I was really having a good time during this lockdown period. I had completed all the piled up work and then had time to take part in extracurricular activities. I was even eager to enrol for some online courses as part of my summer program. In this way, I will gather required knowledge and also spend time fruitfully. The only issue was finding an online course that would suit my taste and also be related to my career. But this issue vanished as soon as I opened Henry Harvin’s official website. They had a course for every student in any stream. I took a quick look at the Power BI certification course and started learning.


              Our instructor made it a point to make us all feel welcome and created a very amicable environment for us all. The initial few classes were about basic common topics and then we were allotted our specialization tutorials. The resources were helpful and provided a lot of ideas to progress. I could feel myself being accommodated to the intelligence field, which made me confident and ready for further challenges. I started developing an intrinsic understanding of how table calculations work and also learnt how to create power storyline presentations. We were even given real life business problems to work on proficiently. 


             I feel boosted enough to apply for internships and full-time jobs. My friends were surprised with my improvement. I recommend this course to every student and even working professionals for upgrading their level and forming a strong resume.


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