4.Business & Marketing writing

All of these four categories are a domain in themselves and they own various subtypes under them.

Course: content writing course with gold membership

Course Curriculum

Module 1. Language skills

Do you know what are the qualities that make you a good content writer?

First of all, it is the language skill, so whether you learn any of the above-mentioned categories of a content writing course in Agra. You should be well versed in a language.

Grammar, styles and their types, punctuation rules, the flow of content, and designing of well-written content comes under this module.

so, if you are lacking somewhere, indeed they are going to fill the blanks.

Module 2. Internet skills

Everything you will learn to write will ultimately be published on the internet. So, you will be introduced to several tools including SEO, analytics, grammar correction, graphics including logos, etc will be introduced.

You are going to discover a lot of useful tools to enhance your writing skills.

Module 3. Business & Marketing writing

This module explains everything about search engine optimization, social media, blog post newsletters, e-books, copywriting, press release, resume writing, cover letters, editing & proofreading, and many more topics.

Module 4. Content strategy

Search engines are pretty complex, therefore in order to publish and index your content, you need a well-structured content strategy and mind mapping to effectively reach your targeted audiences.

you will learn how to strategically structure your content in this module.

Module 5. Technical and Research writing

The content writing course in Agra, offered by Henry Harvin Education includes an introduction to Research writing, Grant writing, Medical writing, User manuals, Theses, Project reports, etc.

Also check- Medical Writing Course

Medical writing courses in Mumbai

Medical writing courses in Bangalore

Module 6. Academic writing

Academic, guides, E-learning, Instructional designs, question banks, workbooks, tutorials, rubrics are explained.

Module 7. Creative writing

The Foundation of creative writing, Dialogue writing, Scriptwriting, Article writing are explained.

Module 8. Earn online and get international projects

Here you will learn about how to get content writing projects, freelance projects, affiliate marketing, blogging & AdSense, ghostwriting, and secrets of blogging.

Complementary module: Soft skill development

Course Benefits

If you are seriously searching for a content writing course to get enrolled, then you must know that Henry Harvin Education is ranked #1 by Training 360.

The Hallmark of CDCW with your name on a certificate is globally accepted.

You will get a guaranteed internship and strong job support since they have tied up with top corporates.

Gold membership benefits

One year gold membership allows you to attend unlimited live sessions along with E-learning access, boot camp sessions.

You will be learning 30+ types of content and how to use graphics i.e logo, ppt, etc to make content more scannable with efficient usage of search engine optimization.

Access to 50+ internet tools to enhance writing skills. And lifetime support.

Post Content Writing Course

After you are CDCW qualified, you can apply for a Masters’s in any of the above-mentioned course subtypes.

Fees: INR 15000/-

#2. Skills Upgrader

Course: Content Writing Master Course

Skills upgrader gives live online classroom training of 4 weeks with an internship and freelance writing opportunities.

Course Features

Module 1: Introduction to content writing course

Module 2: Web hosting

Module 3: The connection between content marketing & UI/UX.

Module 4: Website creation

Module 5:  The writing process

Module 6: Search engine optimization

Module 7: Keyword research

Module 8: Writing SEO optimized content

Module 9: Content creation

Module 10: Content marketing in social media

Module 11: Call to action

Module 12: Content marketing strategy

Module 13: Lead generation using content marketing

Module 14: Email marketing using content marketing

Course duration

The 4 weeks online classroom imparts 16 hours of online class training and 70+ hours imparts 20 hours for website creation, 20 hours for SEO,

15 hours of social media marketing and 15 hours for freelancing.

20+ Tools covered.

The classes are held on every Saturday and Sunday.

* This content writing course completion provides certification after passing an exam. And if you do not qualify with 70% of attendance, you won’t be able to appear for the exam.


Skills upgrader conduct interviews for the candidates who pass successfully.

Though they try to make you an independent content writer.

Lifetime support.

Fee: INR 6999/- +GST

#3. Udemy

Udemy is a big platform where many professionals are enrolled as udemy recognized instructors in various fields including content writing courses.

If you want to find more content writing courses in Agra, you can visit this site.

Many professional content writers create their course curriculum. To get access to these courses you will need to register with Udemy and then search for the exact course you wish to learn.

Content writing courses at Udemy

Writing with confidence: writing beginners to write pro by Clare Lynch

The course imparts a total of 6 hours including 97 lectures on all levels.

