It has been a few months since I began working at one of the top companies in India. I was in charge of the intelligence department. Though I was satisfied with the duties and responsibilities, I felt I was lacking professionalism. I talked to my cousin for guidance and she just handed me the key to glory! She mentioned the Power BI certification course from Henry Harvin. All the elements that I was looking for were included in the course.


          The course was totally worth it. It was slow enough for any beginner to grasp the main concepts and actually learn at the end. The price also makes one just want to give it a try, finding out the instructor was good came as an added bonus. I hope there will be another course, something a little more advanced and longer, to continue building one’s proficiency. The instructor provided a nice coverage of examples to demonstrate different functionality and spoke at a good speed. I finally learnt how to make charts of every type, easily. Henry Harvin was right about feeling the difference. I could definitely sense my improvement and the confidence being boosted, which made me stand out from the crowd. 

           There was a certificate awarded after completing the course. The certificate was a key to distinguish my profile from others because the course has been globally accepted. I now see what my mother meant about being ready before the real storm. I definitely feel positive about my chances to join the top companies after my graduation. I cannot thank Henry Harvin enough. I would recommend this course to all my friends so that they can also level up.


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