It was my dream to get a job in instructional designing as I have been a technical writer for a long. Everyone told me that it is not an easy task. I was told that for getting a job in the instructional designing field, I need to have professional experience. For that, I had to start from somewhere and there was nothing better than getting myself enrolled in one of the best courses available. Henry Harvin’s instructional design course was the stepping stone for me. I enrolled for twelve months leaving everything aside so that I have the focus only on one. I like to do it that way. 

The course had provided me a wide view into the niche of instructional designing. The trainers helped me jump every hurdle without facing any difficulty. The course was designed in such a lucid manner that I could learn effectively. 

Along with learning the course at length, I got the CIDS certificate that added more value than anticipated. More than that, I also got help for internships and the job front. The modules were classified into eleven modules dedicated to instructional designing. There were two additional modules, Soft Skills, and Resume writing. This shows that they are not just confined to training you on a particular domain but also make you proficient in other skills that are required to be successful these days. 

I enjoyed my course thoroughly and my time in Henry Harvin with immense learning with fun. Live projects made me confident about my future job, which I am currently working in. If someone like me who had no knowledge of instructional design can do wonders, I am sure, anyone could. With a fee as affordable as one can think of, I am sure, you will be in a win-win situation.

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