For days and days I was looking for a course for digital marketing like I had some basic knowledge but I needed to enhance my skills and for that, I went through the curriculum of every course I could find on the Internet but to no avail like nothing even came close to satisfying me and if the syllabus itself was so underwhelming how could I take the risk of investing my money in it.

That is when I came across The Henry Harvin digital marketing course, lo and behold, It was like Someone had designed that especially for me. I got all the things I was looking for and more and believe me I was sitting in CCD and it just took me about 10 minutes to make the payment and register for the course. I felt why should I even wait when I know that this is what I want.

So I had to just start for the class and when I attended one I knew that I could learn everything I wanted to and in fact needed to know to develop my career. Everyone was so helpful and available at the drop of a hat I just had to say that I had it out and they contacted me it was not like waiting for days to ask our doubts or for a session which by the way never happens in most courses. It was not like that in this course.

They provided support as and when I needed it. They also gave internship opportunities and we could also work with Henry Harvin if we wanted. And it was fun also and now I’m an expert at digital marketing. 

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