When I googled Digital marketing courses, a bunch of courses showed up, but they were too fragmented. I was not getting a complete picture in any of the courses on the internet. Some focused only on search engine optimization while others were solely dedicated to digital analytics.

That is when I found this Henry Harvin digital marketing course. It had both video and text materials and covers a wide range of digital marketing concepts and not just one area. In this course, the students get new opportunities and challenges. The skills were instilled in us in a practical and interactive way and that makes it difficult to forget.

It also listens to the feedback given by the students and resolves our doubts as soon as possible. The certificate they provide is globally recognized and honestly, what else can you want? This course includes everything we need to know for digital marketing and to get a job or do some freelancing. I know about digital channels such as search engine optimization and social media marketing and many others only because of this course.

The reason I am paid for digital marketing is this course. The faculty was able to support us when needed. The videos, projects and assignments made it easier for us to understand the basics of content marketing. It gave me a handholding experience to learn and make a transition to digital marketing. Every week we had access to more than 10 job opportunities and we also got a chance to work with Henry Harvin education. It has opened up new career avenues for me and makes progress in marketing.

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