• My Objective of Choosing Henry Harvin Institute
    • I consider myself an eligible person to update my review on Henry Harvin Reviews and Henry Harvin Educational Reviews as I have benefited so much from content writing course
    • I am a web designer where content writing is required and I always had to find writers. To be frank, not everyone can understand what you exactly want for the website. 
    • I was keen on learning the skill myself and was searching for the right institute for it. I went through a number of institutes that provide this course. 
    • A colleague from work suggested me to look out for Henry Harvin Institute. The best way to judge any place is by its reviews. 
    • I read Henry Harvin’s reviews and Henry Harvin Education reviews. It had some great insights about the course and helped me a great deal.
  • Starting the Journey with Henry Harvin Institute
    • I connected with Ms. Sushma and soon enough I got all the information regarding the course, duration and fee structure.
    • I got to know about their session regarding Freelancing which attracted my attention.
    • I joined the classroom course of August 2018 in Gurgaon.
    • We were a batch of 12 where all had jobs and were working professionals from various fields. The versatility of the batch added to the expansion of our learning. 
  • My Experience 
    • I received an early bird discount and monthly brush up sessions for a year.
    • I got the opportunity to have a test session before joining the course and paying which was impressive.
    • The staff is quite professional and resolve your queries.
    • The trainer was an expert in the field and answered all the questions to satisfaction.
    • My greatest catch while pursuing this course was to learn 30+ Content types that widen my spectrum.
    • The whole course had 6 modules with over 60 topics. It covered everything from the basics of grammar to google analytics which is required to grow your business. It was a vast subject but was covered with quite an efficiency.
  • What I Learnt ?
    • To learn more about language skills for International clients which were essential given the nature of my work.
    • The assignments were a great opportunity to test how well I was grasping and the feedback from the trainer was very honest and unbiased.
    • While web designing we need to keep in mind the target audience, this course helps you identify them. I also learned Graphic Skills to design Newsletters, PPT, Logo which was always a challenge making a website.
    • Another bonus of this course was to learn how to be a Freelancer as it would give me an opportunity to work on my own timeline.

My Batch Image

Why I Would Recommend This Course?

  • The best part was E-Learning Access as you cannot hope to grasp every detail in one class.
  • The ability to access the recorded videos, projects and case studies enabled me to master the skill.
  • It was a great learning experience for me and I hope my experience that I have stated on Henry Harvin’s Content Writing Review is able to help anyone seeking to take this course.


Professionals from leading organizations can benefit from the academy. This course enables the professionals in achieving their goal of empowering skills to reach their full professional potential.