The people who take tableau course can create and distribute interactive and shareable dashboards. All the topics including parameters, setting actions, extensions, APIs, extensions, dashboard designs are neatly explained by the experienced faculty. The course has a very elaborate structure. The quizzes helped us gain confidence in our knowledge. Instead of rushing through the course, it takes the student step by step.

All the resources provided are quite crisp and not monotonous. The teachers talk about the main things without beating about the bush. After completing this course I could design stunning dashboards and go further in my training on the tableau. The only shortcoming was that some of the questions asked in the practice exams were not explained in the course.

The analyze the core concepts of a tableau. They provide an experience that is interactive. We can access the entire material we need and complete our project with step-by-step instructions. They also have video lessons and we have a community where we can talk and ask our questions if any. They provide us with exercises so that we can challenge ourselves by applying what we are learning. The course begins with basics so even beginners can feel completely at ease.

The style of teaching is very guided and it is simple to understand. They also provided a one-year membership of analytics academy and 24 X 7 support whenever you want. Any doubts can be asked to the teachers and the students also get to practice along with learning. This is because we get homework assignments which we have to do, we discuss what we find difficult to understand, even now, we have this thing on Whatsapp, weekly meetups.

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