I am in the fourth year of college. This year I did not want to study any course material. I wanted to learn something different. I asked my elder brother to help me with online courses. Together we came across Henry Harvin and it’s all such diverse courses. He suggested that I take part in the Power BI certification course and gain necessary knowledge for my future career.


          Our trainer made it very interesting and gradually I started enjoying the course. They referred some reading material and also gave us assignments to do in the class and also during the weekdays. It was not an easy course, I got introduced to so many new concepts, terminologies and methods. There were so many students and it was new for all of us. The course consisted of the basic elements and tools of BI software and the necessities of this topic. There were hands-on projects spanning over various spheres such as analyzing the attrition rate of employees, Predicting Department wise Sales, Business Analytics Optimization, etc. The course was an all rounder package which included marketing, technology, financial specialization, etc.


         The industry valuable certificate was indeed a feather to my resume. In future, if I wish to join better companies this certificate is going to make things easier. It helped me upgrade my skills and now I feel confident and professional about accounting and taxation. This course was the booster I needed to perform my best at my job. Now I place my decisions more assuredly, with certainty. I would ask beginners as well as professionals to try this course to increase your level and reach higher limits.


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