Course fee: INR 8,640/-

The complete writing course by T J Walker

This course takes 15.5 total hours, 166 lectures on all levels.

Course fee: 8,640

Udemy is a vast platform, you will need to refine your search and then buy the course of your aspiration.

#4. Coursera

Coursera provides various content writing courses created by experts and is affiliated with different universities throughout the world.

At this platform, if you enroll in any content writing course, after completion you will receive a university certificate online.

Available courses

Just like Udemy, there are a lot of courses available to be searched as per your preference. Only you have to register and find a course which suits your need and then get enrolled. I am suggesting a few courses:

Writing and editing: word choice and word order

This course is offered by Patric Berry affiliated with the University of Michigan.

The course is rated 4.7 by enrolled students.

This content writing course teaches you how to use words persuasively. You will learn to use word syntax and logical arrangements of information in creative writing.

You are free to choose your own. But, before that subscribe via email to Coursera because they suggest the exact type of content writing course you are searching on the search engines.

#5. ECT

ECT is a training organization, a new startup in 2020, recognized by the government of India.

ECT also offers content writing courses in Agra.


Content writing course in Agra with internship

Course curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to content writing

Module 2: Boost your vocabulary

Module 3: Avoid common grammar errors in your writing

Module 4: Learn writing tools, tips, and techniques

Module 5: Hone your creation non-fiction writing skills

Module 6: Learn fiction writing: storytelling

Module 7: Master business writing skills

Module 8: Learn technical writing

Module 9: Hone your technical writing skills

Module 10: Learn to write specific pieces of content

Module 11: Master content marketing

Module 12: Monetize your writing skills.

Module 13: Publish your book

Course benefits

1. 3 months course

2. 32 hours of classroom training/ live training

3. 50 hours of e-learning & videos

4. 7 assignments

5. 5 Live projects

6. 10 quizzes

7. 100% placement assistance

8. Work from home jobs

9. Lifetime support

Course fee: INR 15000/-

 #6. LinkedIn learning

I am sure that many of you might have social media account on Linkedin.

Do you know you can find content writing courses at this network?

Linkedin provides access to free and paid on-demand personalized courses. This is data-driven from the Linkedin network, so they come up with a course you are exactly looking for.

You can take a course on mobile as well as a laptop or desktop. You can open your LinkedIn account and find out how to use Linkedin for learning creative writing.

Linkedin gives a one-month free trial after which you have to pay for premium membership.

If you fail to cancel your subscription before the trial ends, then you will be charged monthly.

But, I think so it is not bad to be a premium member and be a part of a community where you can get access to many online content writing courses in Agra.

Linkedin awards the certificate after completing the course successfully. You can download, print, and add this certificate to your resume and Linkedin profile.

#7. Skillshare

This is an online learning community. You can join SkillShare and learn content writing courses in Agra.

Being a member of SkillShare you have access to online classes anytime you want.

The content writing videos are short, well explained with a hands-on project for you to work upon. You can share the project and get feedback from the community.

Let me share with you what I found on this site.

Course: Web content writing master class 2021 by Siva Kumar Kannan

This content writing course includes 33 hours and 29 minutes videos explaining 33 lessons on content writing covering each genre from beginner to advanced level.

You will learn the practical basics of blog writing, webpages, business, and E-commerce content, and copywriting with a strategy.

Skillshare membership provides many short content writing courses in Agra. You get lifetime access to the purchased content writing course.

This community-based learning platform’s premium membership will cost you $99 per year.

But you will have access to top-notch national and international content writing courses in Agra.

The only drawback is SkillShare does not provide any certification for learning.

#7. Symbiosis

Symbiosis center for distance learning is AICTE approved center for learning.

Symbiosis center for distance learning provides diploma courses in creative writing.

Course 1: Diploma in Creative writing in English (DCWE)


 1.Candidate should have passed class XII with at least 50% marks in English.

2. Bachelor’s degree /graduate in any discipline, should have passed with 50% of marks with English as a subject.

3. Candidates should have passed from a recognized university/international university/ accredited university.

4. Results awaiting students from the above-mentioned category can also apply.

Course duration and validity

1. This program is for a  1-year duration and the validity of registration is for 2 years.

Program curriculum and structure:

The program is divided into two semesters.

