• When did you enroll for the batch?
    • I took the Henry Harvin content writing course in Delhi in the weekday batch, which started from the 1st of April. 
    • I took this course while I was studying for my post-graduation in Delhi. 
    • It was very convenient because classes happened every alternate day, and I could easily balance my studies along with this. 
    • In this Henry Harvin review, I am going to talk about my experience as a student over there. 

  • Tell me more about the batch?
    • It had a mixture of people in their classes. From working professionals to students of my age, the class had a well-mixed variety of people. 
    • It was a 32 hours classroom-training course where we learned to write more than 30 different types of content. 
    • I was taught how to put my thoughts into words effectively- something that is helpful not only professionally, but also at a personal level. 

  • What did you learn and how?
    • As mentioned in many other Henry Harvin content writing reviews, the coursework is divided into six modules, which helped me learn and understand better. 
    • The first module improved our grammar skills. This was followed by internet training, after which we were taught about the content used in businesses and academics. 
    • After that, I was taught how to write content and earn money while doing it. 
    • Henry Harvin education reviews already talk about their excellent quality of teaching. I experienced this firsthand during my classes there. 
    • They used internationally recognized and used tools and techniques and encouraged me to participate in class discussions. 
    • After the fourth day, there was a test and a series of session activities based on which we were evaluated, and I finally got my certification. 

  • How did the course help you in your career?
    • The certification that Henry Harvin gave me helped me to get internships after I completed my degree. 
    • Owing to good Henry Harvin reviews, everyone instantly recognized the accreditation, and this helped me get secure placements. 
    • This is why Trainings360 has ranked it as the top content writing course. 
    • Even international brands and companies immediately recognized the certificate, and this helped me get placements. 

  • Was there any post training support imparted?
    • Yes! Even after completing my course, I got a revision session every month. I also had access to recorded videos, and whenever I had any doubts, I could see them to brush-up my content. 
    • They not only gave me job support but also ensured that I had an internship by the time I completed my course. 

  • How much did you pay?
    • You can take classes two ways. I chose the classroom mode of learning, which cost me 15000 INR. You can also opt for live sessions online, for which you need to pay 9500 INR. Both these amounts include training, job support, learning material, and all their other provisions. 

Due to my good experience, I am ready to give a rating of 4.7/5 to Henry Harvin content writing reviews!

And I would recommend that you enroll in their classes as soon as possible because they provide the best content writing course in India. 

I am confident to say that no other institute will provide you with such excellent training at such reasonable prices. 

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