By applying for and attending different courses, and not learning anything, it was almost decided that these courses don’t actually teach anything. One of my friends suggested that I could take the Henry Harvin digital marketing course.

I was reluctant but he was saying that it is really good and provides us with a certificate and talks about all the concepts and they also practically present what they tell us. It sounded good so I prayed for it and then begin the classes. In a class or two only I knew that I am being taught by industry experts who don’t just teach but also practice the concepts they tell us about. 

The course includes email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, paid advertising, Google Analytics, content marketing, and many other things. It is well structured and helps the students when they need even when the course is not going on. I was personally very surprised because all the other courses I had taken were so like you know not interesting. The guidance the faculty at Henry Harvin gave us is unparalleled.

The others just used to come lecture say something and go I couldn’t understand a lot of things but I had no place where I could go to ask questions. They were not even providing me with any practical experience like that. But in this course, I got all that. And what came as a cherry on the cake where the 7 certificates. It is because of this course that I am able to optimize my content well and it was catered to all the requirements I was looking for, the whole experience was useful and shaped my knowledge of digital marketing. 

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