You can find the Programme curriculum with this link:

Fee structure: INR 35000/-

Course 2: Postgraduate diploma in technical writing in business management

Fee structure: INR 50,000/-

For both of the courses you can apply online:

E-learning is available for both content writing courses.

Till now, I was telling you about online content writing courses in Agra.

Now, I am going to suggest you two more options for offline registration.

After thorough research, I found about these two institutions providing content writing courses in Agra. These are:

#9. Dayalbagh educational institute, Agra

This institute is located in Dayalbagh, Agra. The institute has been deemed university status by UGC of India.

Course: modular program in creative writing

Duration: 9 months (full time)

The course is NAAC ‘A’ grade Accredited.


The interested candidates have to pass the Dayalbagh Educational Institute entrance test conducted by the university

1. The candidate should be 10th pass from a recognized board.

*Only female candidates can apply.

Admission process

Step 1: Eligible candidates should apply online or offline.

Step 2. Appear for an objective written test.

Step 3. Shortlisted candidates will have a personal interview.

Step 4. Candidates are finally selected on behalf of academic performance, objective test, and interview score.

If you are interested in a regular content writing course in Agra, you may visit Dayalbagh Educational Institute.

Also, you can visit the official website of Dayalbagh Educational Institute:

For admission inquiries, you may contact

The Registrar, Dayalbagh Education Institute (0562)-2570760

#10. TAMS Studies Coaching Institute, Agra

TAMS studies coaching institute is categorized as a training institute. It is located in between Aligarh- Agra route.

The institute offers short-term technical writing courses.

Candidates who are searching for a content writing course in Agra specifically on a short-term basis can visit this institute.

Course: technical writing- short term technical writing

Course features

Basic lesson plans for technical writing includes;

1. Technical documents

2. Parts of technical documents

3 Usability testing

4 Formal and informal technical reports

5 Business reports and proposals

6 Technical correspondence

7 Resume writing  & cover letter writing

8 Technical instructions & manual writing.

The institute offers offline regular classes.

For more information you can enquire on (24/7) 8094156781


Now we know that content writing is a vast subject to learn.

You can start from scratch to an advanced level. But, I would like to suggest that one should learn this content writing course in an institute that covers content marketing with content writing.

Feel free to comment.

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Q1. Who can apply to become a content writer?

A. Any person may they be students, housewives, graduates, undergraduates, senior citizens who are well versed with English or any other language can become a content writer.

Q2. What are the types of content writing?

A. Content writing can be categorized as (a) creative writing (b) academic writing © technical writing (d) business & marketing writing


Q3. Do I need previous experience to become a content writer?

A. No, you don’t need any experience to start learning content writing except you should be having a better understanding of a language. Although it’s good to hold a degree of graduation in your hands. But If you want to go freelancing or promote your own business, then there shouldn’t be any hurdles between you and learning.

Q4. What is the age limit to become a content writer?

A. With this age of digitalization, the Internet has a plethora of sites that can teach you to become a certified content writer. Except for a few governments or university-based institutions you can apply anywhere to become a certified content writer. They don’t ask you to submit your previous degrees and qualifications. 

Q5. What are the job prospects after completing a content writing course in Agra?

A. Most of the institutions provide internships as well as placements nowadays.

 Once you complete your content writing course then, you are not bound to work within the peripheries of Agra.

I mean, in this digital world while you sit in Agra you can work remotely for any company and organization in the world.

Why not join any of the freelancing sites?

Or promote yourself as a brand.

It’s up to you. Good luck.

Q6. Is it important to learn search engine optimization?

A. Yes, it is very important to learn search engine optimization. As you can see everything on the internet works with Google, Bing, or other search engines where all the content is indexed so that, it reaches the right audience right at their comfort.

Also, nowadays you might have noticed physical papers are disappearing from our lives and everything is being updated on an online platform, I would rather suggest going for a little bit of knowledge of WordPress as a beginner.

Q7. How can I apply for a master’s in a content writing course in Agra?

A. This depends upon your graduation background and the choice of the institution you made to learn a content writing course.

Some already provide an integrated master’s content writing course.

Institutions like Henry Harvin Education provide masters as well as a specialty in technical writing such as Medical Writing, Business Writing, and Academic writing. You may choose to continue for a master’s course after that.

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