I was jobless for a very long time; four years to be precise. The gap was because I had to take care of my ailing father as there was no one in my family. I knew I had to join a job and earn money but couldn’t do much. By the time, things got in place, it was too late. Companies would not buy what I explained for my gap or they would believe that I no more have the skills to do better at the job. I needed something substantial that could show that I am still capable of doing the same, if not better than four years. 

Henry Harvin’s Instructional design course was the gateway to my long-craving of finding a decent job. My struggle was answered eventually. Although late, I got the answer. During my tenure with Henry Harvin, I could brush up on my basics of instructional design and further learned about the advanced level. 

CIDS certificate

It is a certificate that shows your worth to the world in the field of instructional design. I got this soon after I completed my training with Henry Harvin. As I already mentioned I had been struggling for a job for a long time. The certificate helped me get one of the best jobs I could have only dreamt of with the gap.

Henry Harvin is an institution that gives an opportunity to those who want to prove their mettle. You may be extremely good at what you do. Getting a professional course and certificate adds so much to your resume. It is my personal experience. It gets even better when you do the certification from a renowned organization like that of Henry Harvin. 

Be ready to conquer the world with Henry Harvin.

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